Best Home Multi Gym UK (Ultimate Guide)

The Best Home Multi Gym

Getting in shape is easier with the best home multi gym and its easy to set up a home multi gym. By setting up your gym at home you save by not spending on monthly gym memberships, and the gym equipment can be used as much as needed. Some of the best equipment supports training all major muscles. And who doesn’t want home exercise equipment at their fingertips?

Home multi gym exercises are used both for losing weight and gaining muscle. Depending on the programing and caloric intake, most users can reach their fitness goals with the multi gym equipment. But are all home multi gyms the same? What makes one better than the other. This guide looks into the main features of home multi gyms. It correlates these features to real-world fitness benefits.

How To Choose The Best Multi Gym – Buying Guide

Not all home multi gyms are the same. Some offer lighter weights while others are made for the dedicated fitness user looking to maximize strength. Whichever the case, it’s clear that an informed decision can only be made while looking at a few basic features of the best gym equipment.

Best Home Multi Gym UK Ultimate Guide

Weight stack

The weight stack varies considerably from one multi gym to another. From 50kg to 100kg, there are many options to consider. But what is the purpose of the weight stack? Behind this weight, users find the purpose of the multi gym.

A weight stack closer to the minimum 50kg mark is normally used for body toning. A heftier weight stack closer to the 100kg mark is used for maximum strength and size gains. Since the weight stack can’t be upgraded, users need to decide which weight works for personal fitness objectives.

The use of the multi gym is not affected by the weight stack. The same exercises can be performed both with light and heavyweights. However, having a low weight stack may limit the maximum strength gains supported over a long period.


The size of a multi gym is measured in length (or depth) and height. But the numbers don’t mean much unless applied to a specific space inside the home. However, most users should note that multi gym comes with a height of around 200cm and sufficient clearance is needed to install it inside the house.


It takes between 4 and 6 hours to assemble the general-purpose home multi gym. In most cases, two or more people need to be part of the assembly process. It is advisable to install the multi gym on its final location inside the home.

A general note on assembly instructions also needs to be underlined. Some multi gyms come with numbered nuts and bolts. This leads to an easy step-by-step installation routine. But this is not necessarily the case with all home gyms. As a result, it may take a few hours to properly assemble the fitness equipment.

Exercise versatility

Not all multi gyms support the same exercises. However, most of them can support these workouts.

  • Lat pull-downs
  • Chest flyes
  • Biceps curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Side kicks
  • Rows
  • Chest presses

Rare exercises may also include a bench press variation, normally see on lay flat home gyms. The following home gyms cover all of these exercises, but they vary in design as well as in size and versatility. You can also get a home bench press.

Top 10 Best Home Multi Gyms In The UK

ImageProduct Description and MakeKey FeaturesCheck For Best Amazon Price
Fit4Home 7080A 68KG Multi GymFit4Home 7080A (68 KG) Multi Gym150 lbs (Approx. 68 kg) weight stack for a varied workout. Ideal for creating your own home gym. Great alternative to having just a weight bench or weights. This multi-gym combines lots of exercises making it easier to work different muscle groupsBest Amazon Price
T3-X Ultimate Home Gym470 Exercises - T3-X - Ultimate Home GymThe Mother Of All Home Gyms. Sliding bench with regulated angle of seating and backrest, upper pulley and other pulleys, smith machine, leg press, butterfly, upper and lower gate, preacher bench, handles for pull-ups, professional accessory rack and much more!Best Amazon Price
FIT4HOME Unisex Professional Home GymFIT4HOME Unisex Professional Home GymHeavy duty multi-position-able and fold-able Bench
20 kg Sand Filled Boxing Punch Bag
Best Amazon Price
Sportstech Premium 50in1 Multi GymSportstech Premium 50in1 Multi Gym for a ONE Allround Training | Multifunctional Workout StationPut together your muscle building training from over 45 exercise possibilities. Whether with latissimus pull tower, rope pull exercises, biceps curl bar, leg extension, bench press station, pull-up bar, butterfly arms, leg curler, stepper or dip station - there are no limits to your home fitness training.Best Amazon Price
vidaXL Multi Gym Utility Fitness MachinevidaXL Multi Gym Utility Fitness MachineAssembly size: 150 x 99 x 204 cm
Backrest size: 65 x 24 x 4 cm
Seat size: 31 x 30 x 4 cm
Seat height: 54 cm, Maximum user weight: 100 kg
Best Amazon Price
Fit4home Multi Gym TF-7005AFit4home Multi Gym Workout Station | Home Fitness Body Exercise MachineTrain your back, shoulders, chest, abs, biceps, legs and more. Carry out more than 50 different exercises including bench press, rowing, leg curl, , bench crunch, push-ups, arm presses, knee pulls, , standing biceps, standing triceps, various dumbbell exercises and much moreBest Amazon Price
Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi GymMarcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym 90 kg (200 lbs) solid weight stack in 13 plates, multi-function chest press can also be used for seated rows and pec dec.
We think this is the Best Home Gym For You
Best Amazon Price
V-fit Unisex’s CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home GymV-fit Unisex's CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym72kg of resistance Weights IncludedBest Amazon Price
V-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home GymV-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home GymDouble-up, on-line cabling, weight resistance system provides a maximum of 64kg of resistance lets you get more out of your workoutsBest Amazon Price
HOMCOM Multi Gym WorkstationHOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation Overall dimension: 156L x 113W x 205H cm. Assembly Required.Best Amazon Price

1) Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

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Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

With a high pulley, leg extensions foam and a preacher curl arm pad, the home multi gym covers all major muscle groups. Apart from its offered exercise variation, the multi gym is also made with durable materials with plenty of padding.

Other users appreciate the way the multi gym looks. Since it is easily part of a more complex home workout space, it’s reassuring to know its design and color can match most other types of fitness equipment.

Key features

Made with 2000lbs-capable cables, the gym operates at high standards. In real-world use, this means it has no jerking movements. Most importantly, it offers multiple exercise options for large muscle groups.

The high pulley comes with a choice of straight and Z-bar attachments. Suitable for lats and back muscles, the system is easy to use and it is the go-to exercise for upper body pulling strength. The bar can be fixed high above the sitting area as well.

Chest press and dec fly

Chest exercises are a must with the best home multi gym. Marcy offers such versatility with the chest press and dec fly. From a seated position, users bring the two arms of the dec flye towards the middle of the chest, focusing on the squeezing movement.

Workout chart

Those new to home workouts also benefit from a printed workout chart. It shows basic exercises to start the fitness journey with. However, multiple exercise variations are possible in addition to those recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Covers major pulling and pushing muscles
  • Made with a high-sitting pulley bar
  • Included leg extension pivot
  • Designed with an arm preacher curl pad


  • Some bolts in the instructions are wrongly numbered

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2) V-fit Unisex’s CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym

V-fit Unisex’s CUG-2 Herculean Compact Upright Home Gym

Made with a steel frame, the V-fit Unsex CUG-2 Herculean gym is represented versatile equipment. With 72kg of included weight, it covers pulling and pulling muscles. As most home gyms, it doesn’t include an option for abs training, but it covers most other groups.

Key features

Covers a few basic exercises from a seated position, the home multi gym is V-fit’s approach to getting in shape. While it shares a few features (ie. dedicated peck deck), the multi gym has other unique characteristics such as a low station curl bar.

Straight bar high pulley

The straight bar high pulley is used for developing the back and biceps muscles. With 72kg of weight, it offers progressive training options for those who also want to improve strength level.

Low station curl/row bar

The low station curl bar is used either for biceps exercises or rowing back exercises. Compared to a classic preacher arm pad, it has the advantage of taking up less space and freeing up access to the seating area.


  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Made with a lower station curl bar
  • Designed with a leg unit
  • Offers up to 72kg of plates


  • No option for a preacher biceps pad

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3) V-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home Gym

V-Fit LFG2 Herculean COBRA Lay Flat Home Gym

UK-based V-Fit offers innovative home training equipment with its LFG2 release. Made with a lay-flat design, it supports exercises for chest and triceps development. If most home gyms are limited to a seated position, the LFG2 also offers the lay-flat option so many users are familiar with the classic gym bench press.

Key features

As far as home gyms go, there’s always room for improvement as they mostly offer an all-in-one approach. One of the problems regular gym-goers have with such home equipment is the lack of options for chest exercises.

Lay-flat bench

The LFG2 is now the second release of the lay-flat design. Since it offers better upper body workout versatility, it is mainly recommended for men who train at home. The weights which are used for chest workouts are adjustable up to 62kg.

Folding design

A folding design has been implemented for the lay-flat bench. This means the weight bench folds away when not in use, saving further space at home. It might also be one of the reasons why the LFG2 is made suitable for compact spaces, small homes, and flats.

Included weights

The home gym also comes with included weights. Up to 62kg of adjustable weight is enough for most users who want to train at home. While the weights are not comparable to those seen in the gym, the equipment is mainly recommended for the full-body workout style of training.


  • Made with a lay-flat design
  • Designed to fold away when not in use
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Made by a UK-based company


  • Limited to 62kg of maximum weight

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4) Fit4home Ltd 7080 Multi Gym

Fit4Home 7080A 68KG Multi Gym

With thick foam cushioning, the home multi gym is used for full-body workouts. In a seated position, its users can work various muscles such as pecs or biceps. It also has more weight than the average alternative which means it can be used for strength gains.


When fully assembled, the home gym has a length of just 168cm and a height of 211cm. Users training at home finds it compact. However, there are no casters to count on which means it still needs a permanent position at home, similarly to most other fitness equipment alternatives.

Foam padding

Both the seating area and the Preacher curl pad are covered in thick foam cushioning. These elements come in contact with the user and their added support and comfort make recommends them for long-term use. However, the home gym can be used without some of the padded elements as users can opt-out of installing the Preacher curl pad.

Full-body workouts support

Those without a set of dumbbells can still use the home multi gym. It comes with a low pulley system which allows users to train and grow biceps and forearm muscles. But the upper body is also supported with pull-down exercises for lats and pushing exercises for triceps and chest muscles.


  • Short length at 168cm
  • Thickly padded using foam
  • Ships with an instructions manual
  • Includes a low pulley system


  • Some nuts and bolts are not numbered

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5) York Perform Multi Gym

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York Perform Multi Gym

Some fitness fans might think a home multi gym is not sufficient for a few good workouts each week. The York Perform Multi Gym challenges such beliefs, mainly via its heavyweight stack. At 100kg or 220lbs, the heavyweight stack is sufficient even for the dedicated fitness fan looking for better home workouts.


Of course, the added weights means the total weight of the equipment rises as well. At 162kg, the multi gym is not easy to move around once assembled. This is why its users need to find a good spot for the equipment from the start.

Heavyweight stack

With a heavier weight stack, there’s more room to build large muscles. Chest and back muscles are particularly impacted by this positive outlook of the extra weights. While smaller groups such as biceps might not need as much weight, things change with other muscles. Legs also benefit from the added weight as the quads can be properly engaged at a higher weight for strength development.

Short length

The home gym is not small. However, it is smaller than most of its alternatives. Those struggling to find sufficient room for the equipment at home can consider it for tight spaces. At a depth of 141cm, it may be installed even in corners. Since its height is slightly shorter than on most other machines, it may also work in attics and basements with lower ceilings.


  • Compact compared to other home multi-gyms
  • Heavy 100kg weight stack
  • Suitable for muscle development


  • Heavier than most other home gyms

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6) Klarfit Ultimate Multi-Gym 3500

Klarfit Ultimate Multi-Gym 3500

The hybrid home gym uses the classic bench press which is properly accessorized to support multiple exercises. However, its multifunctional profile is still fully supported which is what home users need. While it doesn’t come with weight plates, it can be installed easier than a weighted alternative home gym.


Made to hold heavy users, the multi gym is ready for daily training routines. Users of up to 150kg can sit on the bench which means it offers a great weight loss profile.

High weight capacity

Having a higher weight capacity means the multi gym can be used by those who struggle with extra weight. It has sufficient support and padding to offer proper comfort regardless of the exercise of choice. While it doesn’t cover all muscle groups, it can be used together with a cardiovascular workout routine such as running to get in shape and lose extra body fat.

Fully body workouts

With an adjustable arm curler, leg curler, and an adjustable dumbbell bar height, the multi gym still covers major muscle groups. Since it’s inspired by the classic bench press, it has high appeal to those looking to increase push strength.


  • Inspired by the bench press
  • Made with an adjustable arm curler
  • The incline press is suitable for chest and shoulders


  • Doesn’t include any weights

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7) HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation

HOMCOM Multi Gym Workstation

With two supported exercises for chest training, the home gym is ready to tackle all major groups. If its alternatives are normally limited to chest flyes, the multi gym offers a chest press option as well. It tackles both the inner and the outer chest muscles and development.

Key features

The simple home gym is made from durable materials with a black coating. It can be used in any type of setup as a result. It can also be paired with black dumbbells or other gym-specific equipment.

40kg weight stack

Given the weight stack offers a lower number of plates, the multi gym is recommended for toning exercises and not for maximum muscle growth. The 60-100kg alternatives are made for those looking to progressively gain weight. However, at just 40kg, the weight stack is made for full-body workouts.

Steel construction

Even with a lighter weight stack, the multi gym is still made with durable materials. Its steel frame supports heavy users of up to 120kg. At the same time, the padding of the home gym is durable and easy to wipe clean after every workout. Since it has a lighter profile, the 83-kg multi gym is easier to move around by two people.


  • Made with a steel frame
  • Includes a chest press function
  • Finished with an all-black design


  • 40kg weight stack

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8) DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym

DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym

Pull-downs, rows and shoulder raises can be performed on the home multi gym. Legs can be worked as well. Leg raises as well as inner and outer leg kicks are supported. With an 80kg weight stack, it is a multi gym made for the serious user.


A few classic exercises are supported by the versatile equipment. Since users don’t need to move to change the performed exercise, this makes the multi gym an inspired solution for full-body workouts.

Seated workouts

Seated workouts are the norm when it comes to multi gyms. Users have the freedom of working for major muscle groups without too much effort. Those willing to improve their strength can even combine arm curl supersets with lat pull down supersets from the same position.

Leg exercise options

Side kicks and leg raises make the equipment an admirable design for a fitter body. The main benefit of the leg raiser section of the equipment is that it comes with thick padding which means even with the heaviest weights, the legs won’t have to suffer.


  • Made with an 80kg weight stack
  • An inspired choice for leg curls and leg kicks
  • Most exercises can be performed from the same position


  • Long assembly process

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9) Weider Unisex’s 8700

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Weider Unisex's 8700 multigym

With its thick rounded frame, the multi gym is one of the durable options made by a reputable brand. Weider is an inspiring fitness name and its Unisex 8700 multi gym can be used for any type of physical training objective.


While it looks similar to another multi gym, the 8700 is made with a smoother finish. From the coating to the padding, it is made to last for years. While many multi gyms are only used on occasion, Weider’s multi gym handles daily workouts.

Durable materials

The durable materials are seen in the steel frame structure of the multi gym. While assembly takes a few hours, the multi gym also looks good. This is where users acknowledge its design is matched by great durability. With a lighter 57kg weight stack, the multi gym is ready for all types of workouts that don’t put too much pressure on the pulleys.

Cushioning foam

Foam cushioning is used on the seat pan, backrest and Preacher armpad. Covered in a durable black and red material which cleans easily, the padding is not the thickest, but it is durable. Other types of padding such as sponge padding lose elasticity in time.


  • Elegant Weider design
  • Made with durable cushioning
  • Includes a robust Preacher pad


  • The seat is not height-adjustable

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10) Bodymax CF486 Bi-Angular Trainer Multigym

Bodymax CF486 Bi-Angular Trainer Multigym

The multi gym stands out with its bi-angular chest flyes handles. They work the outer and the inner chest, a rare feature in the multi gym world. Furthermore, the machine also supports triceps exercises. The pull-down bar doubles as a triceps extension bar, for extra workout creativity.


This unique multi gym has a bit more versatility than its average alternative. It also means it works for those who want to exercise from multiple angles, especially pushing muscles.

Two chest angles

The two grip angles of the pec deck are what make the multi gym stand out. Without too much weight, users can activate their pecs better. Such angle versatility is normally desired by dedicated fitness fans.

360 degree handles

The lower arms with 360-degree handles works great for extra versatility on chest exercises. However, they can also be used to increase triceps strength and definition. With the additional legs section, the multi gym covers most major muscle groups.


  • Supports 2 pec deck angled
  • Includes 360-degree handles
  • Made with a high pulley for back muscles


  • Mainly useful for the dedicated fitness user

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Why the Marcy MKM-81010 is the best home multi gym

Made by a reputable company, the Marcy MKM-81010 is the best home multi gym. It scores highly on all essential areas such as having a versatile weight stack and easy assembly.

Weight stack – at 90kg, the weight stack of the Marcy MKM-81010 covers all spectrum of plates needed both by beginners and by advanced users.

Size – at a depth of 99cm, the multi gym doesn’t take up too much space inside the house.

Assembly – users report clear assembly instructions. General assembly time varies from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the number of people putting it together.


To make the most of these home multi gyms, it is highly advisable to check the floor is completely flat. A spirit level might be the cheapest tool to ensure the floor is perfectly flat. Rarely covered by the instructions manual of a home multi gym, this step is what determines optimum equipment functionality. So whatever home exercise equipment you get, check where you are going to put it first.

Another aspect to consider with multi gyms comes with workout programs and exercise variation. Even if the number of sustained exercises is limited with the equipment, varying weights and intensity can break certain fitness plateaus. The best part about multi gyms is that users have the freedom to train as much as needed right in the comfort of their homes. So whatever type of all in one workout machine you get, or if you need to get a home bench press to add something extra, you cant go wrong with a home multi gym – as long as you get out there and use it!!!

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T3-X Ultimate Home Gym


Are all-in-one home gyms worth it?

All-in-one home gyms can be great investments if you want an easy and convenient way to get a full-body workout. Many of these models come with everything you need in one set, so there’s no need to purchase extra equipment or weights separately. Investing in an all-in-one home gym can be a great way to save time and space while still getting a quality workout.

Are multi gyms better than free weights?

Multi-gyms offer the convenience of having multiple workouts on one machine. This makes it an ideal option for those who are short on space and prefer to have a more structured workout. However, free weights can offer more freedom and customization when it comes to your workouts, allowing you to target muscle groups in different ways. Ultimately, both free weights and multi-gyms have their benefits, and choosing between them should be based on individual goals and preferences.

Can you build muscle with a multi gym?

Yes, you can use multi gyms to help build muscle. Multi gyms offer a variety of exercises and equipment that can be used to target specific muscles, while also providing the user with the added benefit of being able to perform a range of comprehensive workouts in one space.

How often should I use my multi gym?

The frequency of your multi gym workouts depends on your fitness goals. Generally speaking, if you’re looking to increase muscle strength and size, you should aim for 2 to 3 days a week. If your goal is increased endurance and better physical condition, then exercising 4-5 days a week is recommended.

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