Pedal to the Metal: Best Spin Bike For Home

On the hunt for the best spin bikes for home? For those who enjoy cycling and want to bring the thrilling and challenging outdoor riding experience indoors, especially in the winter or in bad weather, a spin bike is a great option. Likewise, it’s a convenient and effective way for homebodies to stay fit and active.

But given the number of options available, it can be mentally taxing to know where to start. Don’t worry, your head won’t go spinning, as we’ve done the legwork for you!

We’ve got you covered with everything from robust machines with heavy flywheels for adrenaline junkies to incredibly silent belt-driven and feature-rich bikes for tech-savvy riders. Dive in, and you’ll find the best spin bike to buy for home use!

ImageBrand/ModelResistanceFlywheelMax User WeightCheck Prices
JLL® IC300 Exercise BikeJLL® IC300Friction18 kg130 kgView Amazon UK Price
Dripex Exercise BikeDripexFriction10 kg150 kgView Amazon UK Price
JLL® IC300 Pro Exercise BikeJLL® IC300 ProMagnetic20 kg130 kgView Amazon UK Price
Bodymax B2 Exercise BikeBodymax B2Friction13 kg125 kgView Amazon UK Price
Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Exercise BikeBluefin Fitness Tour SPFriction25 kg120 kgView Amazon UK Price
Schwinn 700IC Exercise BikeSchwinn 700ICFriction18 kg136 kgView Amazon UK Price
JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise BikeJTX Cyclo 6Friction22 kg135 kgView Amazon UK Price
ProForm TDF CBC Exercise BikeProForm TDF CBCMagnetic10 kg115 kgView Price
Original Peloton Exercise BikeOriginal PelotonFriction17 kg135 kgView Amazon UK Price
NordicTrack S15i Exercise BikeNordicTrack S15iElectromagnetic14.5 kg160 kgView Price
Domyos Basic EB 100 Exercise BikeDomyos Basic EB 100Friction12 kg100 kgView Decathlon UK Price
WENOKER Exercise BikeWENOKERFriction9 kg136 kgView Amazon UK Price
HyGYM Exercise BikeHyGYM Spin BikeMagnetic8 kg150 kgVisit HyGYM Store

Best Spin Bike for Home in UK 2024

Best Spin Bike Under £200


JLL® IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike



  • Flywheel: 18 kg
  • Drivetrain: Chain
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 130 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

A heavy flywheel is not something you typically find on a cheap spin bike. That’s why we raised our hats to the JLL IC300! The combination of its 18-kilogramme flywheel and chain-drive transmission replicates the power-packed performance of a road bike.

Don’t worry if you get carried away. Made with steel, there’s no way this bike will sway! While getting the ideal seat height is a common problem among spin bikes, you won’t have that issue even if you’re 6 feet tall.

Much like an outdoor bike, it will require routine maintenance and may produce some creaking noise to a tolerable extent. However, there are good reasons why veteran cyclists are willing to trade off this minor inconvenience.

Read our full review of the JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike to know if it’s the right one for you!

  • Mimics the outdoor riding experience
  • Has a heavy flywheel compared to the majority within its price range
  • Seat post and handlebars are highly adjustable
  • Easy to assemble and includes a tools pack
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Includes built-in pulse sensors and water bottle holder

  • Chain-drive mechanism needs regular maintenance
  • Not as quiet as belt-driven bikes

JLL® IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike 2022, Cardio Workout, 18kg Flywheel Smooth Cycling, Adjustable Handlebars & Seat, Heart Rate Sensors &...

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Dripex Indoor Exercise Bike

Dripex Exercise Bike for Home Use


  • Flywheel: 10 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

At the time of writing, the Dripex Spin Bike ranks 2nd on Amazon UK’s Best Selling Exercise Bikes. This bike is a great alternative to the JLL IC300 if a chain-drive transmission is an issue for you. The bike requires no maintenance and operates ultra quietly, thanks to its belt-driven mechanism.

At 10 kilogrammes, the flywheel is definitely lighter. Regardless, it still gives its riders a heart-pumping workout. Turning the tension knob increases the resistance to challenge you.

As expected, some features had to be dropped to keep costs down. On the bright side, the bike does not compromise on durability and comfort, two of which are the most important aspects of a spin bike for regular, indoor use.

Read our complete Dripex Indoor Exercise Bike review, and find out why it’s so popular!

  • Offers a smoother, quieter experience compared to chain-driven bikes
  • Has an oversized, air-permeable seat perfect for prolonged exercise
  • People of varying heights can use the bike comfortably
  • Includes built-in pulse sensors and water bottle holder

  • Users with intermediate to advanced fitness levels may find the resistance too low

Dripex Exercise Bike for Home Use, Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike for Home Training (New Version)

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm

Best Spin Bike Under £300

JLL IC300 Pro

jll ic300 pro



  • Flywheel: 20 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt-drive
  • Resistance type: Magnetic, manual
  • Max user weight: 130 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

The JLL IC300 Pro is an upgrade to the IC300, which we previously discussed. If you prefer a belt-drive transmission for that ultra-smooth, whisper-quiet workout, it’s worth stretching your budget a little bit!

This model’s flywheel also weighs 2 kilogrammes more. Although it takes more force to start spinning, maintaining a steady speed and rhythm throughout your workout becomes much easier once momentum has built up.

Since the bike uses frictionless resistance, the internal components are less prone to wear and tear. Also, there are no creaking noises as you pedal harder.

See our JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike review for more details!

  • Exceptionally smooth, whisper-quiet operation
  • Greater resistance compared to the JLL IC300
  • Has built-in pulse sensors
  • Seat post and handlebars are highly adjustable
  • Easy to assemble and includes a tools pack
  • Robust and maintenance-free

  • Having a higher weight capacity would have been nice

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel, Magnetic Resistance, 3-Piece Crank, 7-Function Monitor, Heart Rate...

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm
£249.99 £309.99

Bodymax B2

Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike


  • Flywheel: 13 kg
  • Drivetrain: Chain
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 125 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Bodymax B2 is another dependable and performance-driven exercise bike that we recommend for your home workouts. It is an excellent value for the money, with an edgy design for its class.

The bike is fitted with a 3-piece crank, a chain-driven 13-kilogramme flywheel for maintaining momentum, and a quick-release tension adjuster to provide continuous resistance.

Despite being lightweight and compact, the structure is robust, and the maximum user weight is high. The build quality is great for the price.

The B2’s cushioned seat and adjustability make it a pleasure to ride for anyone. You can modify the handlebar and seat positions to fit your preferred riding style.

Check out our in-depth Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike review to learn more.

  • Recreates the outdoor riding experience
  • Solidly built
  • Soft, wide saddle and plenty of seating adjustments

  • Minimal vibration and noise generated
  • Many users seem to have problems with the bike’s LCD

Bodymax B2 Exercise Bike - Black

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Best Spin Bike Under £500

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP

Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Bike Reviews


  • Flywheel: 25 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 120 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Bluefin Fitness Tour SP should fit the bill if you are looking for a reasonably priced exercise bike for home use with a heavy flywheel, belt-drive transmission, and durable construction. Built like a tank, you can sprint and even dance on the bike—it will not let you down!

You can track your real-time statistics using the multi-functional console and LCD, or better yet, use Kinomap if you have a subscription. This bike is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app, which contains thousands of training videos and amazing routes to help you enjoy your home workouts more.

Its biggest strong point is its fluid, whisper-quiet pedalling action, which is achieved through the belt-driven 25-kilogramme flywheel. Because it uses a screw-in felt brake pad rather than an electronically controlled resistance, you’ll have to manually change tension levels via a knob. Regardless, it does the job well.

Check out our Bluefin Fitness Tour SP Bike Review to learn more.

  • Fits the bill in terms of durability
  • Smooth, practically silent pedalling action
  • Has a heavy flywheel, similar to commercial types
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and seat
  • Compatible with Kinomap and a heart-rate monitor device
  • LCD is backlit with a reliable smartphone/tablet shelf

  • Lacks subtlety of adjustment (must be adjusted in small increments)

Bluefin Fitness TOUR SP Bike | Home Gym Equipment | Exercise Bike Machine | Kinomap | Live Video Streaming |...

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm
£177.70 £237.35

Schwinn 700IC

Schwinn 700IC Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike


  • Flywheel: 18 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 136 kg
  • Warranty: 24 months in parts and labour

The Schwinn 700IC Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike is a visually striking bike that fits the bill in terms of durability and solid performance.

The bike has an 18-kilogramme flywheel and a belt-driven transmission for a seamless, quiet cardio session. The ease with which the handlebar stem and race-style seat are adjusted is quite handy if multiple people use the equipment.

The bike also has padded, multi-grip handlebars and two SPD foot pedals, which allow for secure foot placement, as well as the option of using standard toe cages or SPD clips.

In a nutshell, this bike is designed to maximise user comfort without compromising performance. Whether you’re aiming for moderate-intensity workouts or HIIT sessions, you won’t be overtaxing your joints.

  • Decent flywheel weight and virtually silent belt drive
  • Manually adjustable resistance for a tailored workout
  • Adjustable race-style seat and dual-link SPD foot pedals
  • Includes an oversized water bottle holder and integrated media rack
  • Can be paired with a heart rate monitor
  • Heavy-duty construction, as expected of Schwinn

  • The tech-savvy might find themselves a little bit dissatisfied
  • May generate noise over time due to its friction-based resistance mechanism

Schwinn Fitness 700IC Indoor Cycling Training Stationary Cardio Exercise Bike Machine

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm
£506.93 £699.00

Best Spin Bike Under £1000

JTX Cyclo 6

JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike


  • Flywheel: 22 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 135 kg
  • Warranty: 24 months

If an exercise bike is an indispensable part of your daily routine, then you’ll want a piece of kit that can stand the test of time. Introducing the JTX Cyclo 6.

This monster of a bike is made of heavy gauge, welded steel plate. It is an unmistakably stylish bike, finished in black gloss and chrome.

The entire bike is 63 kilogrammes once assembled; that alone should give you a glimpse of how sturdy it is. It supports up to 135 kilogrammes, and according to user reviews, it can comfortably accommodate tall riders a little above 6 feet.

If you are looking for fancy features, this bike may disappoint. There are no pre-programmed workouts to help whip you into shape. However, the LCD console still provides data with useful benchmarks.

Adrenaline junkies, on the other hand, will love it for its 22-kilogramme flywheel. This heft is one of the heaviest you’ll find in-home spinning bikes.

Check out our JTX Cyclo 6 review to learn more.

  • Offers a smooth ride and a wide range of responsive resistance
  • Suitable for beginners to more advanced users
  • Includes pulse sensors; compatible with a heart rate chest strap/watch
  • Quadr-set adjustment system to provide a bespoke fit for every user

  • Leather brake pad may squeak when it needs lubrication or a quick spray of WD40

JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike - Gym Spec Indoor Cycling Bike - 22kg Flywheel - Clearview Computer - Heart Rate...

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm

Visit JTX Fitness Official Store


ProForm TDF CBC Exercise Bike


  • Flywheel: 10 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Magnetic (digital, manual)
  • Max user weight: 115 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years frame, parts and labour guarantee

Tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts who frown upon JTX Cyclo 6’s lack of fancy features might find what they’re looking for with the ProForm TDF CBC — if you’re willing to trade off the heavy flywheel, that is.

Professional trainers will guide you throughout your workouts and assist you in reaching your goals. While the machine has no incline capabilities, you’ll still feel the burn as though you’re biking through a slope.

With iFIT’s LIVE Resistance Control technology, your trainer will control the resistance on your bike to realistically match the terrain of your workout. Additionally, it boasts of having SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance™), so you can focus on your early-morning or late-night rides without disturbing anyone.

For a bike that falls into the mid-high price bracket, there isn’t a lot going on, but rest assured, everything offered is of the highest calibre. The main goal is to replicate a studio cycling session using the iFit app.

The quality is superb, and the finish is divine. It’s a heavy-duty, well-built piece of equipment that exudes quality right away. The bike alone weighs around 45 kg, and it supports a rider up to 115 kg without discomfort.

  • Personalized workouts using iFit
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance™
  • Non-slip shelf, multi-position handlebars with dipped grips and an ergonomic padded saddle
  • Pedals with toe cages and straps
  • Includes a water bottle holder and weights

  • You’ll need an iFit subscription to make most of the bike

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Best Premium Spin Bike

Original Peloton Exercise Bike

Original Peloton Bike Exercise Bike with Immersive HD Touchscreen


  • Flywheel: 17 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 135 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

For anyone who is serious about their fitness journey, the Original Peloton Exercise Bike is a worthwhile investment. While the initial costs may seem significant, the value you’ll receive in terms of improved fitness and convenience is immeasurable.

The bike has a built-in screen and speakers, which allow you to virtually recreate the experience of riding through different surroundings.

So instead of just pedalling along with your Spotify playlist or watching TV, Peloton connects you to live and on-demand workouts, which allows instructors to lead you through your workout and give you real-time feedback.

Curious? Check out our Original Peloton Exercise Bike review, and see if this bike is worth the hype!

  • Top-notch build quality
  • Access to live classes conducted by professional instructors
  • Community integrations, prizes, and streaks
  • Syncs seamlessly with Apple Watch or Android watches

  • Needs a monthly subscription
  • Lacks auto-resistance option to match instructor cues, unlike Peloton Bike+

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive 22” HD Touchscreen

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm

NordicTrack S15i Studio Bike

NordicTrack S15i Studio Bike


  • Flywheel: 14.5 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Electromagnetic (digital and manual)
  • Max user weight: 160 kg
  • Warranty: 5-year frame warranty and 2-year parts and labour warranty

The S15i has a 14-inch touchscreen that you can view from any angle thanks to its tilt and swivel capabilities. iFit makes the S15i’s entire experience even better! It comes with an ever-updating database of exercises, covering both live classes, scenic outdoor rides, and more.

Magnetic resistance is practically silent and digitally calibrated. When using an iFit or onboard programme, the resistance will automatically adjust for you. You may also adjust it manually using the handlebar extension grips (Quick Touch) or on the touchscreen when needed.

But what makes the NordicTrack S15i Studio Bike a league of its own?

Its revolutionary design can create a +20% incline to a -10% decline for the purpose of simulating outdoor terrain. The S15i is the closest thing to riding outdoors, thanks to its incline/decline feature and digitally controlled magnetic resistance! Now that you can combine resistance, speed, and incline, this feature also greatly increases the number of training variables.

The seat post, saddle, and handlebar stem are highly adjustable, and all adjustment points are marked orange. But as opposed to angling up at a 120-degree angle like most others do, its handlebars extend forward parallel to the floor so that you lean forward. This stance may seem awkward at first, but it allows for better glute and hamstring engagement.

I could talk all day about this bike, but I’ll just sum it up by noting that a lot of serious engineering and careful user attention went into its design.

  • Auto Adjust™ + pre-programmed workouts via iFit + Google Maps — the closest thing you’ll get to outdoor cycling
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Highly responsive touchscreen with crisp graphics and bright resolution
  • Commercial-grade steel construction w/ enhanced corrosion resistance
  • One Touch® Controls
  • Two 3-lb weights are included, plus AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan and water bottle holders

  • Hard to find a drawback, aside from the upfront cost and monthly iFit subscription

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Best-Rated Spin Bike on Decathlon UK

Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100

Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100


  • Flywheel: 12 kg
  • Drivetrain: Chain
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 100 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years for parts, 5 years for frame

In the vast, complex world of fitness gym equipment, the Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100 is one of those rare, simple pieces of kit that stands out to be appreciated.

This minimalistic bike is built to last, and it has extra stabilising pads for improved grip on uneven floors. Yes, it’s basic, but it’s a beast!

Compared to its competitors, its assuring warranty is a good enough reason to make you pedal forward with the purchase.

Read our Domyos Basic Exercise Bike 100 review and get the reasons behind why it’s Decathlon UK’s best-seller.

  • Replicates the feel of outdoor cycling
  • Metal parts are 100% steel
  • Quick to assemble and easy to transport
  • Generous warranty

  • Can be noisy due to its chain-drive transmission
  • Limited resistance levels
  • Lacks a phone holder

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Best Rated Spin Bike on Amazon UK

WENOKER Indoor Exercise Bike

WENOKER Indoor Exercise Bike


  • Flywheel: 9 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Friction, manual
  • Max user weight: 136 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months for parts

This particular bike won the crowd with its good looks, competitive pricing, and, most importantly, for staying true to its promise. Currently, it tops Amazon UK’s Best Exercise Bikes.

This bike is called “the upgraded version” because WENOKER replaced the old version’s felt pad brake with an ABS material belt pulley and industrial-grade bearings. This upgrade promises a smoother, quieter cycling experience for those early-morning or late-night cardio sessions.

Constructed with aluminium and steel, it feels incredibly sturdy. Because of its small size, it can easily fit into your home gym without taking up too much space. This sophisticated-looking piece of kit is available in black with accents in orange, cyan, or red.

Even if you are not a DIY expert, setting up the bike will be a breeze thanks to the manual’s clear instructions and included tools.

However, Amazon UK’s #5 bike also has a few drawbacks. Some users have reported inadequate resistance levels and limited display features. You’re not going to find bells and whistles here, folks!

But for the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Aside from quality, other reasons why people love this bike are the adjustability of the handles and seats, as well as comfortable seating. Long-session riders should experience minimal discomfort.

  • Incredible build quality, compact, and stylish
  • Arrives 70% assembled and includes tools
  • Works for short and tall users
  • Reliable device holder

  • May not be suitable for more advanced fitness enthusiasts

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Best Spin Bike From a Small Business in the UK

HyGYM Spin Exercise Bike

HyGYM spin bike ultimate


  • Flywheel: 8 kg
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Resistance type: Magnetic, manual
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Warranty: 24 months

As gyms began closing in the UK due to the pandemic, friends Daniel and Shane founded HyGym with a mission to provide fitness enthusiasts with affordable, good-quality home gym equipment. Although the duo launched their company at a challenging time, they never wavered, and that’s why their business continues to thrive.

One of their bestsellers is the HyGYM Spin Exercise Bike, which is available in red and aqua blue. Its makers didn’t really specify what type of frame they used for this model.

Regardless, HyGYM claims this bike has a 150-kg weight capacity. With a generous warranty, many users feel confident in their purchases.

However, the flywheel weighs only 8 kilogrammes, which could be a drawback for some. On a positive note, this petite but rugged bike could be a terrific option if you’re looking to squeeze in a quick cardio session straight from the living room.

We like that the pedals have straps and toe clips. You shouldn’t be straining your ankles or loosening your grip as you pedal harder and increase your speed. You can also adjust the height of the seat post and raise the handlebars.

  • Compact and lighter, but capable of supporting a greater load
  • Delivers a quiet and comfortable ride
  • Customisable comfort and safety features

  • The flywheel is too light for those seeking more advanced resistance levels

HyGYM Ultimate Spin Exercise Bike - Blue

Last update was in: June 23, 2024 2:09 pm

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What To Look For When Buying A Spin Bike

best spinning bike at home

When deciding which is the best spin bike for home use there are a few things to consider first. It’s not as simple as liking the way a spinner bike looks and going with that one. Spinning is great fun, but to get the most out of it you should look for the best home spin bike to suit your fitness level and budget.

If you are to get value for money and the best spin bike for your requirements then it’s best to consider the following.


This refers to the weighted wheel which is usually at the front end of a spin bike. The flywheel is connected to the pedals by either a chain or belt drive. The purpose is to provide some form of resistance when you are pedalling which helps to make a spin bike workout more intense, it also gives a similar feeling to riding an ordinary bike. Generally speaking the heavier the flywheel the harder the workout.

Weight Limit

The weight limit is another important factor when purchasing a spin bike. The best spin bikes are made from the best materials and generally speaking this means they have a higher weight capacity. A good spin bike will hold anything from 120 Kg upwards.

Seat & Handlebars

To many people this won’t be too important, but if you are taller or smaller than the average person then it is something to consider. The better spin bike models have adjustable seats and handlebars which can be set to the right height for a more comfortable workout. There has been a few times when I have been asked what’s the best spin bike for short people and I always reply with the same answer ”any spin bike with adjustable seat and handlebars”. Its true, if you look for the best home spin bike it will be adjustable to suit you.


Again this may or may not be of much importance depending on how much free space you have. If this is something you have to think about then always check the dimensions before purchasing an exercise bike if space is at a premium you can always opt for a fold up exercise bike. That’s best if you live in a one bedroom flat and have little space, but if you are in a bigger apartment or a house, most of the indoor cycling bikes don’t take up much room and can be discreetly stored to the side of your room.


There once was a time when spin bikes came without a LCD screen, however nowadays they come as standard. The thing to consider when buying a spin bike or exercise bike is how many functions the LCD screen monitors. For example the best spin bikes money can buy monitor everything from speed, time and distance to your heart rate and more. Knowing these things can help you set yourself targets as well as giving you a boost during your workout especially when you notice marked improvements.


Now this is probably the most important thing for most people. As with all exercise equipment you get what you pay for and with some spin bikes going into the thousands of pounds making sure you do actually get what you pay for is very important. Generally speaking the more you spend the better the spin bike but there are many spin bikes for those on a budget and we have included the best spin bike on a budget in our list of the very best spin bikes for home use.


Another important factor is how long is the warranty for. Most spin bikes have a warranty of at least one year but the more expensive models usually come with two years warranty. In addition a few spin bike companies will come and fix your spin bike in the home and if they can’t do that they will come and pick it up and deliver it again or a replacement as quickly as possible.

Benefits Of Owning A Spin Bike


The cardiovascular benefits of using a spin bike are phenomenal. Using a spin bike regularly whether at a spin class or home will help your lung capacity to increase as well as help build endurance and stamina. If your out of shape and looking to rebuild your fitness then spinning on a home spin bike is an excellent way to do this.

Recommended Reading: The Benefits of Morning Cardio

Muscle Toning

Muscle toning and spin bikes go hand in hand. A spin bike workout will focus mainly on the core muscles, however during a workout you will realise that many muscles are also worked from calves and thighs to buttocks and arms. If you are looking to build muscle from spinning simply set the tension of the bike to a higher setting and give them muscles the pain they deserve.

Burn Calories

The amount of calories burned during a spinning workout depends on the intensity of the workout you give yourself. An average workout of 45 minutes can burn roughly 600 calories. Spin bike workouts are well-known to be one of the highest calorie burning exercises you can do. If you are looking to lose weight quick you can’t go wrong with a spin bike.

Low Impact Exercise

Using a spin bike is considered to be a low impact exercise. What this means is that there is not much pressure placed on the joints that are used during exercise. When compared to rowing machines or treadmills the impact forces on the joints used are significantly lower. This means that spin bikes are perfect for older people or those with arthritis or joint problems etc. An indoor cycling bike would make the perfect gift for someone who can’t get out to exercise.

Low Injury Risk

When put up against other exercises such as jogging or cycling the risk of sustaining an injury from spinning is considerably lower. The obvious reason for this is that you are stationary and avoiding all the other hazards associated with jogging and cycling etc. On a home spin bike you are not going to get hit by a car or twist your ankle in a pothole.

Final Words

So, have you found a spin bike that fits your budget and fitness goals? Make sure you have read the full reviews and specifications. It also helps to check consumer reviews to make sure the product meets your personal preferences as well.

Take note, minor gripes are highly likely, especially if you choose more affordable products. Still, these should not detract from the quality and overall value these bikes provide for the money. We have meticulously curated this list, after all.

Good luck, and happy cycling!

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