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Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike Review

The Ultrasport foldable exercise bike is the best-selling folding exercise bike in the UK today. With thousands of sales on Amazon and a very impressive four and a half star rating from over 35000 global ratings, this seems to be a very popular model.

So, lets take a look!

Ultrasport F-Bike Review

What The Manufacturer Has To Say

Stay at home while you tone with the Bike Box Hands Free Compact Exercise Bike.

What makes this bike different is just how small and compact it is, making it easy to store, attractive and convenient, unlike most bikes which take up a lot of space in your home.

Bike Reviewed – Ultrasport Foldable Exercise Bike with Pulse Sensor Grips 200-b

The Need To Know

Type Of Exercise Bike: Foldable exercise bike

Levels Of Resistance: 8

Monitor Functions: Speed, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories

Seat & Handlebars: Adjustable

Dimensions: 142cm (H) x 45cm (L) x cm 36 (W).

Max User Weight: 100 kg

Warranty: 12 months

What We Think

Made by a brand with a reputation for building the best folding exercise bikes and the best-selling models, this Ultrasport exercise bike comes with some very good customer feedback. When compared to models of a similar price there is no denying that this model wins hands down in terms of features and overall quality. So, lets take a look at the features and specifications.

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In total there are eight levels of resistance which is a good range for a folding model. Most noteworthy is the fact that there are a few customer reviews stating that the resistance offered is fairly light. With this been a folding exercise bike the resistance offered is never going to be too testing. If you are looking for a very tough workout then a spin bike would be more suitable to your needs.

Seat & Handlebars

The seat and handlebars are an important consideration when buying any exercise bike. Ultrasport have come up with a novel solution in terms of providing a comfortable exercise bike by adding a backrest to this model. This provides added support and puts less strain on the back. If you have back trouble then this might be the best model for you. In addition the seat is adjustable from a height of 78 cm to 86 cm.


Featuring adjustable pedal straps it is easy to get a firm footing with this model. Consequently this generally leads to a far more comfortable workout, which in turn leads to a longer workout and more calories burned.

LCD Display & Monitor Functions

The LCD display for this Ultrasport exercise bike is basic in design and at the same time easy to navigate through the functions. In total there are five readouts given and these are speed, time, distance, calories and pulse. As you can see from the image below the pulse sensors are built-in to the handlebars and give a fairly accurate readout via the LCD display.

Max User Weight

As always the maximum user weight is a good indicator of a well-built and sturdy exercise bike. The Ultrasport exercise bike has a maximum user weight of 100 kg, which is a very respectable amount. Due to the wide-set legs on this model it is said to be very sturdy, which is always a good thing.


  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Very quiet to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable design for space efficiency
  • Great value for money
  • Sturdy when in use


  • advanced users of exercise bikes won’t find the resistance too testing
  • not suitable for those under 5 ft 1”

Good Amazon Review

I’ve had it for about a month and I’m actually quite happy with it.
It really is pretty sturdy, I wouldn’t have thought it possible on a folding model.
The intensity dial seems to work well, and I find the amount of resistance well-balanced. It’s also almost completely quiet.

Bad Amazon Review

Everything about the exercise bike is fine except for it not being possible to lower the seat sufficiently to enable my wife, who is 5 feet 1 inch in height, to operate the pedals. So, use of the machine is limited to me whereas the intention was for both of us to use it.

Latest Customer Reviews 2023


In love this bike. It feels really sturdy and the seat is so much more comfortable than I expected. The hardest level is a moderate-high effort but it may frustrate those with really high levels of fitness who want a pasting!” – Briony


The only issue is the pin to hold it in the folded position wouldn’t fit through the hole, but that’s a minor quibble, we both think it’s great…” – George


For those looking for extra comfort when exercising there is the option to buy the model with a backrest. However, this does cost a little bit more but definitely worth it.

Final Words

The Ultrasport foldable exercise bike is best suited to beginners as advanced users will require a harder workout. However, this is a very good exercise bike, if not the best foldable exercise bike UK customers can buy. If you are looking for an affordable and compact model with some good features this is well worth taking a look at.

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