Top 10 Best MMA Fight Shorts – A Fighters Guide

Top 10 Best MMA Fight Shorts

When choosing the best MMA training shorts or the best MMA fight shorts there are a few requirements that need to be met for them to be up to standard and fully functional. From Flexi panels and grip panels to split seams and a drawstring closure these are the main qualities that dood MMA shorts should have. In our top 10 list all the shorts featured are highly durable, fully functional and good if not great value for money.

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Valour Strike MMA Fight ShortsKey Features

Advanced technological design ensures perfection for the most flexible of athletes. Crafted from top quality polyester fabric, selected for its bacterial resistance and hygiene efficiency. Making it the premier choice.

Inner thigh and groin area multi directional flex panel. Split seams enhancing freedom and flexibility.

Expertly placed triple stitching in areas that are proven to come under high stress levels during combat.

Our View.

Although these are not considered a proper MMA brand there is no denying that they provide great value for money. Featuring many of the qualities of far more expensive MMA shorts but at a fraction of the cost Valour Strike are onto a winner with these. Reviews are more or less repeating the same thing, saying how durable and comfortable they are and we have to agree. This pair of MMA shorts are the ideal beginner pair been fairly cheap and at the same time very functional. Split seams and flexi panels are built into these shorts and they also include anti bacterial and odour properties making them on par with other MMA fight shorts in their design.

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TurnerMAX MMA ShortsKey Features

TurnerMAX MMA Shorts especially designed for contact sports

Boxing shorts have an elasticated waist with innovative tie strings for a snug fit

Poly mix material for MMA shorts gives a comfortable workout and Smooth fight

Generously cut MMA Shorts to keep you moving freely


Our View

These shorts from TurnerMax look the part and are also some of the cheapest MMA shorts in our top 10. They feature split seams but no flexi panels. The closure is velcro with a drawstring making them very secure around the waist. Overall these are a beginners pair of MMA fight shorts but they are very durable and for the price you really can’t complain.

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SPRAWL MMA Fusion 3 Series Fight ShortsKey Features

Sweat and blood repellent

Advanced lightweight 4-way stretch fabric

Quality MMA SHORTS – Long Life

Fusion of the most advanced features, fabrics and technology



SPRAWL MMA Shorts Variety Colors

Our View

This MMA brand has been around for a long time so they know how to make quality fight shorts. These Sprawl shorts feature a non-slip waistband, split seams, flexi panels, 4 way stretch fabric and finally they incorporate fabric technology that makes them sweat and blood repellent. All in all these are a very good pair of fight shorts, maybe a bit plain looking for some but they are very durable and functional.

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SMMASH Samurai Shorts MMA MensKey Features


Easy-catch system

Velcro strip

Flexi panels in the crotch area

Triple reinforced stitching


SMAASH SAMURAI MMA Shorts Blue Red Colors

Our View

These are some of the most stylish MMA fight shorts on the market and again are also very reasonably priced. Some of the features that these shorts have make them highly desirable, from the easy catch system which makes it possible to fasten and unfasten them with your gloves on to the triple reinforced stitching which guarantees a very durable pair of fight shorts. In our opinion these are great value for money having many of the features that much more expensive MMA shorts do.

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RDX MMA Training Shorts

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RDX MMA Training Shorts

Key Features

Strong Grip Waistband for an Accurate Fit

Ergonomically-designed with athletic cuts for free mobility

Quality fabric with anti-microbial and odor-preventing properties

Exclusive T3 stitching for higher strength and improved resilience

Made with supreme durability, functionality and complete breathability

RDX MMA Training Shorts Multiple Colors Option

Our View

If you know about the RDX brand, then you know that they make affordable, high quality fight gear and their MMA shorts are no different. The current range of RDX MMA shorts has all the features expected of true MMA fight shorts and comes in a variety of styles and colour options. Grab yourself a bargain and get these while you can because as RDX is quickly gaining a name for itself in the fight equipment arena they will probably cost a lot more in the future.

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PRIDE OR DIE MMA Urban Camo ShortsKey Features

100% Microfiber Polyester

Fully sublimated patterns

Lycra band on the crotch (95% Polyester – 5% Spandex)

Inner waistband Including the SGS (Soft Grip System)


PRIDE OR DIE MMA Shorts Red Green Colors

Our View

I have always been a fan of the style of Pride Or Die MMA gear so my view might be a little biased here lol. Truth be told these are not considered to be the best MMA shorts by a lot of people, however they are very durable and will last for ages. In addition to their durability they have all the feature that MMA shorts should have, so i can’t see why this brand isn’t a lot more popular than they are. One good thing about this, is that you can be sure you wont turn up to the gym in shorts that someone else has. Overall these shorts do the job and are reasonably priced, again you cant go wrong with these.

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Venum Men MMA Training ShortKey Features

100% lightweight and durable premium polyester.

New Speed Grip closing for an easier and speeder adjustment of your shorts.

Design fully sublimated into the fiber for an extended durability.

Flex-system on the crotch : increased mobility.

Reinforced seams for an enhanced lifetime.


Venum Men MMA Short Yellow Color

Our View

When choosing MMA shorts aside from been made from durable materials and having all the necessary features, looking the part is also another must. With the Venum range you are guaranteed high quality shorts that look the real deal. These Venum technical training shorts have a 3 way closure system that keeps them firmly in their place. Also featuring split seams, flexi panels and reinforced seams. All in all these are a tough pair of fight shorts that will withstand tugging and pulling no problem and last for a good while, making them some of the best MMA training shorts.

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HAYABUSU METARU MMA shortsKey Features

Reinforced T3 Stitching for Ultimate Strength and Durability.

Made With Stretch Fabric and Split Side Seams for Unrestricted Range of Motion.

Exclusive Inner Grip Waistband System to Ensure Your Shorts Stay Securely in Place.

Innovative Tie System With Indestructible Webbing for a Distinct, Customised Fit.


HAYABUSU METARU MMA shorts red black

Our View

Hayabusu make some of the best MMA gear available and their MMA shorts are no different. The material used is very thick and highly durable, in addition to having a little stretch in it. One of the outstanding features of these shorts are the guardlock inner grip waistband which ensures a secure fit and makes these shorts very comfortable to wear. If you have heard of this brand then you already know about the quality of their fight gear if not then you do now, these are some of the best MMA fight shorts available to buy.

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Fairtex MMA Fight ShortsKey Features

100% Polyester Microfibre with Spandey panels, dry quickly.

Side Schlize for extra freedom of movement

Waistband with lace and velcro closure

Hand crafted in Thailand.

Suitable for all types of sport


Our View

Strictly speaking these are not just MMA shorts as they are sold as been for all combat sports. However they have everything that MMA shorts have and are made by one of the best fight gear brands around. Fairtex have made a very diverse pair of fight short here and they are without doubt very good. When wearing these you can feel just how thick and durable the material is, this pretty much guarantees their quality and durability. Furthermore the freedom of movement in these is hard to beat with the split seams been a bit higher than most other shorts. If i was you i would really consider buying these as they are excellent value for money and are made by one of the best MMA shorts brand.

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VENUM Gorilla Training Shorts

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Venum Men Gorilla Training ShortsKey Features

100% Polyester : lightweight and durability.

New non-abrasive Velcro closure system.

Design sublimated in the fiber: durability and unsurpassed quality.

Flex-System: increased mobility.

Reinforced seams: extended life.


Our View

Go bananas or totally fu***ng Ape shit in these Gorilla MMA shorts by venum. These shorts have all the qualities that you would expect from a very good pair of MMA fight shorts and they look sick to be honest. The only downside is that they only come in one colour apart from that you can’t go wrong with these and they are well within the budget of most people. for me personally these are some of the best MMA training shorts available. From durability and comfort to looks and functionality these shorts have it all.

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What are the best types of MMA shorts?

The best types of MMA shorts are typically those that are durable, comfortable, and allow for a wide range of movement. Some popular options include board shorts, compression shorts, and Vale Tudo shorts. It ultimately depends on personal preference, unified rules of MMA, and the specific needs of the fighter.

How tight should MMA shorts be?

MMA fight shorts should fit snugly but not too tight. They should allow for freedom of movement and flexibility during fights. It’s important to find the right size and fit to ensure comfort and optimal performance in the ring.

Which materials are recommended for MMA shorts?

The recommended materials for MMA fight shorts are typically a blend of polyester and spandex. These materials provide durability, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties, which are essential for the intense physical activity involved in MMA fights.

What is UFC’s exclusive partner for fight shorts?

As of April 1, 2021, VENUM serves as UFC’s exclusive partner for fight shorts. They provide a range of in-octagon Fight Kit and Fight Week apparel, including long and short cut fight shorts, Gladiator cut, and Vale Tudo (long & short cuts). Each type is designed with its specific fit to enhance comfort and performance, catering to fighters who prefer to engage in stand-up or ground fighting techniques.


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