Reasons to Try Spinning?

Reasons To Take A Spin Class

Just like clothes, shoes, accessories, and cars, there are new trends in exercise too. You don’t have to look too far to read about the latest craze in keep fit, be it Zumba, dance lessons, or some other type of group activity which promises to get your heart rate up and tone your body into oblivion!

Some of these trends stick around, some go by the by, but the ones that stay in our lives are often considered to be some of the most effective.

Have you ever heard of spinning?

You no doubt have, this is one of those trends that has been around for a while now, and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. Why is that? Because it’s super effective, that’s why!

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What is Spinning Exactly?

Spinning is a cardio exercise that involves the use of an exercise bike. Throughout a class, you and your fellow class mates will be guided through a series of exercises that involve pedalling at various speeds, cycling both stood up and sat down, and whilst working the rest of your body in various ways at the same time. Yes, spinning needs a certain amount of coordination, but it is relatively easy to do other than that!

There are many major advantages to taking a spin class, not least the fact that it is super-effective for your body, it gets your heart rate up, it works your major muscle groups, and it’s also a super-fun activity to do as part of a group. Spin classes are usually found at gyms the world over, because they are so popular and show no signs of slowing down either.

So, other than the obvious reasons, why should you take a spin class?

Reasons to Take a Spin Class

Spinning is Surprisingly Low Impact!

You might not think it, but spinning is actually low impact, and therefore something most of us are able to do. Treadmill running and group sports, such as soccer or basketball, can place a lot of strain on the joints, and if you have a weak point, e.g. if you have arthritis for example, this could end up causing you more pain than good. In that case you need to add strength, rather than work them to the bone (literally).

Because spinning involves an exercise bike, you’re getting resistance to work against your body, but not too much. This works out your muscles in the right way, without pushing them to extremes, and you also get your heart pumping too, which is the overall aim of exercise. Of course, if you notice strain in your knees or legs when pedalling, you should talk to the instructor, because it may just be that you’re not holding your legs in the right position.

Spinning is a Fun Group Activity

The great thing about a spin class is that you are in a group of other like-minded people, all of whom have the same aim as you. This gives you motivation and encouragement to continue when your body might be feeling tired, and stops you from giving up too early. We often begin to feel tired before really should be handing in the towel, and this is when many people decide to stop and say ‘enough’. The thing is, if you want to really gain the rewards of exercise, you need to push your body. A group spin class is the ideal way to find that little extra push.

Spinning Gets Your Heart Beating and Your Blood Pumping

We mentioned about the low impact nature of spinning, but despite it not putting that much pressure on your joints, it really does give your cardiovascular system the work out that it needs. You will lose weight by incorporating a spin class on a regular basis, alongside a healthy diet. This is because you’re burning fat at a great rate, and you’ll also be toning up as you lose weight too. Your fitness will drastically improve as you enjoy regular spin classes, so it’s vital to make sure that you keep up your attendance on a regular basis, to really reap the benefits.

Everyone Can Enjoy Spinning

You don’t have to have a particular level of fitness to join a spin class, and you don’t need to be able to ride a bike to expert levels either. You’re not actually going to be travelling anywhere on your bike!

Despite how it might look at first glance, you don’t have to keep up with the expert at the front of the class, you work to your own level, and push yourself as you go along. If you find yourself lagging behind, it doesn’t matter, the point is that you’re moving and you’re working out, and that is better than nothing. As your general level of fitness improves, you’ll notice that you’re able to keep time much easier too.

We mentioned that you need a certain level of coordination to be able to enjoy spinning, and whilst that is true, the level you need isn’t exceptionally high. Provided you can keep your balance relatively well, you’re good to go!

Ready to Try Spinning?

It’s likely that at the end of your spin class, especially the first one, your legs will resemble some kind of jelly, and you will be a little on the sweaty side; this is a good thing! Spinning is fantastic exercise, and whilst it might look hard, once you take a class you’ll see that there is nothing exceptionally difficult about it at all.

Working out with a group of people in this way is fun, and that extra push and motivation you get from group activities is what can make the major difference between a nondescript work out, and a really effective work out, one which improves your health and general wellbeing too much more advantageous amounts.

So, if you’re looking for a new kind of exercise, something to mix up your routine a little, or maybe you’re just starting out on a new, healthy lifestyle, why not give a spin class a try?


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