Body Types And Shapes- Diet And Exercise Tips For The Perfect Figure

Body Types And Shapes- Diet And Exercise Tips For The Perfect Figure

Every human has a different body shape & type. Maybe you have a perfect hourglass body or cone-shaped body with large busts & thin legs. It might be possible that you could have an ectomorph body shape, and that is why you look so skinny. But that doesn’t matter what type of body shape or type you have; we will talk about effective diet plans and workout exercises that can help you maintain your shape.

You need to determine how your body structure looks to achieve your goals regarding body shape. Account an online body shape calculator that allows you to figure out your waist to hip ratio and shape according to the chest, hip, high hip, and waist measurements. Here, we are going to enlist the types of bodies with suitable exercises and diets.

Types of female body shapes:

Swipe down to know the female shapes:

Hourglass body shape:

Healthy Body ShapeYou have an hourglass shape; if your body hips & bust are equal in size and your waist is well defined, it is narrower compared to both measurements. You can say that your hips & bust are roughly the same widths, while your waist is tiny. Skater dresses look good on an hourglass body shape. You have to lose weight on your thighs, hips, & upper arms to get an hourglass shape. They are considered the toughest areas to lose weight. For your convenience, you can use the body type calculator for women to find their body shapes.

Workout guide for hourglass body shape:

  • Indulge yourself in outdoor activities.
  • Swimming for an hour is very beneficial, just like other high cardio sports activities such as cycling and jogging.
  • Must do the bicep & tricep exercises to achieve the goal of hourglass body shape.

Guidelines for diets:

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to get your desired body shape goals.

  • Avoid starchy foods, vegetables like carrots and potatoes.
  • Instead of starchy foods, use green vegetables such as broccoli and zucchini.
  • If you don’t like green veggies, then you can try brinjal or sweet potatoes.
  • Omega 3 rich foods are also very beneficial, and salmon fish is an example of omega-three foods.

When you’re dieting and exercising to achieve hourglass body shape, a body shape calculator is designed to find the current body type.

Rectangle body shape:

The rectangle or ruler body shape looks like a square shape, and this type of body doesn’t have too many curves. It seems to be evenly distributed. The waist is a little bit smaller than the hips and bust. This seems unattractive, but with the appropriate advice, people with the rectangle body can get in shape with their strength.

Workout Guidelines for Rectangle body shape:

Just focus on losing weight on your waistline area and going heavy on all the abs exercises. Aerobic activity is the best option for you to maintain cardiovascular fitness. You don’t need to lose extra fats unless you’re overweight. Experts recommended that to do the aerobic exercise for 20 to 30 minutes just for five days. Before starting a workout, you must be lying if you have no idea about your body shape. Just try a body figure calculator to determine your body shape using different body hips, high hip, and waist measurements.

Recommendations for diet:

  • Try not to drink carbonated drinks and white carbs.
  • Replace the white rice with brown or red rice.
  • Use the multigrain or gluten-free options in your diet.
  • Use olive oil-cooked foods.

These are some of the recommendations for diets to get a straight body shape. Using a body shape calculator helps tell your body shape whenever you lose or gain weight for this purpose.

Cone body shape:

This type of body is also known as the apple body shape, and in this type, the shoulders are broad with a large bust. The waist is thick, but the hips thin, and the legs are narrow. Suppose that the body shape is like an inverted cone. The body looks heavier than it is because of its body structure and fat distribution.

Workout advice:

  • Instead of a regular workout, try to do interval training.
  • Use body weights properly for various exercises like burpees and squats, but avoid the push-ups & pull-ups as they make the upper body bulky.

Diet recommendations:

This body shape is affected by the thyroid and blood sugar problem if they don’t properly diet.

  1. Use gluten-free products in your diet
  2. Include grains such as oats and quinoa with low-fat dairy products.
  3. Eggs and sprouts are also considered good meal options.

When you diet and exercise, your body changes; it is important to regularly figure out your body shape to keep a suitable weight. So, you can give a try to the body type calculator to figure out your body shape changes.

Spoon body shape:

Spoon-shaped bodies are just like the pear shape body with curvy hips, a large butt, and a slim upper body. The difference between pear & spoon body shape is that a spoon body has a large tummy where the pear shape is the opposite. You can say that it is different from the hourglass because the bust is at least 2 inches smaller than the hips. The waistline of this body shape is well defined and has slim arms & a delicate neckline.

How to get the perfect figureWorkout guidelines:

  • Go for full-body workouts such as skipping & brisk walking.
  • Try the bench press or push-ups for building muscles.
  • Ashtanga yoga is also very good for this body shape goal.
  • You can do leg lifts to tone your legs.

Diet guidelines:

  • Remove the saturated fats from your diet and foods that go straight to the stomach.
  • Use natural fat foods like dairy, baked food items, and dry fruits.
  • Must include lean proteins, white meat, leafy green veggies, and lentils.
  • Fruit and vegetable salads are also very good but try not to consume too many sweet fruits.

Everyone wants to look good and feel best when they go shopping or selecting clothes for the functions. Knowing your body shape and which style works well can help you a lot and make your looks better. For ease, you can use the body shape calculator to get an idea about your body shape.

Different body types:

It’s a good move to figure out your body shape & type before starting your exercising training and nutrition regimen. Knowing in which three body types your body lies can help you determine the best diet and exercise plan to meet your needs. Read on to know more about the three basic types of body types.


There are three basic human body types: endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. Instead of what it feels like at times, you are not bound completely to the other category. Your lifestyle, genetics, medical history, and exercising style plays an important role in how you look, and it also assists in changing it over time. Here are some of the body types.


This body type tends to be thin and struggles to gain weight as either body fat or muscle. People of this body type can consume a huge amount of food and look the same as they look before, even when they have a goal to gain muscle weight. Ectomorphs have a lean build, long limbs, and small muscle bellies. They still look slimmer and skinny than they are when they are trying to put on weight.

You have an ectomorph body type doesn’t mean that you’re weak. But you can still get strong, and you can also be fit as other people are who look larger and more muscular. All you need to do is prepare yourself to eat like you have never eaten before to achieve your desired weight gain goals. Firstly, you need to know your body type; try the body type calculator to estimate your current body type.


According to the experts, people who have mesomorph body types tend to have medium body frames. They can easily develop muscles and have larger muscles than fat on their bodies. Typically, they are strong and solid, not too underweight or overweight. You can categorize it as rectangular with an upright posture.

Square-shaped head, muscular chest & shoulders, muscular arms & legs, and equal weight distribution are characteristics. They have no eating troubles like what they want to eat, as they may lose weight. On the other hand, people having a mesomorph body type can easily gain weight, and those who are trying to stay slim can consider these characteristics as a disadvantage—at the same time, losing or gaining weight accounts for the body shape calculator to find out the body type changes during the dieting process.


An endomorph body type, figures are curvy and fuller, and the body can easily store the fats. Metabolism of this sort of person is sluggish, and the muscle & fat is concentrated in the lower body. If you are trying to manage your weight and body fitness, this one is the hardest body type. Usually, this type of person looks heavier and rounder, but it is not necessarily the case.


The article discussed so many things about body types, shapes, and exercise, and easy-to-do diets to achieve their desired body shape or types. This might be daunting, but you can do this by following the tips mentioned above & tricks.

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