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Fitness fighters welcomes guest post aricles from fitness and nutritional professionals and experts in their field.

Here’s what we’re looking for…

  • 100% Original Content
  • Minimum of 1000 words

Every post we publish will teach our readers to do at least one of the following,

  • Train in a new way, improve what they’re already doing or inspire them to try something else
  • Eat better for health, a specific goal or provide amazing new recipes
  • Inspire them with real life examples, case studies and your own story
  • Product reviews relevant to fitness fighters content

I’m interested in receiving well-written, unique content posts which will engage my current audience, teach them how to exercise safely and inspire them to go out and exercise. So if you’ve got a great article that you want to share, keep reading and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Guest Post Guidelines

Before submitting your post, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Your submission will be reviewed and if it will be beneficial to FitnessFighters.co.uk users, it may be published.
  • Posts must be high-quality, original content and not be published elsewhere.
  • Your article must be a minimum of 1000 words long.
  • Posts may not be political or religious in nature.
  • Be sure to check your spelling, grammar, punctuation and readable English.
  • You may link one time from within the article to a site that you own.
  • Ensure any links are relevant to the topic and working.
  • Product reviews are accepted, however do not include any affiliate links.
  • Use of bullets, lists and short paragraphs is highly encouraged as it makes the reading experience much better.
  • Include a short Author Bio with your article and link to your main website.
  • Submit your proposed article via e-mail to [email protected] Word doc and PDF formats are preferred. Also include the raw file for any relevant images.

Guest posts are generally reviewed within 1 week and if accepted will be published within 3 weeks.

Tips For Getting Your Post Published Faster

  • I can’t emphasise enough to proof read your article and ensure it has a good English reading flow. I’m happy to fix up minor amendments, however I will ask you to resubmit it if this process takes up too much of my time.
  • If you really want to impress me, place 2 x Internal links within the article that link to other articles already on fitnessfighters.co.uk. Again, this saves me time and gets your post published sooner.
  • Include links to appropriate Amazon products that I can feature in the article.
  • Headings, headings, headings! This is probably the main thing I’m constantly adding to the submissions I receive. Ensure you post has 1 x H1 heading (Title); at least 2 x H2 headings (Introduction and Conclusion); and H3 headings (Lists, Features, Pros and Cons, etc). If unsure, look at the most recently published articles.

Topics Of Interest:

· Home Exercise Equipment

· Product Reviews

· Information On Sports


How To Submit Your Guest Post:

If you would like to submit your guest post for review, please email your proposed post to [email protected] with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line.

Please include the following:

  • Your full name
  • The URL of your blog or website (if applicable)
  • Your post title
  • The body of your post (can be attached using Word or PDF format)
  • Attach any relevant images
  • A short author’s biography

So what are you waiting for, get writing and I look forward to receiving your submission.

Keep In Mind

All guest post submissions will be checked for plagarism and we do not accept respun articles from other websites. We are looking for 100% original and unique content only!

How To Contact Us

When contacting please put the subject as guest post and use the following email address.

[email protected]