The Best Heavy Bag Workout – A Fighters Guide

What Is The Best Heavy Bag Workout ?

A heavy bag workout is physically demanding but can also be very satisfying at the same time. Aside from the known benefits of a heavy bag workout such as building punching power, sharpening your reflexes and general self defense skills, the best heavy bag workout benefit in my opinion is that it is also a great form of stress relief.

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For a relatively cheap piece of training equipment a heavy punch bag and the correct workouts can help get you in shape in no time.

If you are wondering how a heavy bag can help you to fight for your fitness and in what ways it can aid you in your training plan then read on.

Benefits Of A Heavy Bag Workout

  • Improves aerobic fitness
  • Helps with coordination and core stability
  • Increases punching power
  • Provides a full body workout
  • Great for stress relief
  • Sharpen your reflexes
  • Improve your self-defense skills

Basics Of A Heavy Bag Workout

A good heavy bag workout should leave you feeling exhausted by the end of it but make you feel like you have accomplished something. A well rounded heavy bag workout incorporates all that a sparring session would, from bobbing and weaving to footwork and feinting all of these techniques can be honed to perfection when working the bag.

Drilling Technique

This basically means repeating the same punch or series of punches over and over. The same punch can be executed 25+ times depending on your fitness levels. The purpose is to drill the technique into your head so that it becomes second nature.

Timed Rounds

Timed rounds can be grueling and hard work but been able to keep up a high intensity workout is essential to boxing fitness.

The key to timed rounds is to push yourself to the limit but not to burn yourself out too early. Circling the bag and throwing regular punches is how to begin, as you become more aware of your stamina you will realise how hard you can actually go at the bag before tiring.

For beginners 3 rounds each 2 minutes long should suffice with a 1 minute rest between each round. As your fitness levels raise overtime you can extend the length and amount of the rounds and/or shorten your rest period.

Below are some tips to remember when training on a heavy bag.

Things To Remember
  • Don’t forget to protect your hands with hand wraps and to wear Boxing gloves
  • Work the full bag using a variety of punches
  • Keep moving around the bag
  • Throw punches from a fighting stance using a near full extension of the arm
  • Always keep your hands up
  • Breath correctly
  • Hit and slip – stay out of range until you throw a punch and then slip out of harm’s way

So What’s The Best Heavy Bag Workout ?

Truth be told there is no one particular heavy bag workout that can be called the best. The needs and requirements from a bag workout differ from person to person, for example if you are trying to raise your stamina levels its no good performing a workout that focuses solely on technique. Below is a punching bag workout to get you going whether your an aspiring boxer or just wanting to raise your fitness levels. After performing the two routines below a couple of times you will probably want to switch the routine up or make a new one completely to find the best punching bag workout for you.

Training Tip: warming up before your workout is essential no matter what exercise you are doing, a good way to warm up before a punch bag workout is shadowboxing

Heavy Bag Workout For Beginners


the best heavy bag workoutWarming Up
  • 2 minutes shadowboxing
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 2 minutes shadowboxing
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 2 minute shadowboxing

Best punching bag workout

Drilling The Basics
  • 10 jabs
  • 10 cross punches
  • 20 left hooks
  • 20 right hooks
  • 10 left uppercuts
  • 10 right uppercuts

Best Heavy Bag workout

Combinations x 3 Sets
  • Right uppercut, left cross, right hook
  • Right cross, left hook, right cross
  • Left jab, right cross, left jab, right hook
  • Left jab, right hook, left jab, right cross

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3 Rounds Of Boxing

This part of the workout focuses on the main punches and using proper technique while executing them.

Circle the bag imagining it is an opponent and don’t just punch randomly, picture an actual person on the bag and work the ribs and chin and other weak spots.

Each round should be two minutes long with a one minute rest in between each round.

To Conclude

In these busy times owning a punch bag is the perfect way to stay fit and in peak fighting condition. It doesn’t matter whether its increasing power, raising fitness levels or honing your defense skills a punching bag workout can achieve all of these.

The best heavy bag workout is down to you and what it is that you want to achieve you just have to be prepared to fight for your fitness.


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