ATIVAFIT R8 Foldable Fitness Exercise Bike Review

When it comes to exercise equipment, folding exercise bikes are all the rage. They’re great for saving space, but are they really as awesome as they’re hyped up to be? Well, in the world of fitness gear, you’ve got the good, the bad, and the crazy expensive. Luckily, the ATIVAFIT Foldable Exercise Bike falls into the “pretty darn good and affordable” category. This exercise bike is designed to be super comfy with a recumbent style, foam armrests, and a cushy backrest. So, you can pedal away without feeling like you’re riding a torture device. Plus, the non-slip pedals with straps keep your feet firmly in place.

But there’s more to this bike than just comfort. It’s got some tricks up its sleeve that make it a top fitness option. So, let’s dive in and see why the ATIVAFIT R8 Foldable Exercise Bike is a winner!

Best Features

ATIVAFIT Folding Exercise Bike

  • Convenient Digital Display for Effortless Monitoring

ATIVAFIT bike monitor

This ATIVAFIT bike comes with a user-friendly digital monitor that effortlessly displays essential data like distance, speed, time, and heart rate. Plus, you can enjoy watching TV while cycling thanks to the built-in phone holder.

  • Spacious and Comfortable Seat for All

The wide and comfortable seat, measuring 27.44 x 37.7 cm, is designed to accommodate anyone with a weight capacity of up to 125 kg. Moreover, the seat can be easily adjusted to suit your individual preferences.

  • Solid and Secure Design

This Ativafit exercise bike incorporates an X-type frame design based on the principles of physical balance theory. This ensures a sturdy feel, providing you with confidence and stability during your workout, so you can pedal worry-free.

  • Compact and Portable, Effortless Mobility

This foldable exercise bike is a space-saving solution. When not in use, it conveniently folds in half and can be stowed in a small space like your wardrobe. Equipped with front wheels, moving this fitness bike is a breeze, giving you the freedom to position it wherever suits your fitness routine.

  • Balancing Activity and Relaxation

ATIVAFIT bike resistance bands

This ATIVAFIT cardio bike provides a peaceful riding experience, thanks to its magnetic control flywheel. With 8 levels of resistance, it caters to everyone, regardless of gender. You have the freedom to select the intensity that best suits your fitness goals, whether you prefer an easier or more challenging workout to burn calories.

Pros & Cons


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Versatile with multiple riding positions
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes resistance bands for added workout options
  • Features a comfortable saddle
  • Adjustable frame for a customised fit


  • Console and phone holder design
  • Lack of a drink holder
  • Not suitable for highly intense workouts

Technical Specifications

  • Brands: ATIVAFIT
  • Colour: Black, Grey
  • Power source: Battery Powered
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Material type: Rubber
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 265 pounds
  • Drive system: Tri-Wing

Customer Reviews

The ATIVAFIT foldable exercise bike has garnered widespread popularity, boasting an impressive 4.4 out of 5-star rating from nearly 15,000 global reviews.

I love this bike. It was easy to assemble, and very quiet in operation. Doesn’t take up much room. So easy to do ten minutes on it a couple of times a day when it’s too wet outside for walking. I’ll be using it even more in the winter.

Very good value.”

“Here’s all the things you want to know. Fast delivery. Well packaged. Easy to put together, took me about 45 minutes on my own. Resistance is better than you think. Seat is more comfortable than you think. Nice and quiet, easy to fold away. It does weigh around 20kg so you may need help moving it to another room for storage, however, it does have wheels to assist with this. Overall, I would recommend for others who want to improve their fitness.”

As for concerns, numerous customers, particularly those on the taller side, have reported discomfort while exercising on this bike.

The bike is good quality, but it does not suit moderately tall people as suggested otherwise in the product description (“the seat height levels can be adjusted, which make it suitable for people of different height and age”). I am 6ft (1.8m) tall and the maximum seat height is too low to allow my legs to properly stretch when cycling. I contacted ATIVAFIT Support seeking options to extend the seat height, e.g., to supply a longer seat pole. They responded quickly but were unable to provide a solution.”

Is the ATIVAFIT R8 foldable fitness exercise bike Your Best Fit?

ATIVAFIT foldable exercise bike features

If you fall within the height range of 5’0″ (1.52m) to 5’11” (1.8m) and you’re seeking a fitness device that won’t clutter your room but will enhance your workout routine, the AtivaFit Foldable Exercise Bike could be an excellent choice.

This bike features a compact and space-saving design, living up to its name by being easily foldable and storable in any corner of your home. It’s particularly convenient for those who enjoy spin classes but can’t always make it to the gym.

One standout feature is its quiet operation, ensuring a peaceful workout environment.

The bike offers great comfort with its padded seat, backrest, and handles. What’s more, the adjustable frame makes it suitable for individuals of varying body shapes and heights. So, the idea of having a piece of gym equipment in your small apartment should no longer feel overwhelming. After your workout, simply fold it and tuck it away in a corner.


Overall, the ATIVAFIT R8 Folding Exercise Bike is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, space-saving, and effective fitness solution. Its user-friendly digital monitor, comfortable seating, and adjustable features enhance the overall workout experience. While it lacks a drink holder, it compensates with 8 levels of resistance suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

The compact design, quiet operation, and convenient storage capability make it a valuable addition to any home workout routine. Quick assembly and compatibility for users between 5’0″ to 5’11” height range further emphasise its practicality. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, this exercise bike offers a reliable and efficient means to achieve your fitness goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a folding exercise bike deliver an effective workout?

Yes, the ATIVAFIT folding fitness exercise bike can provide a satisfying workout, tailored to your fitness level. It offers 8 levels of resistance, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity according to your fitness objectives and achieve rewarding results.

Is the ATIVAFIT foldable exercise bike suitable for someone who is 6’0″ in height?

This exercise bike is designed with optimal comfort for individuals whose height falls within the range of 5’0″ to 5’11”. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of up to 265 lbs (120 kg). So, while it may work for someone who is 6’0″, it’s important to consider the comfort and fit based on your individual preferences.

What’s the assembly time for the ATIVAFIT foldable bike?

Thanks to clear instructions, assembling this bike is a straightforward process. Typically, it can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes, and in some cases, it may take up to 45 minutes, ensuring a relatively quick setup.

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