Aqua Punch Bag Review

Best Aqua Punching Bag Review

Although they have been around for a while now aqua punching bags or water punch bags as they are also known, are still the latest piece of boxing training equipment to hit the market. Since their introduction a few years ago new brands and models have come along, not all of them have stood the test of time. One brand that has managed to build a reputation for making the best water punching bags is the Aqua Training Bag brand. Over time they have tweaked their design and made it better than the original. In our aqua punching bag review we will be taking a closer look at this the Headhunter model to see why this is one of the bestsellers in the UK.

Product Image Brand/Model Size Weight Rating
Aqua Headhunter 12 inch Training Bag Aqua Headhunter 12 inch 35 lbs
Aqua Headhunter 15 inch Training Bag Aqua Energy 15 inch 70 lbs
Aqua Headhunter 18 inch Training Bag Aqua 18" Training Bag 18 inch 120 lbs
Aqua Headhunter 21 inch Training Bag A21" Training Bag 21 inch 190 lbs
Aqua Bag Bruiser Bag 150lbs Aqua Bruiser Bag (H) 40" x (W) 12" X (D) 10" 150 lbs

What The Manufacturer Has To Say

The 12″ headhunter slip ball punching bag hybrid is our largest Head Hunter weighing in at 35lbs. when filled with water. Compare this Aqua Training Bag to a mix between a punching bag and a slip ball. One that can go just about anywhere. This bag is perfect for working your head movements and sparring too. You’ll be surprised at the different types of training you’ll be able to smash upon this water-filled hybrid boxing bag.

Aqua Training Bags

What Is An Aqua Punching Bag?

Essentially an aqua punch bag is a punch bag that is filled with water instead of a bag filling material such as sand or foam. The water also absorbs the impact of your punches, reducing the risk of injury. This does create a different sensation when hitting the bag more of which we will go into in our next section. Additionally, using an aqua punch bag can help improve your balance, coordination, and overall fitness level.

How heavy is a punch bag filled with water?

The weight of an aqua punch bag filled with water can vary depending on the size and model of the bag. However, most aqua punch bags can hold between 75 and 200 pounds of water, which can make them significantly heavier than traditional punch bags filled with sand or other materials.

Benefits Of The Best Water Punching Bags

When compared against other punch bags water heavy bags have a good number of unique benefits associated with them. The following benefits are good reasons why it is worth investing in an Aqua punching bag.

Safer – one of the main benefits of using an Aqua training bag is that they are far less likely to cause an injury. Due to it been full of water and the flexibility of the bag material there is less chance of sustaining a hand, wrist or knuckle injury.

Feels More Realistic – When people say an Aqua training bag feels more realistic than an ordinary foam or sand filled punch bag, what they mean is that punching an Aqua bag feels more like punching parts of the human body. If you have use both types of punch bags you will probably agree that a water heavy bag does feel more realistic.

Versatile Training Tool – an Aqua training bag is a versatile punch bag and incorporates many of the benefits of other types of punching bags. For example they are perfect for practising upper cuts or for working angles. Usually people buy an uppercut bag for practising these moves but with an Aqua punch bag there is no need.

Takes Up Little Space – if space is at a premium then a water punching bag is a great alternative to a heavy bag or free standing heavy bag. Due to the fact that this type of punch bag has less swing than other punch bags it doesn’t require much room. In addition it can also be emptied and refilled pretty quick. When empty it hardly takes up any room unlike with a heavy punch bag.

Aqua Training Bag Review

Aqua Headhunter 12inch Training BagThe Aqua training bag comes in a range of different sizes. These are 12, 15, 18 and 21 inches. The 12″ model also known as the Headhunter is one of the most popular water punch bags on the market. With some excellent customer feedback and five stars on Amazon previous buyers seem to be more than happy with their purchase.

The Headhunter weighs in at 35 lbs when filled with water. If you are looking for something a little heavier than the 15″ model weighs at 70 lbs when filled and the 18″ weighs 120 lbs and finally the 21″ is a hefty 190 lbs.

One good feature about Aqua training bags is the unique teardrop shape which allows you to deliver powerful combinations including deep uppercuts. In addition similar to a speedball they are also good for practising head movement.

In our opinion the best thing about an Aqua training bag is the fact that they can be easily emptied and put away when not in use. Another positive is how they tend to cause less injuries than heavy punch bags or stand alone punching bags. Water is far better at absorbing the force of a punch than any of the above mentioned punch bags, this also makes them good for those getting back into training after coming back from an injury.

An aqua training bag also has the versatility of being able to be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike with many punching bags the Aqua punching bag is made from a UV resistant material. In addition it is very durable and all models are backed with a 2 year warranty.

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Final Words

There is no denying that the Aqua Punching Bag is still the best water punch bag on the market. In terms of competition there isn’t a brand that has come close to developing a water punch bag as good as the Aqua brands. If you are looking to add a bit of versatility to your boxing regime then i would highly recommend an Aqua punch bag.


Is the aqua bag better than a punch bag?

Aqua punch bags have some advantages over traditional punch bags. They are easier on your joints and provide a more realistic feel when hitting them. However, traditional punch bags are more durable and can handle heavier punches. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Are aqua training bags worth it?

Aqua training bags can be a great addition to your workout routine. They provide a unique resistance and can help improve your punching technique. However, they can be more expensive than traditional punch bags and may not be suitable for all types of workouts. It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and fitness goals.

Can you kick an aqua bag?

Yes, you can kick an aqua punch bag! In fact, many people prefer using aqua bags for their martial arts training because they provide a more realistic feel and are easier on the joints than traditional heavy bags. Just make sure to use proper technique and wear appropriate footwear.

How heavy should my aqua bag be?

The weight of your aqua punch bag will depend on your skill level and fitness goals. Beginners should start with a lighter bag, around 70-100 pounds, while more advanced users can go up to 150 pounds or more. It’s important to choose a weight that challenges you without causing injury.

Is a water punch bag better than sand?

While both water and sand punch bags have their advantages, many people prefer water bags because they are easier on the joints and provide a more realistic feel when punching. Water bags also tend to be more durable and less messy than sandbags. However, sand bags are typically less expensive and can provide a more challenging workout due to their weight and density. Ultimately, the choice between a water or sand punch bag comes down to personal preference and fitness goals.

Can you punch an aqua bag without gloves?

While it is possible to punch an aqua bag without gloves, it is not recommended. The water inside the bag can cause your knuckles to become raw and sore, and the bag itself can be quite heavy and hard on your hands. It is best to wear gloves or hand wraps to protect your hands while using an aqua punch bag.

Do you have to change the water in a punch bag?

Yes, you should change the water in your aqua punch bag every 2-3 months to prevent bacteria growth and ensure the bag stays clean and fresh. It’s also recommended to add a small amount of bleach or vinegar to the water to help disinfect and deodorize the bag.

Are aqua bags durable?

Yes, aqua punch bags are known for their durability. They are made with a tough vinyl shell and filled with water, which provides a more realistic feel when punching. Additionally, the water inside the bag helps absorb the impact of punches, reducing stress on joints and making the bag less likely to tear or break.

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