Best Rugby Boots 2023

Recommended Rugby Boots 2023

Truth be told, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a good pair of rugby boots. Buying the best rugby boots can be determined by a number of factors, with player position been an important one. In our ultimate rugby boots guide we will be showcasing the top 8 models in our rugby boots reviews. All of the models featured come with excellent customer feedback and are among the best sellers in the UK.

Rugby Boots Buyers Guide

Before purchasing a pair of rugby boots there are a few bits of information worth knowing first. The most important purchasing consideration is determined by the position you play. Why? Rugby boots have slight differences in their design, which are determined by the needs of the playing position. A good example to use are the wingers, due to speed been a necessity of a good winger, it makes sense that the boots they wear are as lightweight as possible.

What Are Rugby Boots For Backs?

When talking about rugby boots for backs people are referring to the back line. The back line is made up of 7 players whose positions are scrum half, fly half, centre, wingers and full back.

The back line provides the pace for the team and are generally faster than the forwards. Due to this, backs require boots with certain qualities. These usually mean lightweight, low-cut and with less studs than a forward players’ rugby boots.

What Are Rugby Boots For Forwards?

Forward players have their own needs from a pair of boots and they differ slightly from the backs. One of the main qualities of the best rugby boots for forwards are that they are extremely durable. The scrum is a place where a lot of feet are constantly stamping around trying to get a good footing, which can lead to boots been stood on a lot, hence the need for a good durable pair.

Another feature that boots for forwards have are 8 studs instead of 6. Generally speaking forwards prefer 8 studs as they offer more traction.

Now that you know a bit of information about the different types of boots for both the front and back rows, its time to take a look at some of the best boots in the UK right now. In our reviews you will find boots for both the front and back rows as well as for certain positions.

Top 8 Best Rugby Boots In 2023

Optimum Mens Tribal Moulded Rugby Boots

Optimum Unisex Tribal Moulded Rugby Boots

Optimum aren’t exactly one of the biggest rugby brand, but they do know how to make a very good affordable rugby boot. The Optimum Tribal rugby boots are the cheapest pair in our reviews and probably the best cheap rugby boots there is.

With excellent customer feedback and four and a half stars on Amazon, as well as been the best seller in the rugby boots category, they come with good recommendations.

Designed to be lightweight for speed and agility at the same time as offering plenty of protection across the toes and heel makes them suitable for both the front and back players.

If you are looking for a decent pair of cheap boots these are your best bet. With five colours to choose from there is something suitable for everyone colour wise.

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adidas Men’s Kakari Elite Sg Rugby Boots

adidas Men Kakari Elite Sg Rugby Boots

Offering a big brand name with a small price tag the adidas kakari boots provide exceptional value for money. If the colours in the image aren’t to your taste then one of the many others should grab your attention, there are a few to choose from.

Made from a durable and extremely lightweight synthetic upper as well as featuring a comfortable synthetic lining these boots are designed to enhance your on-pitch performance.

The 6 x 2 stud configuration offers adequate grip and traction on even the softest ground.

Due to their affordable price and overall high-quality these boots are well worth checking out. If the ones in the image aren’t to your taste then one of the other 3 colour options might grab your attention.

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Puma Men’s Evopower 4.2 H8 Rugby Boots

PUMA Men Evopower Rugby H8 Boots

If you are after the best rugby boots for kicking, you may like the Puma EvoPower. These are designed with qualities that make them ideal for kicking. Consequently, they are perfect for scrum halfs. The front of the boots has Puma Powercell technology and plenty of padding. In addition the laces are off-centre which gives a larger surface area for precise and clean strikes.

Featuring removable metal studs these boots can be used on both soft and hard ground pitches. They offer plenty of traction and provide adequate balance when kicking.

Puma have a solid reputation for both their football and rugby boots. The Puma EvoPower are both affordable and of good quality check them out on Amazon.

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Asics Lethal Tackle, Men’s Rugby Shoes

ASICS Lethal Tackle Men Rugby Shoes

The Asics Lethal Tackle boots are about as durable as you can get and come recommended as some of the best rugby boots for forwards. Made from the finest abrasion resistant leather they will hold up well in the scrum, where your boots can suffer the most punishment.

Design features are a plenty and include Asics unique midsole material which is lightweight yet firm and pliable for optimum performance on the pitch. With enhanced cushioning and a removable sockliner they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Most noteworthy is the 10mm difference between the front of the boots and thee heels. This feature offers the best biomechanical position and helps to reduce the weight on the Achilles heel, calf muscles and hamstrings, which is very useful near the end of the game when you are tired.

The studs are removable and can be configured in to a position that best suits you.

All in all these are a very good pair of rugby boots that have many features to help enhance your on pitch performance. For the price you won’t get much better than this.

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Canterbury Men’s Phoenix Raze Soft Ground Rugby Boots

Canterbury Men Phoenix Raze Soft Ground Rugby Boots

When it comes to rugby gear Canterbury are one of the most respected brands and they have an excellent reputation for only producing high quality rugby equipment. With outstanding customer reviews previous buyers seem to be extremely happy with their purchase.

The Canterbury Phoenix Raze boots are best suited for soft ground and have 8 studs for a firm footing. One of the best things to say about them is that they are very comfortable, this is mainly due to the heavy cushioning and wide forefoot.

Made from the best quality leather they are highly durable and built to last.

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Canterbury Control Club 6 Stud Rugby Boots

Canterbury Men Control Club 6 Stud Rugby Boots

If you like the Canterbury Phoenix, then you will love the Canterbury Control Club rugby boots. If you play scrum half or fly half then these boots are designed for you. Weighing only 276g they are extremely lightweight. In addition the lightweight materials they are made from are also highly durable. Featuring a reinforced heel for added support allows the standing foot to be fully stable when kicking the ball, perfect for scrum and fly halfs.

Like all the best boots for kicking they feature an asymmetrical lace design to increase the surface area that strikes the ball when kicking. There are 6 studs and even these are designed to be as light in weight as possible as they are made from composite materials. Furthermore they are also designed to provide maximum traction for when changing direction quickly.

Like all things made by the Canterbury brand, you can’t really go wrong if you buy some of their rugby gear. Canterbury focus solely on rugby equipment and that is why their reputation is so good.

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Asics Gel-Lethal Speed, Men’s Rugby Shoes

ASICS Gel-Lethal Speed Men Rugby Shoes

The Asics Gel Lethal Speed are from the same range as the Asics Lethal Tackle boots only these are best suited for the back row and not the front row. If you watch professional rugby you will have probably noticed that many professionals wear these boots, which shows just how good they are.

With the studs strategically placed to force weight on to the toe area greater propulsion can be had than with previous models. In terms of comfort you will struggle to find a better boot. The advanced Gel Cushioning System helps to effectively disperse shock leading to less chance of sustaining an injury.

Durability is also at the core of these boots and the midsole is designed to be very strong as well as having flexibility, which adds to overall comfort and functionality on the pitch.

It’s a close decision for which are the best boots for rugby and the Asics Gel Speed are a top contender, but not quite the best pair. However, they are an excellent pair of boots and many professional rugby players would agree!

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adidas Men’s Predator Malice SG Rugby Shoes

adidas Men Predator Malice SG Rugby Shoes

If you want the best boots for rugby then the adidas Malice are the ones to be looking at. Everything about these boots is made to the highest standard and from the very best materials. With excellent reviews and plenty of colour options to choose from they are the most popular rugby boot in 2018.

As expected they come with all the features that make a top quality pair of rugby boots. These include been made from the lightest yet most durable materials, allowing excellent breathability, an asymmetrical lacing system and a combination of metal and composite studs for soft ground.

The outstanding feature of these boots is that they feature Kevlar in the materials making them much more durable than most other models.

Although they are quite expensive you will yet plenty of usage from these boots and they are well worth the investment.

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Final Words

Hopefully, with the help of our buyers guide and top reviews you have managed to find your next pair of rugby boots. If you think there are any boots or brands that we have missed out of our best rugby boots guide, then please leave us a message in the comments below, we love hearing your feedback!

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