What’s The Best Weight Bench For A Home Gym

What’s The Best Weight Bench For Home Use

When buying the best home weight bench there are a few things to take into consideration.

First of all….What type of weight bench do you want?

There are a few variations of the weight bench and each has its own pros and cons.

Generally speaking there are four different types of weight bench these are the basic flat weight bench (can be bought with incline) weight bench with leg attachments, barbell and rack then finally the home multi gym which has a weight bench with multi attachments for numerous workout options.

In addition to the type of weight bench,

What do you expect to get from your weight bench?…is another important purchasing consideration.

Before buying a weight bench it is useful to think about the type of workout you want. For example, if you are looking to become a full blown muscle-head then a multi gym would be the best buy, due to been able to work a wider selection of the bodies muscles. If its just something for keeping in shape then a weight bench with a rack and barbell would be ideal.

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Before we get into our more detailed reviews of the best weight benches here is a table of our top benches for each different type of weight bench.

Best Home Weight Bench – Top Products

Type Of Weight BenchProduct Info
Hardcastle Flat Weight Bench
Hardcastle Flat Weight Bench
Basic flat benchMax Load: 250kg

Max User Weight: 130kg

L: 111cm x W: 59cm x H: 40cm
York Fitness Bench
best weight bench for home gym
Basic bench with Incline5 adjustable back rest positions

L:115 x W:55 x H:45 cm
Gorilla Sports Barbell Rack
Gorilla Sports Barbell Rack
Weight bench with rack & barbellHeight-adjustable barbell rack

Maximum load of 200Kg

L:125 x W:54 x H:133 cm
DTX Fitness All-in-One
DTX Fitness All-in-One best weight bench
Weight bench with leg attachments + moreMax user weight of 110 Kg

Maxi height of barbell rack: 99cm

L:118cm, W:60cm H:124cm

V-fit Herculean Home Gym
V-fit Herculean Home Gym
Home multi-gymMax user weight 125kg

L:220cm x W:86.5cm x H:194cm

Double-up cabling system provides up to 64kg resistance

Hardcastle Flat Weight Lifting/Press Bench

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Features Hardcastle Flat Weight Lifting

  • Hardcastle Semi-Pro Flat Weight Bench
  • Extra Strength Heavy Duty Equipment – Easily Assembled
  • Steel Frame – White Powder Coat Finish – Thick Padded Bench for Comfortable Training
  • Max Load: 250kg – Max User Weight: 130kg
  • L: 111cm x W: 59cm x H: 40cm

Been a basic flat weight bench there isn’t too much to say about the Hardcastle flat bench. The main thing and most important thing is that it is very sturdy and can take a maximum load of 250Kg. This model does require some assembly, but it’s straightforward and only takes 5 minutes to assemble.

Although most flat benches are pretty similar, the reason this is the best is due to the stability and the padding. This bench has thick padding and a bench width of 59cm which makes your workout a lot more comfortable, its really annoying when you can feel the bench digging into parts of your back and shoulders.

Overall this is a good weight bench and comes in at a price that is hard to beat. If it’s the best workout bench for home your’e after look no further. However, do remember that with this type of bench you are limited to the exercises that you can do, there is the option to buy a rack seperately though at some point if needed.

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York Fitness 5 Seat Position Bench – Basic Bench

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best weight bench for home gymFeatures

  • 5 adjustable back rest positions
  • Thick cushioned padding for extra support
  • Underneath storage for 3 pairs of York Fitness vinyl dumbbells
  • Perfect for dumbbell work and bodyweight exercises

This weight bench has hundreds of reviews on Amazon and they all pretty much say the same thing, that this is up there with a few others as the best adjustable bench for home gym use. This is a sturdy well-built bench and comes with 5 adjustable positions (flat to upright). The padding is extra thick and is as comfortable as they come.

A notable feature about this bench is how quick and easy it is to adjust the seat and back rest. In addition the dumbbell storage underneath is a nice added touch.

Overall this is a very affordable and sturdy piece of home gym equipment that will last for a good few years. Made by a brand that can be trusted to produce the best workout bench for home use and receiving amazing Amazon reviews, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Gorilla Sports Weight Bench/Adjustable Barbell Rack

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Gorilla Sports Weight BenchFeatures

  • Padded bench can be folded down for sit-ups
  • Height-adjustable barbell rack
  • Simple to fold for easy storage
  • Maximum height of barbell rack: 99cm
  • Maximum load of 200Kg




foldable Gorilla Sports Weight BenchThe Gorilla Sports weight bench with adjustable barbell rack is a highly desirable model. From taking a look at the picture above it is easy to see just how sturdy and well-built this workout bench is.

In addition to its durability there is the added feature of it been a folding weight bench which makes it perfect for home use, especially if space is at a premium.

There a maximum load of 200Kg which is more than enough for the majority of people. The adjustable feature is easy to use and it only takes a matter of seconds to lower or raise the barbell.

Is this the best adjustable bench for home gym ?

If it’s the best home weight bench with just a rack that you need, then this is undoubtedly one of the better ones. Sturdy and built to last this is a good piece of home gym equipment for both beginner’s and veteran muscle heads.

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Recommended Weight Benches With Rack

Sportstech Innovative 21in1 weight bench with weight plate stand

DTX Fitness All-in-One

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DTX Fitness All-in-OneFeatures

  • All in one weight bench
  • Suitable for bench press, butterfly, leg raise & preacher curl
  • Max user weight of 110 Kg
  • Upgraded thick bench padding
  • Length L:118cm, W:60cm H:124cm with butterfly attachments, H 94cm

The DTX Fitness all in one weight bench has plenty to offer for those looking for the best weight bench for home use.

First of all there is an integrated rack for barbell work, then we have the leg press, butterflies and finally preacher curls. As you can see there is enough to give yourself a decent workout. In addition the variety of options makes it less likely that a person will quit working out, which happens mainly due to boredom from repeating the same routine.

With a maximum barbell weight of 100Kg this is an ideal beginner weight bench. The only bad thing to say about this workout bench is that there is no decline.

To summarize this is a very sturdy and highly versatile weight bench and comes in at a price of under £70 :). If it’s the best weight bench for home gym on a budget that you’re looking for then this is probably it.

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More Recommended Weight Benches With Leg Attachments

JX FITNESS Adjustable Weight Bench


V-fit Herculean Home Gym

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V-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home Gym

  • Strong tubular steel lay-flat frame with chip resistant Sandtex grey coating
  • Double-up cabling system provides up to 64kg resistance
  • Bench Press, Chest Press, Lat Pulldown (front and back), Pec Dec, Leg Extension, Back Leg Curls, Upright Rows, Crunches / Sit-ups exercise functions
  • Assembled dimensions L 220cm x W 86.5cm x H 194cm x Wt 84.3kg
  • Maximum user weight 125kg / 275lbs / 19.6 stones


Not so much a weight bench but more of a home gym, the V-Fit Herculean has it all and then some.

If it’s a wide range of workout options that your after then take your pick, built into the V-Fit Herculean is a bench press, chest press, lat pulldown (front and back) Pec dec, leg extension, back leg curls, upright rows, crunches plus the option to do sit-up exercises. With this many workout options there really is no need to join a gym.

The design of the weight bench/home gym is very sturdy. Been made from tubular steel pretty much guarantees the longevity of this piece of equipment.

Customer feedback on Amazon states that this product provides great value for money. This is mainly due to the fact that it costs as much as what many people describe as the best weight bench. Bear in mind the best weight bench is just that, a weight bench, whereas the V-Fit Herculean is a fully functioning home gym with all the attachments needed.

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Choosing The Best Workout Bench For Home


In this video there are many hints and tips for choosing a weight bench. in addition most of the things that you should consider before buying are also mentioned.

Final Words On The Best Bench For Home Gym

When choosing the best home weight bench for home there are many factors to consider before buying. In our top weight bench list we have included the best products available to buy, at the same time as taking into consideration all the important purchasing factors to bring you the most suitable ones for home use.


Is a Flat or Incline Bench Better for a Home Gym?

Both flat and incline benches have their benefits, so it really depends on your fitness goals. Flat benches are great for building overall chest strength, while incline benches target the upper chest muscles. If you have limited space or a budget, an adjustable weight bench may be a better choice as it can be used for a wider variety of exercises.

What Size Weight Bench Should I Get?

The size of the weight bench you should get depends on your body size and the exercises you plan to do. A standard weight bench is around 120 centimeters long (4ft) and 45 centimeters wide (1.5ft), which means the average footprint for a weight bench is about 0.54 square meters (6 square feet). You may want to consider a longer or wider bench if you are taller or plan to do exercises that require more space. It’s also important to consider the weight capacity of the bench to ensure it can support the amount of weight you plan to lift.

Are Weight Benches Worth It?

Weight benches can be a great investment for anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness. They provide a stable and adjustable platform for a variety of exercises, including bench presses, squats, and curls. Additionally, having a weight bench at home can save you time and money by eliminating the need for a gym membership or a personal trainer.

How Long Do Weight Benches Last?

The lifespan of a weight bench depends on several factors, including the quality of the materials used, the frequency of use, and the weight capacity. A well-made weight bench can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Will a Weight Bench Build Muscle?

Yes, weight benches can be a useful tool for building muscle. By providing a stable surface for weightlifting exercises, weight benches allow you to target specific muscle groups and increase the resistance of your workouts. However, it’s important to use proper form and gradually increase the weight to avoid injury and maximise muscle growth.

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