The Best Home Multi Gym Exercises

Multi gyms are an all-in-one gym machine and a great way to stay in shape, especially now when gyms all over the world are closed. They don’t take much space in your home and allow you to use home exercises to lose weight, build muscle, and strengthen your entire body.

Being such a versatile piece of equipment, it’s no wonder so many people bought one during 2020. If you’re still unsure which one to pick, check out our review of the best home multi gyms to get some help.

But getting one is just the beginning. You’ll need to find the right exercises to perform. And contrary to popular belief, there are actually plenty of exercises you can do on a multi gym, it’s not just for the chests and shoulders.

In this article, we’ll go over the best home gym exercises you can do, as well as a multi gym workout plan to build muscle and lose weight.

But before we begin, a quick note. Not all multi-gyms are built the same, and there can be variations in systems and mechanisms used, so make sure to always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines first to prevent any injuries.

Best Home Gym Exercises

Seated Row

The seated cable row is a pulling exercise that targets the back muscles, more specifically the lats.

To do the seated row, sit in front of the multi-gym with your legs straight and pushed against the foot support. Keep your back upright, and start pulling the lower cable with both hands until the handle reaches your chest. Pause, and slowly reverse the movement. Make sure you always have the back straight and breathe with each repetition.

Lat Pulldown

Best Home Multi Gym ExercisesLat pulldowns are a beginner-friendly exercise that focuses on the back muscles.

To perform this exercise, sit with your back slightly leaned back and your feet on the ground. Grab the pulldown bar with your arms overhead and a wide grip, and pull it towards your chest.

Squeeze your lats at the bottom of the move, and reverse the movement.

Leg Extension

Most home gyms feature a padded lever at the bottom of the seat for doing leg extensions. They are an awesome way to isolate your quadriceps and shape your upper legs.

Sit with your back on the backrest and place the soles of your feet on either side of the lever. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and push the lever away from your body until your legs are fully extended at the knees.

Chest Press

Best Home Multi Gym ExercisesThe chest press is the most obvious exercise you can do on a multi gym and targets the pectoral muscles, as well as your shoulders and triceps.

Sit with your back against the backrest, and push the handlebars outward to fully extend the elbow until you feel significant resistance. Pause briefly, and reverse the movement.

Chest Flyers

Very similar to the chest press, this exercise utilizes the same part of the multi gym, but requires a different grip and targets more of the pectoral muscles, particularly the part responsible for movement at the shoulder joint.

Place your arms out to the side on the lever’s pads so your elbows and wrists are level with your shoulders and form a 90-degree angle. Then, press your arms together in front of your chest with a slow motion while keeping your elbows slightly bent.

Tricep Pushdown

Another staple exercise that’s very effective at targeting the tricep muscles. It’s a simple yet important movement to increase your arm strength.

Stand in front of the high pulley bar with your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the bar with a narrow grip until your elbows are resting at your sides. This is your starting position, and from here, extend your arms down until they are straight, and reverse the motion.

Bicep Curl

Best Home Multi Gym ExercisesIf your multi gym has an arm preacher curl pad, it’s ideal for a seated bicep curl. This is a great way to isolate your biceps and build arm strength.

To do this exercise, sit on the seat with your arms over the inclined pad and your palms facing forward. Your elbows should rest just above the lower edge of the pad. Then, grab the handle on the lower cable, and lift it towards your chest until your forearms reach your biceps. Reverse the motion and breathe with each repetition.

Cable Woodchops

One of the few core exercises you can do with a multi gym, but it’s still a very effective one. A strong core will increase your stability and help you lose weight around the stomach.

Stand in front of the multi gym, and grab the high cable with both hands using a D handle. Pull it down across your body while slowly rotating, similar to swinging an axe.

Multi Gym Workout Plan

Now that you’re more familiar with what you can do on a multi gym, it’s time to look at some workout plans for women and men. Before starting with a workout plan, it’s best to try the suggested exercises on their own a few times so you get a feel for them and know what weights to use.

If you’re just starting out with exercising, it’s best to do it 3 days a week at first to get a routine without risking injuries. After a few weeks, you can increase the number of days and repetitions according to your fitness level.

Day One

  • 15 minutes warm-up (cardio and stretching)
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Chest Press
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Chest Flyes
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Tricep Pushdown
  • 10 minutes stretching

Best Home Multi Gym Exercises

Day Two

  • 15 minutes warm-up (cardio and stretching)
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Lat Pulldown
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Seated Row
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Bicep Curl
  • 10 minutes stretching

Day Three

  • 15 minutes warm-up (cardio and stretching)
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Leg Extension
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Lunges (without the multi-gym)
  • 2 sets of 8-10 reps Cable Woodchops
  • 10 minutes stretching

You can modify this plan according to the type of multi gym you have and increase the intensity depending on your fitness levels. It’s not one-size-fits-all, so make sure to find out what works best for you, and stick with it. That’s the best way to turn fitness into a lifestyle and improve your strength and lose weight.

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