The Ultimate Guide To A Home Gym

A Guide For Setting Up The Best Home Gym

When you’re thinking of building a home gym, you’re probably losing your mind over the
amount of money you’ll have to spend on sports equipment. However, you don’t have to dry out
your bank account to own a home gym.

Whether you plan to have a gym in your spare bedroom, your basement gym, or a garage gym,
the equipment you purchase should be well-suited to your needs and fit your budget. One of the
most significant benefits of having your own home gym is that you can improve your happiness
as well as your physical and mental health.

More and more people are turning towards convenient home gyms to attain their fitness goals.
To maintain balance in your fitness goals, you should have equipment that’ll help you balance
conditioning training, strength training, and core stabilization.

Here’s a guide that’ll show you the kind of sports equipment you should purchase for your home
gym in order to help you along the way on your journey to leading a happy, healthy and fit life.

1. KettleBells

Kettlebells are vital to have in any home gym. Even though some of the movement s done using
a kettlebell can also be done using dumbbells, some actions are unique to each piece of
equipment. They are an excellent investment that can add some variety to your home workouts.

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2. Dumbbells

There are so many different kinds of exercises that you can do with a dumbbell. Ensure you get
different sizes of weights so you can do a variety of activities using them. With just 3 or 5 sets,
your home gym will be ready to get you to your fitness goals.

3. Pull-Up Bars

Different types of gym equipment can be used to achieve other goals. The same applies to pull-
up bars. You can do many other exercises with them and not just pull-up bars. If you’re still a
little new to pull-ups, you can add resistance bands to your gym collection to help you along.

4. Jump Rope

A jump rope is a simple piece of equipment, but it works exceptionally well where cardio is
concerned. If you haven’t frequently been skipping, brace yourself because it isn’t as easy as you
think it should be. If you’re on a tight budget, you shouldn’t worry about getting a rope with
detailed functioned. A simple rope will do just fine and get you to where you need to be.

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5. A Medicine Ball

If you’re into strength training your core or plyometric exercises, then a medicine ball is an
essential piece of equipment to have. Whether you use it for abdominal exercises, simple
throwing, or carrying, a medicine ball will help you do many different sizes and help you keep

When buying a medicine ball, ensure you purchase one that’s a little soft so that it isn’t too hard
when you’re catching or throwing it. If you don’t know which weight will suit you, purchase a
lighter one since when you use it, it will likely feel a little heavier.

6. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are low-cost pieces of equipment that’ll help you fill up your home gym. If
you’re looking to build some muscle the right way, you have to slowly build up the levels of
stress onto your muscles.

You will have to incorporate a certain number of reps as well as adjust the resistance to achieve
success. The best thing about resistance bands is that they’ll help you do this easily. They are
very affordable and available and you can incorporate varying number of sets each day to get
you to your goals.

7. Power Rack and Adjustable Bench

If you’ve got the space in your home and your budget will allow for it, then you should definitely
go for the power rack and adjustable bench. Once you’ve got this piece if equipment in your
home gym, you most likely will not be missing any regular gym. This piece of equipment comes
with an adjustable bench, a power rack, and a barbell with weight plates.

With this equipment fully loaded, you’ll be able to do bicep curls, deadlifts, rows, squats,
military presses, bench presses, and much more. This is a major piece of equipment that you will
definitely love and learn not to do away with.

Conclusion On How To Set Up The Best Home Gym

Setting up your home gym can be intimidating if you have no idea what to stock first.
Remember, your home gym doesn’t have to have expensive equipment for you to get to your
goals. Even simple equipment can get the job done.


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