Benefits of A Punching Bag Workout

The Benefits Of A Punching Bag Workout – Free Standing

A free standing punch bag can serve multiple purposes. It can work for boxing, kickboxing, and even circuit training. Seen as a great solution when you do not have the ability to hang a traditional bag from a ceiling or when you simply want to exercise in different places around the home or the gym, the free standing punch bag comes with some unique benefits. So, what are the benefits of a punching bag workout?

Freedom To Move Around

One of the biggest advantages of the free standing punch bag comes with the freedom to move it freely around the room if you are training at home. Furthermore, you can place it back into storage when not in use. But these types of bags are very practical in a commercial environment as well.

This is why there are many gyms which offer the possibility to box using the free-standing system. When compared to the traditional punch bags, the free-standing alternative is similar in weight. While it may not take the same level of punching strength in some cases, the free standing punch bag is still very similar in performance when compared to traditional punch bags.

Upper Body & Lower Body Strength

As you may expect, one of the leading benefits of the free standing punch bag comes with the upper body strength gains. In time, the continuous activation of your hands and core will lead to better strength in these muscles. Furthermore, you can also improve the strength of your lower body as well. Most free standing punch bags can also be a good solution for leg drills.

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Improved Coordination

It is rare not to see considerable improvements in your hand-eye coordination with a free standing punch bag. In most cases, you will be able to improve the coordination of the major movements you use during training sessions. Furthermore, you can also incorporate leg exercises into your routine. This gives you the ability to improve the coordination of the largest muscles of the body as well, which are the muscles of your legs.

Better Cardiovascular Endurance

One of the main reasons people use free standing punch bags is to lose weight. During intense training sessions, your cardiovascular endurance will improve. Training with a higher heart rate is efficient at burning body fat as well. This is why you will see many people punching these bags in weight loss programs. Of course, the results will depend from person to person.

But the good news is that you do not have to punch the bag with too much force if you are simply looking to lose weight. One of the simplest ways to reach this goal is to simply look at the options which allow you to maintain that elevated heart rate for the entire duration of the training session. Performing different types of exercises is the best way to perform such workouts yourself.

Decreased Stress

Apart from the immediate physical benefits, there are plenty of reasons to consider the mental benefits of the workouts as well. As studies show, physical exercise has a positive impact on stress levels. Managing daily stress can be easier with physical workouts. This is why it is worth considering a free standing punch bag when you want to reduce daily stress level, even with short workouts.

Punching Bag Workout For Weight Loss

According to the intensity of the workout, you can burn up to 448 calories in 30 minutes with a free standing punch bag. As you can imagine, most of these calories are burned with upper body muscles. The muscles in the arms and shoulders get the most activation. The back muscles are also involved together with the stabilizing core muscles. Legs only get a moderate activation, but the more you get used to the punching bag, the more you will start to move around it for more complexity as well.

So what does this mean for the average person? Using a free standing punch bag can be a great way to tackle weight loss. If you are looking to get in shape or even to stay in shape, a punching bag is a great way to start. In many cases, you will thus have the ability to choose the right workouts to facilitate proper calorie burning and the options are numerous.

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Cost Efficiency

Another important aspect of your workouts comes with the cost efficiency of the free standing punch bag. You have the ability to choose a solution which doesn’t need any further investment than a pair of boots and some gloves. In terms of overall conditioning, this is one of the most affordable strength and weight loss sports you can practice at home. In many other sports, you constantly need to invest in complicated gear and training clothes. A punching bag doesn’t require too much to get started.

Saving Space

At the end of your workout, you can easily move the free standing punch bag into a corner. You can easily place it into storage as well. It means that you do not need a dedicated gym room, which most home users can’t afford anyway. This is why it is important to know that you have the freedom to train even in the comfort of your own home. For commercial gyms, it means that customers can have access to multiple free standing punching bags for classes or even to train individually. Saving space is important both at home and in the gym as well. Thus, apart from having the ability to move the punching bags from place to place, you can be more efficient in the way you layout your training area by saving space as well.

A free-standing punching bag comes with all the aerobic fitness benefits of a regular punch bag. But at the same time, since it sits on a mobile base, it can be moved from location to location. With considerable benefits when it comes to better fitness, coordination, reduced stress levels and even cost-efficiency, it can be one of the versatile options you have for better workouts.

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