Do Ab Toning Belts Really Work?

Do Ab Toning Belts Work?

Abs have become a popular fitness goal in recent times for many fitness enthusiasts, as they work to improve their bodies. This is a particularly common goal in the lead up to summer, with people desperate to get that summer bod! As this is such a popular goal, a number of machines and fitness accessories have been created in an attempt to make this goal easier to achieve for the average person. Some work and some don’t! Ab toning belts are one such fitness accessory. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the effectiveness and validity of ab toning belts. Do they really work? Are they worth the cost? Do they provide results? In this article, we are going to try and answer of these questions for you.

Do Ab Toning Belts Really Work?

Speculation over this fitness equipment is rife with many saying it is too good to be true. Whilst research on these pieces of equipment are rare and studies continue to be small and rather inconclusive. One study has shown that the use of an ab toning belt did significantly improve the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles of participants with use over the course of an eight-week period. These participants claimed to feel more ‘toned’ after the conclusion of the eight-week period as well. It should, however, also be noted that this study also indicated that whilst strength and endurance of abdominal muscles were improved, the ab toning belt did not significantly impact weight loss or the size of the participant as they were found to have the same body fat percentage as when they began the eight week study.

This leaves us with a tricky answer when it come to the question of do they really work as the studies are small and somewhat inconclusive in results. So, whilst they do seem to be effective in studies, it is very much dependant on what the participants goals are as to whether they would work. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get a slimmer waist, this is definitely not going to work for you. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to build endurance and strengthen your abdominal muscles; to improve posture, increase functionality and help to carry out everyday tasks but to struggle to get the gym on a regular basis, then this belt is a purchase you should definitely consider.

How Do Ab Toning Belts Work?

The question that many will be asking is, how do they work? How is it possible to increase and build muscle without doing any exercise? The science behind this piece of equipment is new and impressive, the fact that the technology is so new is part of the reason that there are so few studies conducted. These ab toning belts have small electrodes built into the belt which, when placed on your skin, provide small electric shocks and stimulate your abdominal muscles. This small shock provided by the belt makes the muscles contract, giving the participant the effect of doing a sit up or crunches, without actually doing them. Pretty impressive! It is recommended that your wear the belt for ten minutes or longer every day for a long period for time in order to see results in the strength and endurance of your abdominal muscles.

Are They Worth the Cost?

In today’s market, you can expect to see these toning belts being sold at around £30 to £100, this cost however does vary with some being sold at a much higher cost. As expected, the more expensive varieties are considered to be of a higher quality and will be more effective, but if you’re on a budget, the cheaper option will also provide results.

When deciding whether they are worth the cost, you have to consider if you are going to be able to use the belt consistently for an extended period of time and also whether the belt will be effective towards your goals. Similarly, if you are looking for instant, impressive results, this is not the equipment for you, this requires consistent work for a long period of time and therefore, this will not be worth the cost for you. However, if you are looking to steadily build muscle, without having to go to the gym every day, then this will be worth the cost. But remember, you get what you pay for, the cheaper options will not be as effective as the expensive ones.

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Do They Provide Results?

Ab toning belts have mixed reviews when it comes to whether people agree with if they provide results or not. For those who are looking for a slimmer waist or weight loss, they may be disappointed with the results provided from the ab toning belt as it does not aid with weight loss and instead focus’ on building up muscle. Therefore, those looking to build up their abdominal muscles and increase their muscular endurance are much more likely to have a favourable view on the results.

There are certain types of people who will not achieve any results through this method as the equipment will not work for them. These people include, those with too much abdominal fat therefore the electrodes are unable to stimulate the muscles, therefore those people may be required to loss some abdominal fat before they will be able to see results from the belt. This can only be done by diet and exercise. Similarly, those who already have strong abdominal muscles may not see any results as the electrodes are not strong enough to increase an already high volume of muscle.

For those who struggle to gain abdominal muscles but need to gain muscle for either health reasons, posture or daily tasks, this belt will provide results, allowing a build up in muscle. This will also provide results for those who cannot get to the gym on a regular basis but would like to increase abdominal muscles, then this belt would provide you the result that you would like.

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