Top 5 Best Folding Exercise Bikes

Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews of 2018

If you are looking for the best folding exercise bike UK customers can buy then you are in the right place.

In this article we will be giving you all the important information that you need to know before buying a folding exercise bike, as well showing you the top 5 foldable exercise bikes based on sales and customer reviews.

Alternatively if you are not sure that it is a foldable exercise bike you are after check out our best exercise bike buyers guide for all the important information on all types of exercise bike.

What To Look For When Buying A Folding Exercise Bike

Before buying a folding exercise bike there are few things worth considering. Of course you could just buy the one that looks the best but if you are to get value for money then it’s worth considering all of the following.


The resistance is an important factor to consider as the higher the amount of resistance levels the more varied of a workout can be had. With folding exercise bikes eight levels of resistance seems to be the amount that most models have, so take this as a good marker for when purchasing.

LCD Monitor Features

Even the very cheapest exercise machines these days have a LCD monitor which shows the user various readings about their workout. When buying a fold away exercise bike the average amount of monitor functions is five and these are, time, speed, calories, pulse and distance.


The seat that your exercise bike has is obviously something that is important as nobody is going to enjoy exercising if they aren’t comfortable. Most folding exercise bikes come with a fully padded seat that is usually adjustable in height to help reach the correct posture when in use.

Maximum User Weight 

It’s no good buying an exercise bike that isn’t going to take your weight. The maximum user weight tends to be 100Kg and if you weigh considerably more than this then you may want to consider a more sturdy exercise bike.


One of the main reasons many people buy a folding exercise bike is due to lack of space and how easy they are to store away. If this is the reason you are buying then be sure read the dimension of any bike you may wish to buy.


Ah the price, this is usually the deciding factor for most people. In this article we have chosen the best folding exercise bike UK customers can buy across the price range. It is worth mentioning though that folding exercise bikes aren’t that expensive to begin with and Amazon do some great offers.

Best Folding Exercise Bike – Top 5

5) XS Sports Magnetic Folding Exercise

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Features cheap folding exercise bike

Comes in one colour

Dimensions: 113 cm x 74 cm x 41 cm

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

6 monitor functions

magnetic resistance

Our View

If its affordability you seek when purchasing a folding exercise bike then look no further. The XS Sports exercise bike is one of the cheapest on the market. However that doesn’t mean it is low in quality.

Featuring 6 functions which are time, speed, pulse, calories, distance and finally an odometer for tracking your previous workouts.

There is only one colour which is black and it features chip resistant paint.

The only bad thing to say about this piece of home gym equipment is that  it is not for the tallest of people. Reviews claim it would be best suited for those under 6 foot tall.

This is one of the bestselling exercise bikes with many positive reviews. It would be safe to say it’s up there with the best folding exercise bike UK customers can buy.

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4) OLYMPIC 2000 Folding Exercise Bike 

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Features folding exercise bike

Comes in six colours

8 levels of adjustable resistance

Dimensions: 95 (L) 51 (W) 118(H) cm

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

6 monitor functions

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Coming in six different colours and looking very sporty is the Olympic 2000. The six colours to choose from are pink, red, white, blue, orange and green so something for everyone.

This model gives good price/quality ratio and is very compact for easy storage.  In addition to the 8 levels of resistance the monitor tracks six functions to give you those vital stats about your workout.

Featuring non skid pedals with adjustable straps for a safer workout.

Reviews on Amazon say this is a very sturdy folding exercise bike and easy to assemble. With an overall rating of four stars and over 250 positive reviews this is a very affordable and high quality exercise bike.

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3) Vivo Foldable Exercise Bike

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Features best fold away exercise bike

Comes in three colours

Dimensions: (L) 81 x (W) 42 x (H) 107cm

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

8 levels of resistance

6 monitor functions

Features a tablet holder

Our View

The Vivo folding bike has proved to be very popular on Amazon with many sales and with four and a half stars overall rating the feedback is positive.

The monitor has 6 functions and these are speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, scan and time, which is more than enough.

The most noticeable feature of this exercise bike is the tablet holder. For those who like to watch something while working out this is the perfect folding exercise bike. So no more trying to balance your tablet precariously on your exercise bike handlebars lol.

With the standard 8 levels of resistance there isn’t too much more to say in this department.

If it’s a cheap folding exercise bike with the features of more expensive models this is the one to look at.

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2) We R Sports X-Bike Folding Exercise Bike 

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Features best folding exercise bike uk

Adjustable padded seat

Non-skid foot pedals with safety strap

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

Comes in four colours

6 monitor functions

Dimensions: L) 81 x (W) 42 x (H) 107

Maximum User Weight: 100kg

Our View

We R Sports have delivered a very affordable and functional exercise bike with the X-Bike. First of all this bike comes with a choice of four colours these are blue, red, green and pink.

Similar to most folding exercise bikes there are 8 levels of resistance for a varied workout. The monitor has 6 functions and these are speed, distance, calories burned, pulse, scan and time.

In addition to the adjustable seat there are also non skid pedals with safety straps for extra safety.

Most noteworthy is how quiet this exercise bike is said to be with many Amazon reviews claiming it to be the best fold away exercise bike for watching television (no joke).

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1) Ultrasport F-bike Trainer

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Features best folding exercise bike

8 levels of magnetic resistance

Even more compact due to curved design

Dimensions unfolded: 95 cm (L) x 45 cm (W) x 121 cm (H)

Features a back rest for extra support

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This is without doubt the best folding exercise bike UK customers can buy. With over a thousand reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of four and a half stars there isn’t another that comes close.

Incorporated in to the design is an overall curvature which makes this folding exercise bike even more compact, due to this it is great for those with storage problems.

There are 8 levels of resistance to put any user through their paces and for those that need that added support there is the option of a backrest.

The monitor shows time, calories, speed, distance and pulse.

Very sturdy for a folding exercise bike and stylish as well and all at a very affordable price, it’s not hard to see why it’s the bestseller by a mile.

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Benefits Of Folding Exercise Bikes

Folding exercise bikes have a few benefits worth mentioning . First of all they provide a great cardio and lower body workout making them ideal for those that don’t want to leave home to exercise, but still want stay fit and healthy.

The most obvious benefit is that they are very easy to store away and take up hardly any room at all. With some models even having a curved design to make them even more compact folding exercise bikes are perfect for those in flats or apartments.

Final Words 

All of the exercise bikes in our list of the best folding exercise bikes customers can buy are some of the bestselling models with hundreds of positive reviews. When choosing a foldaway exercise bike if you have taken on board all we have mentioned in this article you will be able to make a better informed purchasing decision.

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