Top 5 Best Uppercut Punch Bags for Building Power and Technique

Best Uppercut Punch Bags

When executed properly an uppercut is one of the most devastating punches in boxing and most powerful. We have all seen many boxers sprawled on the canvas due to a well-timed uppercut. The problem with learning to throw one properly, is that not many sparring partners are going to let you throw uppercut after uppercut, until you have perfected the art. The next best thing to having a human punch bag is owning an uppercut punch bag.

Uppercut punch bags, also known as maize bags or angle bags, are a useful addition to any aspiring boxers arsenal of training tools. The problem with buying one is that there aren’t that many to choose from and the large majority of them are very low quality. If you don’t know what you are looking for when buying one for the first time you could be literally throwing your hard earned cash away.

In this guide to choosing the best uppercut bag I will be sharing all the information you need to know for when choosing an uppercut bag. Furthermore, I will be bringing you the top 5 best buys in our review section.

Brand/Model RDX Boxing Uppercut Punch Bag RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Body Punch Bag Filled MMA Training Muay Thai LONSDALE Angle Boxing Punch Bag MAXX 4FT Uppercut Punchbag RDX Uppercut Maize Punch Bag
RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut RDX Heavy Uppercut Maize Punch Bag Lonsdale Heavy Angle Boxing Punch Bag MAXX 4FT Uppercut Punchbag RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Maize Punch Bag
Height 3ft 4 3ft 4 3ft 4ft 2ft
Diameter 45cm (Widest part) 45cm (Widest part) 42.5cm (Widest part) 42cm (Widest part) 38cm
Weight 30Kg 30Kg 28Kg 25Kg 25Kg
Includes - RDX Heavy Uppercut Angled Punch Bag - Swivel hanging chain - RDX Maya Hide Leather Gloves - RDX Heavy Uppercut Maize Punch Bag - Swivel hanging chain - RDX Maya Hide Leather Gloves - Lonsdale PU Angle Bag 40 - Hanging straps 12 Piece Boxing Set RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Maize Punch Bag - Swivel hanging chain - RDX Maya Hide Leather Gloves
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Best Uppercut Punch Bag – Buyers Guide

Luckily, there aren’t to many things that you have to consider before choosing an uppercut punching bag. Taking the time to read my short guide though will help you to make a much better informed decision. Consequently it is far more likely that you will choose the right one for your needs and budget.


Uppercut punch bags come in a variety of different shapes. They are all roughly the same size in height and width. The difference between them lies in their design/shape and the one you go for is mainly down to personal preference. When buying you will notice that the choices of shape available are with a wide top and narrow bottom, a wide top with a narrow middle and a wide bottom or a tear shape.


This type of punching bag is quite a bit smaller than your average heavy punch bag. A typical uppercut bag will be around 3ft in height and have a diameter of roughly 45cm. If you have limited space then a wall mounted punch bag may be a better option.


There was a time when leather was the norm for all punch bags, however, synthetic materials that imitate leather are now widely used in many punch bags these days. The same can be said for uppercut punching bags, as most brands opt for a synthetic outer material with these as well. In terms of durability these synthetic materials are well made and are highly-durable making them perfect for punch bags of all-types.


The weight of any punch bag is very important whether its a free standing punch bag or plain normal heavy punch bag, the weight is a crucial purchasing consideration. Generally speaking the heavier the better. A good weight for an uppercut punching bag is anything above 20Kg.

For our complete guide on buying a punch bag with all the information you need to know about every type of punching bag check out the following link How To Choose The Best Punch Bag

Top 5 Uppercut Punch Bags

Now that you are prepared with all you need to know for choosing an uppercut bag its time to take a look at the top rated models. In my recommendations you will notice that the RDX brand feature quite a lot. To be honest, there isn’t a wide selection of brands to choose from when it comes to uppercut bags and this type of punch bag is littered with cheap models imported from china and branded with some vague boxing related name. The models featured in my reviews are from well established boxing brands that have a reputation for producing top quality boxing equipment.


RDX Boxing Uppercut Punch Bag

RDX Heavy Boxing UppercutRDX have cornered the market for affordable high quality boxing training gear in the UK. This Manchester based brand has many bestsellers on Amazon and all with very good customer feedback. From boxing gloves and headgear to punch bags and more, they are one of the most popular brands around. The RDX Uppercut Punching Bag is prime example of what the brand stands for, affordability and quality.

First of all this is the heaviest bag available and it weighs in at 30 Kg. It is made from RDX maya hide leather which is well-known for its durability. The inner material is made up of a 2″ polyethylene foam jacket with shredded textile filling. The height is 3ft 4″ and the diameter is 45cm at its widest. It also features a tethered loop at the bottom to help minimise swing reduction.

In addition to the actual bag there is also a pair of RDX Gel Boxing Gloves and a swivel chain with every purchase, this what i mean about the affordability of RDX’s boxing equipment. The gloves are by no means the best, however, they provide more than enough protection and wrist support for working with the bag.

In my opinion this is the best buy for the majority of people. For a great price it offers a full set-up and with some good quality to it. Perfect for practicing angled hooks and uppercuts it comes recommended as the top choice.

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RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Maize Body Punch Bag

RDX Heavy Uppercut Maize Punch BagHere we have another RDX maize/angle bag and to be honest, it is pretty much the same as my number one choice. The main difference lies in the shape, which as you can see is slightly wider at the bottom. Out of the two models this is the most popular in terms of sales, however, they are identical in terms of materials. The question to ask yourself is which shape/design is for you.

To go over the main features in brief. the outer material is made of RDX maya hide leather and the inner of a 2″ polyethylene foam jacket with shredded textile filling. It weighs 30 Kg and is 3ft 4″ in height and 45cm at its widest. it comes with a heavy-duty zip closure for modification and maximum fill capacity. Another positive feature is that it is waterproof and therefore can be used outside.

Hand stitched and with double stitching for extra durability this is a quality punch bag and definitely worth taking a look at. It comes recommended as Amazon’s choice model has a five-star rating and excellent customer feedback. The only reason it didn’t come top in my recommendations is because personally, i prefer the wide top and narrow bottom angle bags.

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Lonsdale Heavy Angle Boxing Punch Bag

Lonsdale Heavy Angle Boxing Punch Bag

Lonsdale are a brand that can be trusted to provide high quality boxing equipment. They have a good reputation for their punch bags and they rank highly in many punch bag reviews. The Lonsdale Angle Punch Bag is the most expensive in my top 5 list, however, with the extra cost comes better quality.

With dimensions of 3ft in height and a diameter of 42cm it falls within the standard size for this type of punching bag. The outer is made of PU and it has a soft foam filling with good shock dispersion qualities. It features 6 hanging straps which are double stitched for extra durability. With a weight of 28 Kg it is within the recommended range and suitable for all but the biggest of hitters.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra for a top quality uppercut bag then the Lonsdale Heavy Angle Punch Bag comes highly recommended. Lonsdale punch bags are built to last and this one will undoubtedly last for years before wear and tear start to show.

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MAXX 4FT Uppercut Punchbag

MAXX 4FT Uppercut Punchbag

Maxx are by no means a big boxing brand and a lot of their equipment is not up to standard needed for those who take boxing seriously. Now and again though, they do release a product that has a good degree of quality to it. The main emphasis with the MAXX brand is affordability as they tend to focus solely on budget boxing equipment.

The MAXX uppercut Punch Bag differs slightly as it is 4 ft in height, which is quite large for an uppercut training punch bag. Due to the extra height it can also be used to practice kicks making it ideal for MMA and Muay Thai enthusiasts.

It weighs in at 25 Kg which is a good weight and due to the easy function zipper the weight can be adjusted if needed.

The outer layer is made from Rexion which is a synthetic material that replicates many of the properties of leather.

To sum up this is a good entry model as it comes with a pair of gloves and a wall bracket with all fittings and fixtures. If you are looking for value for money then after the RDX options, this is the next best choice available.

Maxx BLACK WHITE uppercut punch bag, body bag angled boxing bag Set heavy filled bag 4FT punching bag (BAG WITH...

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RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Maize Punch Bag

RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut Maize Punch Bag

This time we have another model from the RDX brand and its the RDX Heavy Boxing Uppercut/Maize Punch Bag. As with all RDX products it offers very good value for money with a good mix of affordability and quality. Consequently, like many of the punch bags in their range it comes with a pair of RDX Gel Boxing Gloves.

One of the best-selling points of this punch bag is its durability. It is handmade with a leather based outer material and double stitched throughout, ensuring it will stand the beating you no doubt intend to give it. The inner is a textile filling and has been improved recently for even better shock absorption.

In terms of size it is 52 cm in height and 38cm, which is quite small in comparison to other models in our reviews. Like all RDX punch bags it comes with heavy gauge D-rings and a swivel chain for hanging.

Another very well-made punch bag and ideal for uppercut training. With excellent feedback from previous buyers it comes highly recommended for those with limited space.

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How to practice uppercuts on a heavy bag

practice uppercut punch step by step

To practice uppercuts on a heavy bag, follow these steps:

1. Stand in a proper boxing stance: Position yourself in front of the heavy bag with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and your dominant foot back. Keep your hands up to protect your face, and your elbows close to your body.

2. Aim for the right spot: Focus on the lower portion of the heavy bag, as this is where you’ll target your uppercuts.

3. Use proper technique: To perform an uppercut, use your dominant hand (if you’re right-handed, it’s your right hand; if left-handed, it’s your left hand). Start with your fist close to your body and palm facing upward. As you extend your arm, rotate your shoulder and hip, driving your fist upwards towards the target.

4. Generate power from your legs and core: To make your uppercuts more effective, engage your legs and core muscles as you drive your punch upward. This will add power and speed to your strikes.

5. Maintain balance and footwork: While throwing uppercuts, be mindful of your balance and footwork. Move smoothly and adjust your position as needed to maintain stability and control.

6. Practice combinations: Mix up your uppercuts with other punches, such as jabs, hooks, and crosses, to simulate real fight scenarios and improve your overall boxing skills.

7. Focus on technique and accuracy: Speed and power are important, but focus on maintaining proper technique and hitting the target accurately. This will improve your ability to land effective uppercuts in a real fight.

8. Start slow and gradually increase intensity: Begin with controlled and slow uppercuts to get the technique right. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the speed and intensity of your strikes.

9. Take breaks and rest: Heavy bag training can be intense, so take regular breaks to rest and avoid overexertion.

Remember, consistency and practice are key to improving your uppercut technique and overall boxing performance. Incorporate uppercuts into your regular heavy bag workouts to develop this essential boxing skill.

Final Words

If you understand the importance of knowing how to throw an uppercut properly then you have made a wise decision if you have decided to invest in an uppercut punching bag. Owning one will add a whole new dimension to your training and help to improve both skill level and technique.

If you think I have missed any information out of my buyers guide or maybe a good uppercut bag that I have missed out in my recommendations, then please leave a message in the comments below. We love hearing your feedback!


Which is better for the uppercut punch: Free-Swinging or Wall-Mounted Bags?

Both free-swinging and wall-mounted punching bags have their advantages for practicing uppercut punches. Free-swinging bags allow for more realistic movement and better simulation of an opponent’s body. On the other hand, wall-mounted bags provide stability and can be adjusted to the desired height. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and training goals.

Can you uppercut a normal punching bag?

Yes, you can uppercut a regular punching bag. However, it is recommended to use a bag specifically designed for uppercut training, as it will provide better support and resistance for practicing uppercut punches.

What are the Benefits of Using an Uppercut Punch Bag?

An uppercut punch bag is specifically designed to help improve your uppercut technique and power. It allows you to practice and perfect your uppercut punches, which are important in boxing and martial arts. Using an uppercut punch bag can help you develop strength, speed, and accuracy in your uppercut punches, as well as improve your overall boxing skills and conditioning.


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