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best home multi gym uk

Best Home Multi Gym’s

Best Home Multi Gym UK Multi gyms are the perfect piece of home gym equipment for bulking up and improving overall strength and muscle tone....
best exercise bikes under £200

Best Exercise Bikes Under £200

Best Exercise Bikes Under £200 If £200 is your budget then no doubt you are wondering what are the best exercise bikes under £200. In...
best weighted vest

The Best Weighted Vest Reviews

The Best Weighted Vest Reviews Weighted vests have become ever-increasing in popularity over the last few years. For a simple piece of fitness equipment that...
XS sports aerobic indoor training exercise bike 

XS Sports Aerobic Indoor Training Exercise Bike Review

XS Sports have a good reputation for making affordable yet high quality exercise equipment. There range of exercise machines are some of the best...
best treadmill uk

Best Treadmill – A Buyer’s Guide

The Best Treadmill UK Buyer's Guide Treadmills or running machines have been around for a long time now and they have a reputation of being...
rowing machine reviews uk

Best Rowing Machine Reviews

Rowing Machine Reviews UK Are you struggling to decide on which rowing machine is the best to spend your hard-earned money on? Does the overwhelming...
best mini stepper

Best Mini Stepper Reviews

Best Mini Stepper Reviews  Mini steppers have been around for quite some time and their effectiveness as a good piece of home gym equipment is...
best treadmill reviews

Treadmill Reviews- All The Best Sellers

Best Treadmill Reviews UK It's the same with other exercise machines as it is with treadmills, there are literally hundreds of different models to choose...
vibration plate reviews

Vibration Plate Reviews – All The Best Selling Models Reviewed

 Vibration Plate Reviews 2017 Are you struggling to decide, which vibration plate is the best to spend your hard-earned money on? Does the overwhelming amount...
vibration plate benefits

The Proven Benefits Of Vibration Plates – Fact Not Myth

What Are The Benefits Of Vibration Plates? When vibration plates first came about there was a lot of talk as to whether they had any...
benefits of mini exercise bikes

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Effective

Are Mini Exercise Bikes Effective ? Mini exercise bikes also known as pedal exercisers or mini fitness bikes have been on the exercise scene for...
ZAAP TX-5000 Power Vibration Trainer

ZAAP TX 5000 Power Vibration Plate Trainer Review

ZAAP TX Vibration Plate Trainer Review The Zaap brand have come along at a time when a lot of vibration plates were looking very outdated....
best indoor spin bike

Spin Bike Reviews – All The Best Sellers

 Best Spin Bike Reviews UK Spin bikes, there are literally hundreds of different models out there some of them good and some not so good....
JTX cyclo 6 indoor aerobic training bike

JTX Cyclo 6 Gym Spec Aerobic Training Bike Review – Spin Bike Review

JTX are one of the most popular selling fitness brands in the UK. The JTX Cyclo 6 is one of their bestselling spin bikes...
confidence pro fitness vibration plate

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer – Review

Confidence Fitness have cornered the budget vibration plate market with their Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer. With numerous sales and four and a half...


jll ic300 indoor cycling exercise bike

JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

In this article we will be reviewing the JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike and giving you all the need to know information...
Rugby Scrum Cap Buyers Guide

Rugby Scrum Cap Buyers Guide

best rugby shoulder pads

Top 5 Best Rugby Shoulder Pads

Best Smith Machine

The Best Smith Machine Top 5


best boxing gloves for sparring

Top 8 Best Boxing Gloves For Sparring & Training – A...

What Are The Best Boxing Gloves For Training ? The worst thing about been a boxer, Muay Thai or MMA fighter is the risk of sustaining...