Get Fit With The Best Skipping Ropes In 2023

Best Skipping Rope UK 2023

It is well-known that skipping is a very good form of exercise and gives both a full body and cardio workout. In addition it is also very good at burning calories. Due to these benefits skipping ropes are used by many sportsmen/women and athletes. When it comes to buying a skipping rope you would be well-advised to buy the best skipping rope for the intended purpose. Skipping ropes come with some slight variations and some models are best suited for boxing, whereas others are aimed at those who do crossfit. In this guide to the best jump ropes we will be covering all the best models in our reviews and explain all you need to know before purchasing in our buyers guide.

best skipping rope UK

Gritin Speed Jump Rope

Gritin Sports Skipping RopeThe Gritin Sports jump rope is a very popular skipping rope and not just because it is low in price. This is actually a very well designed model with some features that you expect to see in more expensive ones.

Features include a steel cable which has a pvc covering. The benefit of a steel cable is that it has a bit more weight to it. This makes it easier to get momentum and keep in rhythm.

Tha handles are covered in a non-slip memory foam material and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Inside each handle is a length adjuster for getting the perfect length rope for your height.

The best feature to this jump rope are the 360° swivel rapid ball bearings. These allow for a smooth motion when the rope is rotating. In addition they also lead to the rope tangling less often.

To sum up: A good skipping rope at a very affordable price, with good customer reviews on Amazon this one is worth taking a look at. Best suited to those looking for a decent skipping rope for burning calories.

Gritin High-Grade Adjustable Speed Jump Rope

Gritin High-Grade Adjustable Speed Jump RopeAnother skipping rope by Gritin Sports and this time its the Gritin High-Grade Adjustable Speed Jump Rope. Like the previous featured model this one has excellent customer feedback.

In terms of features this rope is very similar to the previous model. There is the PVC covered steel cable and 360° swivel rapid ball bearings.

Areas where the two differ are the handles and length adjusting system. The handles are covered in a soft rubber which provides good grip. The length adjuster is simple to use and just requires you to turn the to tighten the screw.

To sum up: Personally i prefer this jump rope to the previous Gritin Sports model featured in our reviews. In terms of design it is more akin to a skipping rope used by boxers, however, it is still suitable for crossfit and general use. With good reviews and at a very good price it is easy to see why this is a best seller.

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Speed Skipping Rope by Beast Gear

Beast Gear Speed Skipping RopeThis speed skipping rope by Beast Gear is the best-selling jump rope in the UK. With five stars on Amazon from over a massive one thousand reviews people seem to like this one.

So, let’s take a look!

This speed rope is a bit more expensive than the previous ones in our skipping rope reviews. The reason for that is due to the materials used in its construction. The Beast Gear Speed Rope is made from the best materials possible for durability and longevity. The best example of this is the very strong steel cable and the material that it is covered with. This skipping rope is covered with a very durable protective coating, which means it can be used outdoors on concrete, pavements etc.

The rope is 2.8 metres long and can be adjusted to suit people of any height. As with all the best skipping ropes the Beast Gear Speed Rope features a 360 degree handle and ball bearing mechanism for a very fast and smooth motion. Due to the speed that this rope rotates at many boxers say it is the best jump rope for double unders.

Finally it also comes with a little carry bag to keep it in when not in use.

To sum up: The reviews and customer feedback say it all, the Beast Gear speed jump rope is the best skipping rope UK fitness fanatics can get their hands on. Designed to be highly versatile this skipping rope is suitable for crossfit, boxers, HIIT and those looking to shed as few pounds. Currently, it is half price on Amazon making it a good time to get the best quality skipping rope for a fraction of the normal price.

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Best Weighted Skipping Rope – RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping Jump Speed Rope

RDX Adjustable Leather Gym Skipping RopeFor those that don’t already know, the RDX brand make some of the most popular high quality and very affordable boxing equipment. The RDX adjustable leather gym skipping rope is said to be the best weighted skipping rope.

Let’s take a look!

Compared to the previous featured jump ropes the RDX speed rope is noticeably different in terms of design. First of all the handles are weighted. Due to these been designed for boxers it makes sense to add a bit of weight to simulate the weight of boxing gloves. In addition the handles are also made of wood, personally i prefer wooden handles and the grip they offer.

Another area where this rope differs is with the swivel mechanism. Most skipping ropes feature a 360 degree mechanism. This one has a 90 degree swivel, however with it been perpendicular to the handle it still gives the rope a good 360 degree rotation.

Unlike most other skipping ropes the RDX skipping rope comes with a 9 foot leather rope. This isn’t adjustable and has to be cut down to the correct length, be careful not to cut off too much!

To sum up: If you prefer the look and feel of an old-fashioned style skipping rope with a few modern twists to it, then this is probably the best choice. If you are into Crossfit training I would advise buying a different rope as this is targeted towards Boxing and MMA enthusiasts.

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Skipping Rope With Counter – IREALIST Digital Cordless Jump Rope

IREALIST Digital Cordless Jump RopeA fairly new edition to the skipping rope family are models with a built-in counter. This may seem a bit strange but these don’t actually have a rope. All the user has to do is mimic the movement of skipping and the built-in counter will recall how many rotations you have completed.

The Irealist Digital Cordless Jump Rope is regarded as the best skipping rope for losing weight. The digital display gives readouts such as total exercise time, calories burned and number of jumps. As with most exercise equipment/machines that give a readout, the user is more likely to exercise for longer. This is probably the reason a lot of people say this is a good skipping rope for weight loss. In addition with soft foam handles this is a comfortable rope to handle for long periods of time.

To sum up: this might seem like an idea that was turned down on Dragons Den to some, however, customer reviews on Amazon give positive feedback. With a four and a half star rating it can’t be bad. One positive with this skipping rope is that you won’t break anything with the rope

Skipping Rope Buyers Guide

Skipping ropes have come a long way in terms of design in the last decade. These days you will rarely see anyone using the type of jump rope that you used to play with as a kid to workout with.


Practicality! traditional skipping ropes just aren’t practical enough for a modern jump rope workout. The type of skipping ropes available today are weighted nicely and have swivel mechanisms for a quick rotation rate. This is something that you just don’t get with an old-fashioned jump rope.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Skipping Rope/Jump Rope/Speed Rope

Rope – the rope on a skipping rope these days is generally made from a very strong steel cable. In addition, this rope is covered with a very durable plastic/synthetic material. The exception to this type of rope are the traditional looking boxing jump ropes such as the RDX adjustable jump rope. Which is the best? personally, I prefer the steel cable type as you can get a good rotation and they feel nicely weighted.

Handles – the handles are more important than you may think, when jumping rope for extended periods a comfortable handle becomes essential. Personally, I prefer foam handles as they are more comfortable.

Swivel Mechanism – most skipping ropes available to buy these days come with some form of a swivel mechanism. This allows the rope to rotate faster and smoother.

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Final Words

There is more to buying a skipping rope than you may of first thought. Hopefully our buyers guide and top 5 reviews on the best skipping rope UK residents can buy has given you all the information needed to buy your next jump rope.

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