Five Ways To Improve Your Muscle Mass

The Best 5 Ways To Improve Your Muscle Mass

Best Spin Bikes UKIn the weight room, patience is overrated, especially when you’re looking at achieving a specific outcome, like growing muscle.

While it’s true that change takes time, chances are your approach is off if you’re trying to build and improve muscle mass, but aren’t seeing obvious increases even after month of month of hard work. You know that a workout is one terrible thing to waste. Also, there’s no reason a person can’t see more even if they’re already seeing progress.

So, how do you improve muscle mass effectively and quickly? Here are five ways to rev up the whole process:

  • Eat Sufficient Protein

Best Spin Bikes UKYou’d want to eat enough protein so that you can improve your muscle mass. It doesn’t have to be that hard if you can find the right food to feed your body with. Most people think that they need to consume a ton of meat to meet their protein requirements. However, you can also get protein by eating other foods, like beans and soy products.

It’s important that you understand the fact that it’s not just about eating protein, but eating it in the right proportion so that your body gets all the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to develop. You should be eating more than one gram of protein per pound of your body weight per day in order to consume sufficient protein for muscle development.

Protein supplements are also a good addition to your diet. The most popular muscle building supplements today include True Mass 1200 and Serious Mass, so consider taking them for faster muscle mass development. True Mass 1200 vs Serious Mass: which is better for you? It’s best to research thoroughly about how each supplement works if you’re having a hard time choosing between them.

  • Work Out Frequently

While many of the weight training workouts that you see advertised are really geared towards helping you achieve a better shape, they don’t make it clear that a frequent workout is a very good way to improve muscle mass. The reason for this is that most people have a schedule that they follow in order to accomplish their workout. When you’re only working out for a number of hours per week, your body tends to go through a withdrawal period. This is when it’s easier for your body to put on weight since your metabolism slows down, and you start burning calories slower. It actually takes at least three sessions of workouts per week for you to create that muscle-building stimulus.

  • Utilize The Right Weight Training Exercises

When trying to improve muscle mass, picking the right exercises is important. If you’ve already done some research, you’ll know that when it comes to weight training exercises, there are those that are considered to be part of the ‘big three,’ which are:

  • Best Bench Press ExerciseBench Press – The bench press is, perhaps, one of the easiest exercise options available. In fact, many people who’ve never really done many different exercises tend to find the bench press to be extremely easy. This is because most people don’t find it very difficult to keep their upper body straight during this particular exercise.


It’s very important to have proper form when performing the bench press. One thing you should make sure of when performing the bench press is that you should be able to breathe correctly throughout your entire workout. One very common error that many people make when performing the bench press is holding the bar at the highest possible position. This will often lead to an injury to the muscles of your chest area.

  • Deadlift – The deadlift is an extremely difficult weight lifting exercise wherein a dumbbell is lifted from the floor to above the head, then, back down to the starting position. It’s definitely one of the three major powerlifts; the squat and the bench press are the other two. If you want to be a strong and versatile lifter, this is one of your best options. It can be performed by anyone at any time and shouldn’t be avoided. The most important thing to remember about this exercise is that it requires a lot of upper body strength.
  • Squat – The squat variation has become very common nowadays. A squat variation is an exercise wherein the trainee raises their knees to a semi-pronated position and, then, returns to a standard position as if they’re just standing. During the rise of a squat variation, the thigh and hip muscles contract, whilst the leg and ankle joints flex. The lower limb muscles also extend during the exercise. One of the best squat variations is the squat with dumbbells.
  • Eat Sufficient Carbohydrates

Even if you’re trying to improve your muscle mass, it’s still important that you don’t skimp on carbs. Does that make any sense? Yes, of course, since you need carbs to maintain your body’s stores of glucose and to fuel your efforts if you exercise hard.

If you fail to consume sufficient carbohydrates, your muscles will be broken down for the purpose of protein and carbohydrate production to meet your body’s needs for these nutrients. You may need two up to four grams of carbohydrates per pound of your body weight per day, depending on your training’s intensity and volume. Note that low-carb diets may not be enough for high-volume and high-intensity workouts.

  • Get More Sleep

When improving muscle mass, a good sleep every night is important. Sleeping at least eight hours each day, ideally, is what you should try to achieve consistently. Of course, it might take some time to get used to it, especially if you have been sleeping less than eight hours a day for a while. But it’s worth it because it will give your body time to recover and repair itself. You don’t want to wait until you’re feeling too tired to go to sleep. So, make sure that you’re rested and ready to lift the next day.

Final Thoughts

Goal setting is also very important when you want to improve your muscle mass. That’s because it will make it easier for you to motivate yourself. Set exact goals, and you also don’t want to miss out on tracking your progress. Keep tabs on your progress and the program you’re following by measuring your muscles at key intervals.

About the writer: Catherine Perez

Catherine Perez was once an overweight and is now dedicated to living healthily. Catherine has dedicated her life to prioritize health and wellness, and aims to influence her blog readers to do the same.

Catherine regularly updates her blog with different topics on health and wellness – from educating readers on the health risks of obesity, to providing tips on how they can effectively work out.



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