JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Finding the ideal exercise bike can take time because the market is full of workout alternatives. The buying process can become even more difficult when you have numerous features to consider.

Considering this challenge, we will review one of the top-performing exercise bikes, the JLL RE200 Recumbent Bike. The RE200 is excellent for a full-body workout. It has high-end features that let you exercise comfortably for better fitness. No matter your level of fitness, the RE200 will be able to accommodate you.

Is RE200 Recumbent Bike the best option for you? The following paragraphs will help you decide!

We will discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and typical problems consumers encounter when using RE200 Recumbent Bike for home use.

Let’s get into this!

Best Features

JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike For Home

8 Magnetic Resistance Levels

This workout bike is user-friendly, reliable, and robust. You can always give yourself a tough time by rotating the knob on the frame to change the resistance. The RE200 Recumbent Bike uses magnetic resistance technology that operates smoothly and silently.

6 Readout Display

JLL RE200 Recumbent Monitor

RE200 Recumbent Bike shows time, speed, distance, odometer, calories, and pulse. The monitor has six readouts in total. As you work out, you may keep an eye on each component. The monitor’s size makes it easy to view while working out. Riders have also appreciated how easy it is to use the buttons to operate the display.


The JLL RE200 Recumbent Bike has handlebars with pulse rate monitors attached. These sensors are highly user-friendly and responsive. While pedalling, you receive a heart rate measurement on the monitor. The bike comes with two sets of handlebars which is impressive.

Magnetic Braking System

When we talk about exercise bikes, magnetic braking systems are often used to achieve a precise and smooth shift in resistance. RE200 comes with a magnetic braking system. Direct-contact brakes and resistance systems using fans are both noisier than the magnetic braking technique.

11LBS Bi-Directional Flywheel

Since the flywheel is bi-directional, you may pedal in either direction and still feel the resistance. This enables you to engage more muscles and accelerate your progress. The 11-pound flywheel gives you a challenging but smooth exercise. However the flywheel is relatively light, which can disappoint those expecting a more challenging workout. But with this flywheel, the bike is stable enough to perform steady-state aerobic exercises at a slower tempo.

Direct Belt Driven System

The JLL RE200 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike’s rubber belt is exceptionally sturdy. It guarantees that the cycle will last for a long time. The belt-driven mechanism operates quietly and smoothly. Users like how effortlessly and silently they may exercise at home, thanks to the belt-driven system’s compatibility with the magnetic resistance system. The belt has the additional advantage of requiring less maintenance when compared to typical chain-driven bikes.


Cycling for just 2.5 hours a week can boost immune cell function. It can also lower your risk of illness, enhance sleep quality, and lower stress levels. A comfortable, high-quality seat is included with the RE200 for a pleasant cycling experience. Additionally, this can be moved up or down according to the user’s height.


The JLL RE200 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike may be moved from room to room thanks to the transfer wheels. It is lightweight and robust enough that users can handle it easily.


This exercise bike is not intended for children under 12; anyone between 12 and 18 must always be under adult supervision. It also complies with the CE, UKCA, and EN957 standards for safety.

Pros & Cons

JLL RE200 Recumbent Magnetic Resistance Levels


  • Convenient to Adjust: The seat can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, making it comfortable for users of all heights. Additionally, this feature guarantees that you maintain proper posture, ultimately lowering your chance of injury.
  • Mobility-Friendly Design: It has an excellent low-step-through design for people with mobility challenges.
  • Effective Therapy Sessions: You can use bidirectional motion and adjustable resistance levels for improved rehabilitation sessions.
  • Unique Features: With 8 levels of resistance, Magnetic Resistance restricts the flywheel quietly and smoothly. The information shown on a 6-function monitor is time, calories, odometer, speed, distance, and pulse.


  • Minor Design Issues: The monitor readouts are covered up by the tablet holder’s design.
  • Primary Workout Partner: Not ideal for people who love intense workout sessions

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: JLL Fitness
  • Colour: Black
  • Power source: Battery Powered
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Resistance mechanism: Magnetic
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 220 pounds
  • Drive system: Belt

Customer Reviews

After 60 global ratings, the JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike has a global average review score of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.

Here are some positive verified reviews about the bike:

I needed to concentrate on strengthening my knee so after reading the reviews thought this was the correct machine for this purpose. I have not been disappointed with it doing what l need to achieve this. It is sturdy strong and robust the screen information is all l required to increase the programme for me.”

One more says:

“I have had a few machines but nothing supports your back and posture like this genre! If you have been let down by rowing machines, upright bikes, cross trainers etc, then this is where you will find solace.”

As for complaints, people looking for heavy strength exercise did not like it much;

“The strongest fiction (8) may not result in enough exercise for strengthening the tight muscles for somebody.”

Is this the Best Option?

JLL RE200 Recumbent Bike Specs and Features

The JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike, in general, has many features that are great for exercising at home. However, exercise bikes built with an advanced performance model to assist in heavy exercises would be a better option for athletes or anyone searching for more demanding workouts.

It’s incredible how well this bike has been constructed for comfort. Foam padding covers are used to cover seats, handlebars, and backrests. This ensures you can exercise comfortably and with enough support. It can be a great partner during my lengthier steady-state cardio exercises.

We recommend JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike to those wishing to get fitter and work out at home with a gentle approach.


Most users have favourable things to say about JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike. This is a comfortable and convenient way for people with knee or other mobility limitations to get fit and strong.

Like every other machine on the internet, this bike also has limitations. The JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike can be an excellent deal for the appropriate buyer.

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Is the JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike foldable?

The RE200 exercise bike cannot be folded. Instead, you may move the bike around using the built-in wheels on the bottom.

Can you pedal while standing up?

No, it is not recommended by the users and experts. It is made to be pedalled while sitting down.

Can a person taller than 6” exercise on the bike?

Yes, there is no problem for taller individuals.

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