How To Choose The Best Hand Wraps For Boxing – A Fighters Guide

How To Choose The Best Hand Wraps For Boxing ?

If you are new to Boxing or Muay Thai then you probably haven’t given hand wraps as much attention as you should have. However having the best hand wraps for Boxing or any other combat sport is more important than you may think.

Although they may seem like they are just long pieces of cotton or elastic, they play an important role in keeping your hands free from injury.

There are various types of handwraps available. To a newcomer it might be confusing and a little daunting deciding on which ones to purchase. For example, you might of seen some Muay Thai Wraps and thought to yourself ” I like the look of those” but decided against it as you are a boxer. This scenario is one of the most common mistakes people make when choosing hand wraps, hand wraps are interchangeable and can be used for all combat sports whether Muay Thai or Boxing.

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In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about hand wraps including the best hand wraps for muay thai and boxing.

The Benefits Of Hand Wraps/Boxing Straps

The main purpose of hand wraps is to provide protection and support. It doesn’t matter whether your a boxer or Muay Thai fighter this is an essential piece of safety equipment that should be used in all types of Boxing training.


When put on correctly hand wraps provide adequate knuckle protection in addition to giving ample wrist support. As a whole the wraps strengthen your fist making it feel rigid and more able to take the impact forces of your punches without sustaining an injury.

Many people make the mistake of not wrapping up properly or not wrapping up at all, either of these scenarios will eventually lead to an injury. As anyone who has had a hand or wrist injury already knows that there is nothing worse than not been able to train.

Consequently hand wraps are a cheap and effective way to protect the tools of your trade. If you are serious about Boxing or Muay Thai then I highly recommend investing in a good pair as high quality hand wraps are just as important as a pair of high quality Boxing Gloves.

Different Type Of Boxing Hand Wraps


Traditional hand wraps are made from cotton with a tight weave. Due to the cotton used in this type of hand wraps there is no stretch in them. This means that hands can be wrapped very tightly giving a solid fist. However if done too tightly blood flow can be restricted to your fingers. Consequently this is the main reason most fighters prefer Mexican hand wraps as they are considered to be more comfortable.


Mexican hand wraps are designed using an elastic material that is obviously stretchy. The elasticity of these hand wraps makes them a lot more comfortable to wear when compared to the traditional type. Another added benefit is that they stay tight through a workout without coming loose, unless the they have been put on the wrong way. Finally they are less likely to dig into your fingers when wrapped tightly unlike with traditional.


cggw-rd-bk_1Glove wraps are fingerless gloves worn beneath boxing gloves. This way of protecting hands is highly convenient and a lot quicker than wrapping up with hand wraps. However they are not as good at providing protection and support as hand wraps and they don’t fit as tightly as needed. If you are in a rush and only doing a light workout the en these will suffice but if you are going to hit the punch bag or mitts with all your force then stay well clear.


a3327_largeTape is only worn by professional fighters in competitive bouts and is not something to worry about for training purposes.



Things To Consider Before Purchasing

Before choosing hand wraps there are a few things to consider first to make sure you get just what you need from them. Different hand wraps have different attributes associated with them knowing these attributes will help you to choose the right ones for you.

What Size Hand Wraps Should I Get ?

Hand wraps come in various lengths/sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and personal preferences. The most common available length of hand wraps are 108” and 180”. The difference in length determines how much knuckle padding and wrist support you gain when wrapping up.

Equipment Tip: if you have weak wrists go for 180” hand wraps as you can provide more support to the wrist area.

Traditional Or Mexican Hand Wraps ?

As explained earlier glove wraps are pretty much useless and should be avoided if you are serious about training and looking after your hands. Consequently this leaves us with traditional or Mexican

Both of these type of hand wraps do the job they are supposed to do the main difference been that traditional are non stretch and Mexican are stretchy.

With traditional you get a tight fit that can be quite uncomfortable where as with Mexican the fit is very tight but at the same time a lot more comfortable and less likely to come loose.

So when deciding upon hand wraps a lot of the decision making is down to personal preference as both types are up to standard. In my opinion I would go for Mexican hand wraps every time for the fact that they are a lot more comfortable therefore it is less likely that you will have to readjust them during training sessions.

Equipment Tip: Go for a wide velcro strap when choosing hand wraps as the extra Velcro helps ensure a tighter fit that won’t come loose in boxing training.

How Long Do Hand Wraps Last For ?

On average a good quality pair of hand wraps will last for between 12 to 18 months but as with all equipment it depends on how many times they are used and if they are taken care of properly.

Similar to gloves after a training session you shouldn’t leave your hand wraps in your kit bag as they will quickly begin to fester. Worse still is leaving your hand wraps inside your gloves with your gloves in your kit bag.

After every few training sessions it is advisable to wash your Wraps as this will help them last longer in addition to been hygienic. Hand wraps can be cleaned using a washing machine and should be hung up to dry.


How To Put on Hand Wraps/Wrapping Up

In this short video Bob Barnum from Pittsburgh East Coast Boxing/MMA demonstrates the correct way to wrap up. The method he uses ensures there is correct wrist and thumb support in addition to adequate padding in the knuckle area.
Equipment Tip: Open and close your hand now and again as you are wrapping up as this ensures that you aren’t putting them on too tight.

Common Mistakes Made When Wrapping Up

Putting hand wraps on too tight – aside from been uncomfortable putting hand wraps on too tight can reduce circulation and blood flow to the fingers and will eventually have to be taken off

Putting them on too loose – failing to wrap up tight enough will only lead to you having to redo them mid workout and is a ball ache.

Not making a fist during the wrapping process – failing to make a fist at the correct times during the wrapping process will leave you with a less secure and snug fit. If you are unsure how to wrap up correctly then watch the YouTube video above for a step by step guide.

Having the wraps the wrong way – starting to wrap your hands with the wrong side down means at the end of the process the velcro tab is facing the wrong way and needs to be twisted to fit. Due to you having to twist the wraps to make the velcro fit this more often than not leads to you having to redo them as it keeps coming loose.

Not providing enough wrist support – safety wise this is the most common mistake to avoid as failing to support your wrists properly can lead to an injury that could have you out of action for a while.

Not wrapping around the thumb – ignoring the thumb during the wrapping process is a scholboy error. Thumbs need to be held securely in place in training.

To Conclude

So what are the best hand wraps for boxing ? In my opinion it has to be the ones that provide the most protection and support as that is what they are supposed to do. Taking this into consideration we choose the Title Professional Hand Wraps. Although a little expensive for what they are, you can guarantee that the wrist support will be more than adequate and that if wrapped correctly they will give enough protection, been 180 inches in length.

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