Best Ab Roller Wheel Reviews – Top Picks for Strengthening Your Core

Best Abs Wheel Roller

The abdominal muscles are one of the last areas that many people get to see any improvement in on their fitness journey. The main reason for this is that they require the body to be free of any excess fat in the belly area before you can actually see them. If you are determined to have abs of steel, then there are a number of training accessories that can help you to achieve this goal. Ab rollers are one of the more affordable options and there are many brands and models to choose from. In this guide to the best ab roller wheels we will be bringing you the top 10 models in the UK in our ab wheel reviews. Furthermore, our buyers guide has all the information you need for choosing an ab roller wheel.

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Best Ab Wheels UK Comparisons

Product Image Brand/Model Rating
66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad 66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad
alpha athletica ab roller wheel Alpha Athletica Ab Wheel
Elite Body Squad Ab Wheel Elite Body Squad Ab Wheel
Proworks Ab Roller Exercise Wheel Proworks Ab Exercise Roller
H&S Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller H&S® Abdominal Exercise Roller

Best Ab Roller Reviews UK

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66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad

66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad

The 66fit Abdominal Roller Wheel is the best-selling model in the UK and it comes with excellent customer feedback off previous buyers. With a 5 star rating it comes recommended as the best ab roller wheel UK customers can buy.

The compact design means it is very portable and could easily fit into a gym bag. It comes with two easy-glide wheels which helps to increase stability. The tread on the wheels helps to reduce roll-outs which is ideal for first time users. For those that don’t know, a roll-out is when you extend the ab wheel beyond your strength capabilities and pretty much face-plant the floor.

For comfort the ergonomically thick foam handles provide maximum amounts. In addition they ensure a good grip which in turn helps with overall stability. For added comfort and support there is a free kneel pad made from thick durable EVA foam.

To sum up: The fitbit66 offers great stability, support and comfort. In addition it is made from high-quality durable materials ensuring it will last a long time. There is no denying that it isn’t as fancy looking as some other models, however, it does the job perfect and at a very good price.

Alpha Athletica

alpha athletica ab roller wheel

Alpha Athletica are so confident that customers will like their ab wheel that they will let you return if you aren’t 100% fully satisfied with it. That must hardly ever happen though, as they are the brand behind one of the most popular ab wheels. Customer feedback is overall generally positive and it also comes with a five-star rating.

It comes with two wheels for added stability and each one comes with a rubber cover that provides good grip on hard surfaces.

For comfort the handles are covered with a thick durable foam that also provides good grip even with sweaty hands.

To sum up: Made from durable materials and with an overall smooth motion as well as excellent customer feedback, the Alpha Athletica comes highly recommended. Reasonable in price and with a bit more too it in terms of looks it’s definitely worth checking out. It also comes with a good quality kneel pad.

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Elite Body Squad Ab Wheel

Elite Body Squad Ab Wheel Free Soft Kneeling Mat

Elite Body Squad have built a solid reputation for their low-cost fitness equipment. Their ab wheel roller is one of the least expensive available and it also has a nice look about it.

This model is ideal for beginners due to its twin easy-glide wheels. The thick tread goes along way to providing much-needed grip as well, especially if you haven’t used one of these training accessories before.

The handles are covered with a rubber foam, which has better grip than most foam handles. There is an extra tough stainless steel axle providing both strength and stability. The kneel pad that comes with it is better than most and offers plenty of knee support due to its thickness.

To sum up: There are plenty of models to choose from when buying, however, not all of them encapsulate affordability with good quality like the Elite Body Squad ab wheel roller. Furthermore, with each purchase there is a free pdf explaining how to use an ab roller to get the best results.


Proworks Ab Roller Exercise Wheel

The Proworks ab roller exercise wheel is well designed for building muscle definition in the arms, abs, back and shoulders. It comes with a very robust design due to been made from rugged steel and ABS plastic.

Similar to the Alpha Athletica it features wheels with a urethane cover which provides substantially more grip than hard plastic wheels. In addition the rolling action is far smoother and quieter with urethane wheels.

The overall design is compact making it perfect for use both around the home and at the gym. Previous buyers mention in reviews how comfortable the grip is and how easy it is to maintain stability when using it. Also includes a 38cm extra thick padded knee mat to reduce the strain on your knees during a workout

To sum up: Another prime example of what makes a very good ab roller. Durable, sturdy and comfortable to use, this is a good model for beginners, mainly due to the better traction that the urethane wheels offer.

H&S® Abdominal Exercise Roller

H&S Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller

The H&S Abdominal Exercise Roller is another very popular ab wheel that has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. With four and a half stars previous buyers say it is easy to use and very functional.

The overall design is very compact and lightweight and with an overall weight of 340g they don’t get much lighter than this. Consequently, this is another extremely portable model that can be taken anywhere.

Featuring dual glide wheels, with a good inch gap between them for added stability, the motion is smooth and comfortable.

One feature that pops up a lot in customer ab roller reviews is how comfortable the soft foam handles are. On the downside the wheels are hard plastic and lack a urethene covering. To some this might not be an issue, however, in our opinion the extra grip they provide proves very useful, especially for beginners.

To sum up: The H&S abs wheel offers great value for money, at the same time as been very functional. In terms of the way it looks it is very similar to many other models on the market that are cheaper in price, however, this one comes with the assurance of hundreds of customer reviews mentioning how good it is.

Ab Dominator

Ab Dominator ab roller wheels

The Ab Dominator is not your ordinary ab wheel, it has an omnidirectional design which allows the user to move in any direction, opposed to the back and forth only motion of a normal ab wheel. Consequently, it allows for better overall strengthening of the muscles and improved definition.

When compared to other ab roller wheels it is significantly higher in price. That been said, it does have more to offer in terms of workout options. One really good feature are the gel-padded hand grips which offer maximum comfort and grip.

One problem some people have with ab wheels is that some of them look so flimsy and like they will break under the weight of a full person. The Ab Dominator has been tested with 450lbs of weight on it with no problems. If you weigh more than 450lbs, i don’t think you will be using one of these anyway, so no problem there.

To sum up: The Ab Dominator is best suited for the experienced user or those that already have good strength. When compared against other models in our ab wheel reviews it is without doubt the most solid, robust and sturdy of the lot. The only downside is the price.

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Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro Roller

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is another ab roller wheel with a difference, it has a resistance system built-in to its design making it even more effective than a traditional ab wheel roller. Inside there is a carbon steel spring that provides resistance when you roll out and gentle assistance as you roll back.

The Pro Carver comes with a wide wheel which helps to engage all of the ab muscles as well as obliques. Adding one of these to your workout will go a long way in strengthening your deep core muscles.

The ergonomic hand grips are designed to engage the arm muscles as much as possible. In addition they are gel padded for maximum comfort. The Ab Carver Pro also includes knee pad and a downloadable 21-day workout plan to get you on your way.

To sum up: Similar to the Ab Dominator the Pro carver also costs a bit more than your average ab roller machine. With the extra cost though comes higher quality, versatility and durability. The resistance feature is a nice touch and probably the way all ab rollers will go in the next few years, as it offers a better training option. All in all the Pro Carver comes recommended as a very good buy.

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BODYMATE Abdominal Exercise Roller

BODYMATE Abdominal Exercise Roller

Bodymate are a German brand who are well-known in their home country for their gym equipment and accessories. The Bodymate ab wheel is one of their many products and a very good one it is too.

Featuring dual wheels with a decent size gap between them the Bodymate offers exceptional stability. Unfortunately for some there is no tread on the wheels which means there is less grip than you get with other models.

The handles are a combination of soft foam and rubber foam for comfort and a good hand grip.

To sum up: Cheap and cheerful the Bodymate offers great value for money. The only bad thing to say about it, is that the knee mat could be a better colour than the sky blue colour it is.

JLL Ab Roller Abdominal Trainer Exercise Wheel

JLL Ab Roller Abdominal Trainer

JLL are a UK brand that have an excellent reputation for their home fitness equipment and exercise machines. Furthermore, many of their products are best sellers on Amazon and have hundreds of positive customer reviews. The JLL Ab Roller is one of the cheapest ab rollers on our top 10 list, but don’t let that put you off. If you are on a limited budget then this is probably the best choice.

It comes with two easy-glide wheels and ergonomically contoured foam hand grips for maximum comfort and stability. In addition the wheels have a thick tread for good grip on any surface.

To sum up: A lot of people might be put off by this ab wheel simply because it is cheaper in price. With very good reviews and a four and a half star rating, the price shouldn’t put you off, as it is obviously a good model.

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Final Words

There you have it, our top 10 list of the best ab roller wheel UK customers can buy.

What do you think? Did we miss any models out?

Let us know in the comments below if you think we have.

There is no denying that ab rollers are a cost-effective, very functional and practical piece of home gym equipment. When used properly they can help to develop and strengthen core muscles and more. With most models costing around £10, I would recommend investing in one to add a bit of versatility to your workouts and to reap the many benefits that using one long-term presents.


Is an ab wheel roller good for abs?

Yes, using an ab wheel roller can be very effective for strengthening and toning your abs. It engages multiple muscle groups in your core, including your rectus abdominis, obliques, and lower back muscles. Additionally, it aids in enhancing your balance and stability. However, it’s important to use proper form and start with easier exercises before progressing to more advanced ones.

How do I choose an ab roller?

When choosing an ab roller wheel, consider the size and shape of the wheel, the grip handles, and the durability of the materials. Look for a wheel that is at least 6 inches (15cm) in diameter and has a non-slip surface. The grip handles should be comfortable and easy to hold onto, and the materials should be sturdy enough to support your weight. Additionally, consider any additional features such as resistance bands or adjustable height.

What are the drawbacks of using ab rollers?

While ab rollers can be effective in strengthening your core muscles, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. Using an ab roller incorrectly can lead to strain on your neck and back, and it may not be suitable for those with certain injuries or conditions. Additionally, relying solely on an ab roller for your core workout may not provide enough variety or challenge for optimal results.

Can I use an ab wheel every day?

While it is possible to use an ab wheel every day, it is not recommended. Your abs need time to rest and recover between workouts, just like any other muscle group. It is recommended to use the ab wheel 2-3 times per week, with rest days in between.

How long does it typically take to notice results from using an ab roller?

The amount of time it takes to see results from using an ab roller will vary depending on factors such as your current fitness level, diet, and consistency with using the ab roller. However, with regular use and a healthy diet, you can expect to see some improvement in your abdominal muscles within a few weeks to a few months.

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