How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer – A Fighters Guide

How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer

We have all seen professional boxers jump rope effortlessly with style and grace, and for any aspiring fighter learning how to jump rope like a boxer is a must.

To most watching them it seems as though they have some sort of special talent as they perform crossover’s with the rope flawlessly or single foot hops without even trying.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, all boxers have to practice and practice again to master the correct jump rope technique.

But why do they skip like little girls….lol

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Before we continue I recommend that you watch Floyd Mayweather showing off his jump rope skills. If you watch it all you will see how he uses boxing movement/footwork in his routine.

Why Do Boxers Jump Rope ?

There are numerous reasons why boxers jump rope.

In addition to been a really good cardio exercise and a very efficient way of burning calories, using an exercise rope can also improve many attributes that are associated with becoming a good boxer.

What Are They ?….

Using a jump rope increases stamina and overall fitness when used for a full cardio workout which is essential for going 12 rounds in the ring. In addition to raising fitness levels it hits almost every muscle in the body in one way or another. The main target is the calves but your quadriceps, bicep’s, glutes, triceps, forearms, abdominals and many more are also put through there paces.

Footwork is another reason boxers skip, if you watched the video link you will see how Mayweather employs boxing footwork in his jump rope exhibition.

If you are still unsure of the benefits of using a jump rope below is a quick list of some more associated benefits for a boxer.

Benefits Of Using A Jump Rope
  • A great cardiovascular exercise
  • Good for warming up
  • increases stamina
  • Improves hand eye co-ordination
  • Good for weight loss burning up to 10 calories per minute
  • Improves balance

Learn How To Jump Rope The Basics

The first and most important thing to know about jumping rope is that its all about timing. The second most important thing is that its all about the

timing…….Timing is crucial to jump rope exercises, without it you are going to end up a tangled mess of man and rope.

When using a jump rope for the first time remember to only do small jumps at first and always jump when you hear the rope hit the ground !

If you don’t know how to jump a rope here is a basic four step guide to performing the most basic of jump rope exercises.

4 Step Process To A Two Foot Jump

how to jump rope like a boxer


1) First off hold the rope handles with your wrists facing upwards and with the rope behind you.

2) Flick your wrists and begin to rotate your forearms to begin the ropes momentum.

3) As the rope comes over your head wait until you hear it hit the ground and then do a small jump.

4) Try to keep the momentum going with your forearms and wrists and repeat to perform a second jump.

If you are struggling to get to grips with this technique then if you don’t want to accept the fact that from been really bad at jumping rope

Jump Rope Techniques

You may or may not be aware….but there are numerous jump rope techniques that can be used for enhancing your footwork, balance and overall agility.

Below I have compiled 4 jump rope techniques and how to do them taking us to 5 which enough to get you going in your jump rope routine.

1) Switching Foot Jump

The switch jump is considered to be a basic jump and in boxing training its fairly common. To perform this technique both of your feet alternately leave the ground similar to jogging on the spot. As you are doing this its also possible to get a more intense workout from this technique by raising your knees higher or speeding the pace up.

2) Side to Side

Using the same starting position as the two foot basic jump, continue the jump as usual. as you begin to jump, do so in a side to side movement. Gradually you can increase the distance you jump for a more intense workout.

3) Front to Back

Starting off in the Two Feet Basic Jump position, begin performing the same jump as normal. You then jump forwards and backwards continuously and like the Side to Side jumps, start off short then progress onto longer jumps.

4) Single Foot Hops

This technique requires you to hop over the jump rope with either foot continuously, then switch to your other foot. Performing 2 or 3 hops with one foot before switching over is generally common among boxers.

Are you still struggling to jump rope ?

If so this quick video should help with been able to actually see the technique employed in doing a basic jump.

Tips On Learning How To Jump Rope Like A Boxer

By now you should know the basic technique needed to skip like a professional boxer.

|As with all things practice makes perfect if you are in a rush to learn how to skip then here are our top tips to shorten the learning process.

1) Jump on The Balls of Your feet

Never….. let your heels touch the ground when using a jump rope, you should always land on the balls of your feet.

Aside from the fact that no boxer stays in a flat footed position landing on the balls of your feet engages the calf muscles and giving them a good workout.

2) Always Use The Right Length Jump Rope

To make sure you have the correct length jump rope follow this process. First of all put one of your feet in the middle of the jump rope and lift the handles as high as they go. For the correct length the handles should reach your armpits.

3) Use The Small Bounce/Low Jump

A big mistake many beginners make when learning to jump rope is that they jump too high….way too high.

Aside from looking like an idiot, this technique or lack of it only uses more energy. When fully skilled in jumping rope your feet should be no more than half an inch off the floor at their highest.

When this technique is fully mastered your skipping speed will increase dramatically.

4) Don’t Double Bounce/Jump

Another common mistake made by beginners is that they tend to jump twice for every single rope rotation.

No doubt you have seen this girly looking excuse for a jump performed by someone. First they do one bid jump to ensure they clear the rope and then one smaller jump as a delay for the next time the rope comes round.

If you use this method yourself and continue to do so you are only delaying yourself from learning the correct technique……timing is everything.

5) Keep Your rhythm

Trying to keep the same rhythm is the best way to perfect your jump rope technique.

With keeping the same rhythm the repetition helps with your muscle memory and learning how to place your feet correctly.

Overtime your pace and speed of your rhythm will increase if you stick at it.

6) Use The Correct Wrist Action

The saying ”its all in the wrist” goes hand in hand (pun intended) with correct jump rope technique.

When done correctly you should only be using your wrist action to get the rope over your head. If you are waving your arms all over the lace then this is probably why some of you can’t jump rope correctly.

remember to keep your hands just above waist height with your arms bent and held out roughly 12 inches from your sides.

Final Thoughts

As simple as it may look, learning how to jump rope like a boxer is actually quite hard to do. if you do wish to add this exercise to your arsenal of training routines then practice and timing are the two main things that you should focus on. For more in depth boxing guides head to our homepage or equipment section to find out all you need to know about boxing and boxing equipment.


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