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Run Within Your Budget: Top 5 Treadmills Under £200 in the UK (2024)

What’s The Best Treadmill For Under £200

There are plenty of budget treadmills to choose from when buying, however, not all of them are good and hardly any of them provide great value for money. In this article we will be reviewing the top five models to bring you the best treadmill for under £200. All the models featured are among the best sellers in the UK and come with very good customer feedback.

What To Expect For £200 When Buying A Treadmill

When spending up to £200 on a treadmill the first thing to know is that you will only be purchasing a budget treadmill. Budget models tend to have a lot fewer features when compared to more expensive models and the overall build quality is good but not the best. Due to there been literally hundreds of different running machines to choose from, buying the wrong one is easy done. If you know what to look for and which brands are the best then buying the right running machine for your needs and budget will be a lot easier. The link below has all the information you need to know before buying a treadmill.

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For those that already know what they are after it’s time to take a look at the top 5 treadmills under £200. So, let’s take a look!

HomeFitnessCode Motorised Treadmill

HomeFitnessCode Walking TreadmillThe Home Fitness Code space-saving motorised treadmill boasts a simple yet highly functional design. True to its name, this treadmill is compact and weighs only 22kg, making it an ideal choice for those with limited space. Its portability allows for effortless movement.

The central control panel features four readout functions and speed adjustment via remote control. These functions display the user’s time, speed, distance, and calories burned. Powered by a smooth and ultra-quiet 2.5HP motor, you can comfortably hold a telephone conversation while using it, allowing you to multitask between work and exercise seamlessly.

With a top speed of 10 km/h, this treadmill falls on the lower end of the spectrum for budget models.

To sum up: the Home Fitness Code treadmill comes at a price well under £200 and is perfect for those seeking an affordable treadmill without compromising on quality. While it may not be the top-of-the-line option, it offers excellent value for money. Backed by a 12-month guarantee and boasting a 4.5-star rating based on 158 customer reviews, this treadmill is an excellent choice for moderate use.

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XEO HOME Folding Treadmill

XEO HOME Folding TreadmillThe XEO Home Treadmill marks a significant upgrade from our previously featured treadmill, boasting a plethora of features uncommon in budget models.

To begin with, it offers 12 exercise programs, including 3 manual options. The user-friendly LED screen displays elapsed/remaining time, speed, calories, and relevant information pertaining to the exercise program in use. With plenty of variety, these programs promise to keep users engaged for extended periods.

With a top speed of 10 km/h, this treadmill offers impressive performance considering its price point. Additional features include an iPad holder and hand grip pulse sensor. The 1.5HP AC motor ensures quiet operation, pleasing both the user and those nearby. Moreover, it features two water bottle holders and a foldable, space-saving design, offering added convenience.

To sump up: there’s little to fault with this treadmill—it delivers exactly what it promises: a high-quality yet affordable option. Boasting a solid design and sturdy construction, it’s equipped to handle frequent use. With a wide array of exercise programs, the XEO HOME Treadmill is an excellent choice for home use.

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CITYSPORTS 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill

CITYSPORTS Under Desk TreadmillsAt the time of writing, the CITYSPORTS treadmill holds the coveted title of the number 1 best-selling treadmill on Amazon UK. Backed by excellent customer reviews, this running machine is poised for success.

This treadmill boasts a respectable top speed of 6 km/h, adjustable in 1 km/h increments, with 1 km/h being the lowest setting. While the LED screen may be fairly basic, it provides all the necessary readout functions to monitor workouts and track progress, including time, speed, distance, and calories burned.

Notably, this treadmill stands out for its robust construction and sturdiness. With a maximum user weight of 120 kg, it’s designed to withstand regular use, making it suitable for medium to heavy usage.

To sum up: the CITYSPORTS treadmill ranks among the best budget treadmills available in the UK market. With outstanding reviews and a four-and-a-half-star rating on Amazon, its quality-to-price ratio far exceeds expectations. For those seeking an affordable treadmill with exceptional customer feedback, the CITYSPORTS compact motorised treadmill is a standout choice.

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Jupgod Folding Treadmill

Jupgod Folding TreadmillPriced at just £200, the Jupgod foldable running machine stands out as a top choice in its budget range. This model boasts a plethora of features and comes highly recommended for various reasons.

First and foremost, it offers a top speed of 10 km/h, placing it at the pinnacle of budget models. Powered by a robust 2.5HP motor, this treadmill operates with low noise, providing a peaceful environment while conserving energy.

The LED display, standard in budget models, is user-friendly and presents essential readouts such as time, speed, and distance. Additional features include a remote control and safety key. The safety key ensures immediate shutdown in emergencies, while the remote control allows you to set your desired speed effortlessly.

Furthermore, this model is a fold-away running machine with a maximum user weight capacity of 110 kg.

To sum up: the Jupgod Folding Treadmill offers exceptional value for money, boasting features that surpass many treadmills in its price range. With its 2-in-1 modes for walking and running, it provides ample versatility to support your fitness journey. Backed by excellent customer feedback on Amazon, it stands as one of the best buy treadmills available.

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Bigzzia Small Portable Treadmill

Bigzzia Under Desk TreadmillThe Bigzzia under-desk treadmill has garnered excellent customer feedback on Amazon and ranks among the best-selling budget models. However, to be candid, we at Fitness Fighters believe it’s somewhat overpriced for its offerings.

Starting with its design, there’s no denying the treadmill’s solid construction and sturdy build, coupled with its quiet and lightweight nature, making it appealing to many. Nevertheless, when compared to more affordable running machines, it lacks certain features. Notably, it lacks a foldable handlebar, which is crucial for seniors.

Additionally, the running deck is not the largest. On the bright side, it boasts a maximum top speed of 8 km/h and features an LED screen displaying time, speed, calories, and distance.

Another positive aspect is its sleek design, seamlessly blending into various environments. Bid farewell to sedentary office routines and embrace the health benefits of leisurely walking while you work. With a silent motor, you can enjoy a brisk run without disturbing others during late-night work or leisurely reading sessions.

To sump up: while this treadmill is undoubtedly well-built, potential buyers may find better value for their money elsewhere. With favourable reviews on Amazon, indicating decent quality, this treadmill is best suited for beginners seeking an easy-to-use option.

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Final Words

When buying a running machine it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to get a decent model. There are some very good ones at affordable prices like the ones featured in our top 5 list.

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Hopefully this guide on the best cheap treadmills will save you time and money when buying your next treadmill.

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