Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Recognizing the best outdoor table tennis table is not difficult. Made to withstand changing weather, these tennis tables are more robust than their indoor alternatives. From compact designs to Olympic-size tennis tables, they are made with weatherproof materials.

Without an impact on the quality of the game, outdoor tennis tables use materials such as composite, aluminum, plastic, and resins resistant to warping. Some of the following releases combine these unique materials into fast playing surfaces that are made to last.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table

1. JOOLA Nova – Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis

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Made with unique tabletop materials such as plastic, aluminum, and composite, this release is foldable and mobile. Since its tabletop is thinner than most alternatives at 6mm, it is also lighter, which means its design favors garage or shed storage with better mobility.

Key features

Apart from being made by an Olympics sponsor, the tennis table is durable and reliable for residential use. It even comes with small wheels for quick transportation.

Composite tabletop

The composite tabletop allows great bounce and a responsive surface with less material. This is where the Olympics profile of the brand is seen and experienced table tennis players appreciate it more as a result.

95% assembled

Delivery is quick and the tennis table comes pre-assembled. This means no special tools are required to put it together. Those thinking about it as a gift are also glad to know the tennis table comes 95% pre-assembled out of the box.

Trusted name

JOOLA has been seen as a sponsor at the Olympics and the World Cup. This is why those into table tennis can appreciate it more than those new to the sport. This is why it only takes 15 minutes to have the table ready for quick games once out of the box.


  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Includes composite materials
  • Quick 15-minute assembly
  • The net offers a tensioning system


  • Small wheels for gravel surfaces


2. Wido Full-Size Tournament Tennis Table

Wido Full-Size Tournament Tennis Table

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Made with a foldable design, the outdoor tennis table can easily be installed within minutes. Its ideal location is a flat surface and table tennis lovers can either install it on a patio or somewhere in the backyard. With a sturdy profile and included transportation wheels, the table tennis can roll into the garage when not in use.

Key Features

Unlike most of its alternatives, the STIGA XTR is made with durable materials. Since it comes pre-assembled, it only requires a bit of patience before playing the first game. It can also be installed by a single person.

All-weather aluminum

The aluminum used in its frame construction makes the tennis table a reliable option when it comes to all-weather fun. Even during low temperatures specific to winters or during the summer months, it still maintains its shape and sturdiness.

10-minute setup

Since it comes pre-assembled, there’s not a lot for users to worry about. It is estimated this outdoor table tennis is installed in an average of 10 minutes, which includes the 72in net setup. It’s also worth noting this net is also made with a durable profile, specific to outdoor use.

Legs with levelers

Another major advantage is given by the legs with levelers design. Since not all surfaces are even, such as patio or grass grounds, the levelers allow small adjustments for the perfect table tennis game.


  • Made with all-weather aluminum
  • The legs are designed with levelers
  • Measures 275 in length and 153cm in width
  • Installs in minutes


  • Aluminum glare in strong sunlight


3. Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table

KETTLER Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table

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This German design impresses with its attention to detail. This is why the tennis table is recommended for the most demanding players who value things such as an included ballbox, removable corner protectors, and single-hand locking.

Key features

The German design is ready to be used both indoors and outdoors. Some of its features are borrowed from professional designs, which make it even more appealing to dedicated table tennis players.

Prevents warping

Made with galvanized steel legs with powder coating, the frame of the table is made so that it resists warping. Its materials and finish are suitable for intense use in families where table tennis is a major attraction.

Alu-Tec waterproofing

Made with the unique Alu-Tec technology, the table is covered in a special aluminum surface for durability. This surface maintains its shape even in high or low temperatures.

Single-hand folding

The single-hand folding mechanism installed by Kettle is another major advantage. It allows instant adjustments. Those who value playback and practice games find this particularly appealing. Since it allows faster operation, the single-handed design is also valuable in environments where the table needs to be unfolded frequently.

This is why it can even be used in commercial spaces where players book tables multiple times per day. For added convenience, the table also comes accessorized with a special cover. It protects the tennis table from the elements while not in use.


  • Made with an aluminum top
  • Includes a ballbox
  • Supports single-hand locking
  • Great for children with added corner protectors


  • It takes around 2 hours to fully assemble


4. HOMCOM Mini Tennis Table

HOMCOM Mini Tennis Table Folding Portable

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Made with a compact size, this tennis table is suitable for small homes, patios and limited storage space. It has instant setup which means there are no screws and washers to worry about. Those who value practicality above size find it very appealing.

Key features

Such a small tennis table usually has just a few parameters to be judged on. This is also the case of the GoSports tennis table with its minimalistic approach. However, these are their main strengths to consider.

Mid-size practicality

At a length of 183cm and a width of 91.4cm, the tennis table is among the most interesting options for adults and kids playing together. It is used both indoors and outdoors. The little table tennis players value it even more as they don’t yet have the strength to deal with an Olympic-style alternative.

Folding design

This folding outdoor tennis table is easy to store away in a garage with its folding design. When not in use, it can even be separated in halves. But the most important characteristic of the folding design is that it doesn’t require any assembly.

Aluminum durability

Even if the table is small, it still features durable materials. Its aluminum frame is designed to work well outdoors where it’s not impacted by rain or by the sun’s UV rays. With a smooth playing surface, it offers all the thrills of a full-size tennis table.


  • Easy to fold away
  • Made with an aluminum frame
  • No assembly required


  • Not made for experienced players


5. Kettler Axos 1

Kettler Axos 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Inspired by indoor tennis tables, this outdoors design is also practical and foldable. Its main quality is its tournament bounce. At a drop height of 300mm, it has a 210mm bounce, which means its suitable for the most experienced table tennis players.

Key features

This pro-inspired design comes equipped with everything it needs. Furthermore, a cover is also shipped with the tennis table which saves buyers from other unnecessary purchases.

Pro bounce

The pro 210mm bounce of the tennis table its mains strength. When playing, this allows good bounce and faster playing speeds. As tennis table skills improve, the table is ready for action at a higher pace.

Dual-lever safety fold

For safety purposes, the German design comes with a dual lever safety fold. This stops accidental closing or opening. It keeps players safer. Together with unique swivel casters, it also makes the transportation process safer and easier.


  • Made with true tournament bounce
  • Suitable for easy storage
  • Includes paddles and a table cover


  • It takes a few hours to assemble


6. Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table with Net Set

Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table

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This tennis table is specifically made to save storage space. Its foldable legs are already attached and it saves players time and effort with each setup. With an included net, the table is also useful for a quick setup during a long game out in the sun.

Key features

Made with either 19mm or 16mm tops, the tennis table offers good bounce at a size that is abiding by regulation. Furthermore, the table supports various types of skills and it only lacks storage options for the paddles to be a perfect companion for players of all ages.

Regulation size play

At a size of 9X5, the tennis table is abiding by rules and it allows practice sessions even for experienced players. Those who want a true tennis table experience also value its true size more than those new to the sport.

Long warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years is offered with the Butterfly Compact. Unlike many of its alternatives, it is covered for all types of weather damages which could occur during this period.


  • Made according to regulation sizes
  • Offers a choice between 16mm and 19mm tops
  • Suitable for quick storage


  • Heavy for single-person operation

7. Cornilleau – Pro 510M Outdoor Table

Cornilleau Proline 510 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Made with a 7mm laminate surface, the table tennis is recommended for glare reduction. This issue is known for outdoor table tennis players, specifically when playing in mid-day, when the sun is the strongest.

Key features

The table tennis is made for commercial outdoor use. While it can also be a solution for residential use, its stainless steel net recommends it for heavy use.

Galvanized steel durability

Made with galvanized steel, the table tennis is ready to offer a durable playing surface, not affected by changing temperatures. But this also means it’s one of the heaviest of its class.

Stainless steel net

The insertion of the stainless steel net makes this outdoor table robust, ready for multiple daily play sessions. It can even be used in parks and other outdoor areas. Since it’s made from steel, the net doesn’t need to be removed from the table in-between games. It’s made to sit on the table as it’s not affected by UV lights, changing temperature or rainwater.

Color options

Available on the silver and blue top, the tennis table is ready to fit any type of outdoor decoration. However, it doesn’t come with any wheels which means its rather fixed, once installed.


  • Made with galvanized steel
  • Includes a 7mm laminate surface
  • Treated against glare


  • Doesn’t include transportation wheels


8. Cornilleau – 500M Crossover Outdoor Table

Cornilleau Performance 500M Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The outdoor tennis table is ready for action for players of all ages. Even kids can move it around the yard with the help of its oversized wheels. Unlike many others in its class, these wheels easily tackle gravel and grass surfaces without sinking. Such large wheels are rare to find in most tennis tables. This is why they offer a valuable answer to all types of uneven surfaces to be transported around the house. Since they’re not filled with air, there’s no flats risk neither.

Key features

Apart from its attractive wheels, the outdoor tennis table is also ready to be used in playback for proper skills improvements.

8” wheels

Designed with 8” oversized wheels, the tennis table is ready for action on any type of surface. Taking in and out of the garage is easy, especially for clear sunny days when there’s no mud or debris to worry about.

Great bounce

The supportive bounce of the tabletop is ensured by a popular 7mm laminate surface. Seen in top tennis table alternatives, the surface is useful for a professional-like bounce and responsiveness. In terms of actual game improvements, this allows players to go for faster speeds and a more direct approach to each game. Those with the best tennis table skills appreciate fast surfaces as they support tournament practice.

Steel frame

Made from pure steel, the tennis table is ready to deal with harsh outdoor conditions. Apart from its net and wheels, there are no plastics to worry about.


  • Made with a bouncy tabletop
  • Includes 8” oversized wheels
  • Finished for glare reduction


  • Poor assembly instructions lack detail


9. HLC 9FT Professional Full-Size Folding Table Tennis

HLC 9FT Professional Full-Size Folding Table Tennis


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Made with sturdy materials, the outdoor tennis table comes with a width of 160cm. Perfect for a single or double play, it installs quickly. However, it is heavier than an indoor alternative and this is why it comes with quick roll wheels.

Key features

Designed for practicality, the table assembles quickly and it also cleans quickly with a wipe. However, its main advantage is given by the folding design which supports quick practice sessions.

Quick roll wheels

The extra quick roll wheels support mobility. When table tennis is installed, it can be moved on a flat surface with no help. However, it won’t be lifted without any help. This is why the quick roll wheels are only used for short-distance movement.

Leg levelers

The leg levelers allow uneven height compensation. Instead of heaving the table lean to one side, users simply create the perfectly-level playing platform. Some force is required when adjusting one of the 4 table legs, however.

Playback adjustability

Those who want to practice and improve table tennis skills can do so with the help of its folding design. With playback adjustability, the tennis table may even be used by a single player at a time.


  • Includes a table cover
  • Supports playback adjustability
  • Designed with quick roll wheels


  • Must be stored indoors

10. Killerspin MYT Lee Table Tennis Table

Killerspin MYT Lee Table Tennis Table

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With a 30in X 30in size, this compact tennis table is an all-in-one solution for those new to the game who want to play outdoors. Featuring an aluminum tabletop, it’s as durable as the leading names on the market. Being water-resistant, the table can also be left outside in the rain.

Key features

Among its unique features such as a net which stores in a compact bag, the tennis table also includes practical a practical side with its foldable design.


Unlike most similar outdoor tennis tables, the Killerspin design comes with attached foldable legs. It allows all users to take the compact tennis table in the more inspiring locations to get active. This is the reason many users take the table outdoors to the park. But it may also be one of the tennis tables with a dual function. Since it is smaller than a full-size design, it can also be used indoors during the winter months.

At a weight of just 42lbs, the outdoor tennis table is also easy to carry. Those who want to quickly load it inside the car can do so without needing the helping hand of a family member. Furthermore, it can also be the main attraction of a party. Even the manufacturer recommends its design to be used at various outdoor social events.

Aluminum-plastic top surface

The tabletop is made from an aluminum-plastic mix. This is what keeps rust and deterioration away as much as possible. Furthermore, the materials don’t negatively impact ball bounce.


  • Made with a foldable design
  • Compact 30in X 30X design
  • 100% weather-resistant construction


Not a full-size tennis

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