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A Suspension Gym; What Is It?

Bodyweight Suspension TrainingYou may not have hear of fitness suspension training before but it is basically bodyweight fitness resistance training. And bodyweight fitness resistance training has been around for years. Just ask martial artists soldiers and acrobats. They have all been finding ways to train with belts straps and ropes for generations. Why? Because its an easy way to get fit and strong, requiring not much equipemnt.

A suspension gym is a fitness strap training suspension system. So you attach straps- ususally not stretchy – to a fixed point. Then you hold onto the straps and use your bodyweight as resistance in order to improve muscle strength and stamina. Its easy. You can set it up as a home gym suspension trainer or use it anywhere because it is portable. Just put together a workout routine and with your own body weight you will get fit fast!

What’s Good About Suspension Gyms?

Suspension Gyms Are For Everyone

A suspension gym can be used by anybody, anywhere. It doesnt matter if you are starting out in the exercise world or are an experienced fitness freak or even an athlete. Bodywork fitness resistance training is something every one can do.

Best Suspension Training GymThe execises you do with a home suspension gym can be adapted to the level of experience. They can be made hard for professionals and less challenging for beginners. What is really awesome is the people recovering from surgery or other hospital experiences can use the equipment without risk of injury and slowly build up their strength as they work towards a recovery.

All you have to do to change the difficulty is move your hands or feet into a different position. This will change the body angle and therefore the amount or resistance up or down. Even simple changes like narrowing or widening your stance will change the effect of an exercise and give you an increased muscle burn or engage your core muscles. It depends what you need

These simple alteration to a bodyweight fitnes resistnance training programme by changing body position means that workout routines can be adapted to suit you and your level of fitness. Over time as you get fitter and stronger you can make it more difficult and gain that muscle strength and general conditioning you are after.

Bodyweight Suspension Training; You Can Use It Anywhere

Bodyweight Suspension TrainingYou can take your suspension gym to the park and set it up there. Or to the beach. Or into the woods, forest or bush. Fix the straps to a tree and do your workout in the open air. All by yourself and undisturbed by nosy onlookers.
The suspension gym is compact and lightweight so you can pack it up into a little backpack and take it to any place you want to. Take it when you visit your girlfriend and get up and do a session in the morning. There are hundreds of exercises to do but, inside or outside makes no difference. Except to you. Your convenience, your desire.
The Fitness Suspension Trainer is quick to set up. Its so easy to use, all you need is a fixed anchor point. What sort of anchor point will do it? Any point that is above your head an is stable or secure. This could be a tree, playground equipment, a football crossbar, the side of a building. Anything which is strong enough to support your bodyweight will do the job.
Sometimes with my standard gym routines I have been unable to do a workout if Im travelling or on holiday, but the portable home gym suspension trainer means that I can keep my fitness routine going whether I am flying around the world or staying with relatives. It great because its versatile like a skipping rope but you can do so much moe with it.

Bodyweight Suspension Training Is Great For Metabolic Training

This sort of training involces exercising for only a short period of time but doing it really hard. This raises your metabolic rate so that you burn loads of calories. Not just while you are doing the exercise but even better, after you have stopped the process continues. This gives another benefit, that of losing weight as well as building up your strength. It might even be more effective than swimming or jogging. Although I love running so it actually works well with running as an all round fitness programme.

Suspension training is really good because its easy to move between the different exercises that you have in your training regime. You get fluid transition because you don’t have to go to another machine and set it up to suit yourself. You only have to change your body position and you are activating a whole bunch of alternative muscles straight away. So you can move instantly from an easy workout to a tough workout, or vice-versa and get the maximum benefit for your time exercising.

Bodyweight Suspension Training Really Works Your Core

Your core muscles are an important bunch of muscles in your pelvis. They help to stabilise that whole area. The core stability muscles became a thing about twenty years ago and now they are recognised as important muscles to develop. They give you the strength to lift and move things without the risk of injury to your low back or pelvis and sacrum, or the external muscles in the area. They are great for movement and function.

With a home suspension gym trainer you are forced to engage those core muscles if you want to maintain technique and even do some of the exercises. So its win/ win for your core and your core stablity! This will aid in the development of a strong and stable body. How good is that?

Best Of All, Bodyweight Suspension Training Is Great Fun

Bodyweight Suspension TrainingYou always get the most out of your training when you have fun and enjoy doing it. I love running and I love my suspension gym training too. I do a bodyweight suspension training session one day and go for a run the next. But you can do it differently. Do it how you want. Keep it interesting and fun and you will get the most out of it.
Because there are so many different exercises you can change them up and make the bodyweight fitness resistance training intersting and different every time you do it, all the while building a range of muscles all through your body. And as we have said,every exercise can be adapted to your level of fitness, from beginner to experienced. Or if you had a bad night sleep and feel a it tired, you can still exercise but make it a bit easier by changing your body position. So with a fitness suspension trainer you are never going to get bored, its always going to be fun. And when its different every time and fun every time, and you can do it wherever you are, you will stick with it.
And you will see the difference in the mirror.

Conclusion; Bodyweight Suspension Training

Bodyweight fitness resistance training is becoming more and more popular because of all the benefits. You develop lots of muscles, its fun, the equipment is portable and you can train anywhere. The ropes, straps and belts allow for a massive variety of complex muscle and multi-planar exercise activities.

If you stick to it you will develop functional strength flexibility, core strength and joint stability. With a home gym suspenions trainer you will get the best workout you can for your money.

Check this out for all you need to set yourself up with a home suspension gym. You can find all you need here.

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