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The best MMA headgear is arguably one of the most important pieces of kit that can be purchased, after all you do only have one head. More importantly it’s the contents of your head that the headgear will be helping to save.

In this article we will be bringing you the best headgear that MMA brands have to offer and reviewing them to give you all the information needed before making a purchasing decision.

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So here it is our top 5 list of the best headgear for MMA training.

Top 5 Best MMA Headgear


RDX Maya Hide Leather MMA Headgear

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What They Say

RDX® headgear makes sure your head is in the right place! When you’re switching between boxing, Muay thai clinching or kickboxing and grappling when you’re sparring in MMA, you want to make sure your headgear can withstand the punishment.

Key FeaturesRDX Maya Hide Leather MMA Headgear

Triple padded Tri-Slab padding for maximum protection

Made from high quality maya leather for durability

Optional/removable faceguard

The Good

  • Multiple colour options
  • Removable face guard
  • Comes with shell shock gel lining
  • Highly shock absorbent

The Bad

  • RDX is considered a cheap brand by some, however they make affordable high quality products the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves

Our View

If its good quality headgear at an affordable price that you are after then look no further. Featuring triple padding, Supremo-Shock foam padding in addition to a shell shock gel lining this headgear by RDX is super shock absorbent and offers maximum face protection. The optional removable face guard and maya leather construction gives this headgear added versatility and durability making it a great buy for both beginners and MMA training veterans.

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RDX Maya Hide Leather MMA Headgear HGR T2B

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What They Say

A legacy in the building, the RDX Supreme Head Guard Reinforced with moulded steel face bar & Gel Integrated Padding is redefined with technologies, fit characteristics. Train with enduring sports brand RDX Zero Impact G-Core twinned layer Gel Integrated technology Cow Hide Leather Head Guard with suede cow hide leather inner providing a non slip comfort fit.

Key FeaturesRDX Headguard for Boxing

Reinforced moulded steel face bar

Lace up closure

RDX Zero Impact G-Core twinned layer Gel Integrated technology

Made from cow hide leather

The Good

  • Non Slip
  • Lots of protection
  • Good visibility

The Bad

  • Quite bulky which depending on how fast you are, can lead to getting hit more

Our View

As you may have noticed this is the only full face headgear in our top 5. The reason for this is because there really aren’t that many good quality ones and most of them are far too bulky. However this model by RDX is ideal for MMA training.

First of all the padding and reinforced steel bar work a treat and offer more than adequate protection from kicks and punches. In addition to the protection the visibility of this headgear is also very good. With most full face headgear the visibility is noticeably a lot less when compared to open headgear, however with this headgear you can see plenty more than i expected.

This model is sold as a non-slip model meaning it wont shift or swivel upon impact. The padded chin strap helps a lot in keeping a secure fit and the lace up closure also allows for a snug fit both of these work together in making this headgear a very good non-slip one.

All in all this is a very durable, comfortable and affordable headgear and is probably the best full face headgear MMA enthusiasts can buy.

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RDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Headgear

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What They Say

RDX® head guard is built to utterly protect the most vital part of your body – the brains. Durable and long-lasting, authentic full-grain cowhide leather compliments the already solid interior of this guard. Zero Impact G-Core gel technology incorporates Tri-Slab™ Shell-Shock™ integrated Supremo Shock™ foam padding to provide the most shock-absorbent head-guard you have ever worn. Exclusive R-Lock™ system adjusts snugness providing a comfortable fit with zero budge. This guard was made to provide confidence where it’s needed the most, while sparring.

Key FeaturesRDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Headgear

Made from cow hide nappa leather

Two way rear head closure

Featuring G-Core foam for added protection

The Good

  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Very light
  • Excellent visibility
  • Absorbs perspiration and stays non-slip

The Bad

Our View

This is the second RDX headgear that features in our top 5 list and although its a little bit more expensive than the other you do get a lot more for your money.

From just looking at this headgear its easy to see how padded and protective looking it is. In addition to been extra padded up it still gives great visibility which you wouldn’t normally expect.

There is a lot of technology incorporated into this headgear to make it as lightweight as possible at the same time as giving maximum protection.

Been made from high quality nappa leather the durability of this headgear isn’t anything to worry about either. There is a lot to be said of the RDX brand. Although some people do see it as a cheap brand they undoubtedly make some very affordable high quality fight gear. Coming third in our top 5 list this headgear is up there with the best headgear for MMA.

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

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What They Say

Head into bigger and better challenges with our Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear. Made in Thailand with 100% Skintex leather, brings you the most perfect head gear protection at an affordable price.

Key FeaturesVenum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

Made in Thailand from 100% Skintex leather

Triple density contoured foam

Flexible two way velcro closure

The Good

  • Multiple colour options
  • very lightweight
  • Head, cheek, ear and chin protection
  • Very affordable

The Bad

  • No protection on the top of your head

Our View

Coming in at our number 2 spot and almost our best headgear for MMA is the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear.

The fact this headgear is made in Thailand pretty much assures its quality as most of the best MMA gear is made there. This model provides plenty of protection covering the head, chin, cheeks and ears. However there is no protection in the form of padding on the top of the head, unlike with the RDX MMA headgear.

When wearing this reviews state there is hardly any movement or swivel when sparring and i agree, this headgear stays firmly in place during sparring sessions.

Is it the best headgear for MMA that money can buy ?

If the reviews are anything to go off then yes this is definitely up there with the best MMA headgear but not quite number 1.

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Venum Elite MMA Head Guard

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What They Say

Our Venum Elite headgear is the answer for those who are looking for the right protection.To provide the highest quality protection, the Elite headgear is built with Skintex leather to provide comfort during expected intense blows to the head training after training. The head and face coverage was designed in order to combine full cranial protection while keeping a 180-degree view of your next opponent.Because an elite fighter always keeps his head in the game.

Venum Elite MMA Head GuardKey Features

100% Skintex leather construction for great durability and high fighting performances.

Ultra lightweight to allow faster head movement.

Specific face design for a perfect protection and an open 180-degree vision.

Triple density contoured foam for ultimate shock absorption.

Reinforced ear cover.

Open-Top design with mesh for a better evacuation of perspiration and moisture.

Flexible 2-ways Velcro closure for a customized no-slip fit.

Handmade in Thailand.

The Good

  • Great visibility
  • Excellent ear protection so no more cauliflower ears
  • The shock absorption is very noticeable when compared to cheaper headgear

The Bad

  • Takes a while to break in

Our View

Claiming our number 1 spot as the best MMA headgear is the Venum Elite Headgear. If you know anything about the Venum brand it’s probably the fact that they make high quality boxing, Muay Thai and MMA gear.

The first thing to say about this headgear is that it offers plenty of padding, especially in the forehead area. In addition the padding in the cheeks is also more than sufficient. The wide arc of vision this headgear gives makes it ideal for MMA training, as unlike with boxing its not just punches that you need to spot coming your way.

When wearing this headgear you can be sure it wont swivel around when hit. The chin bar and the buckle on the back make sure this headgear stays firmly in its place.

Overall this is the best MMA headgear available to buy it offers excellent protection, great visibility a secure fit and it wont break the bank to purchase it.

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How do I choose MMA headgear?

When choosing MMA headgear, consider the following factors:

  1. Size and Fit: Ensure that the headgear fits snugly and comfortably without obstructing your vision. It should provide full coverage for your forehead, temples, cheeks, and chin.
  2. Padding and Protection: Look for headgear with sufficient padding to absorb impact and protect your head from strikes. The padding material should be high-quality and durable.
  3. Adjustability: Opt for headgear with adjustable straps or closures to customize the fit and prevent slippage during training or sparring.
  4. Visibility and Ventilation: Choose headgear with proper ventilation to prevent excessive heat build-up. Additionally, it should not obstruct your peripheral vision.
  5. Material: Quality materials like genuine leather or synthetic leather with good stitching are preferred for their durability and longevity.
  6. Brand Reputation: Consider reputable brands known for producing high-quality MMA gear to ensure reliability and safety.
  7. Safety Standards: Check if the headgear complies with safety standards to ensure it meets quality and protective requirements.
  8. Try It On: If possible, try the headgear on before purchasing to assess its fit and comfort. This will help you find the best one that suits your needs.

Remember, investing in quality headgear is essential to protect yourself during training and sparring sessions, reducing the risk of injuries to your head and face.

To Conclude

The best headgear for MMA should offer plenty of protection in the form of padding at the same time as remaining as light in weight as possible. In addition a wide arc of vision is another essential as its better to see more than less, especially when its fists, feet, elbows and knees coming your way. Furthermore a good no-slip and comfortable fit is another requirement. Buy headgear that meets this criteria and you should get yourself the best MMA headguard for your budget.


How effective is headgear?

MMA headgear is designed to provide some protection to the head and face during training and sparring sessions. While it can help reduce the risk of cuts and bruises, it does not completely eliminate the risk of concussions or other head injuries. It is important to use proper technique and follow safety guidelines in addition to wearing headgear for maximum protection.

Do punches still hurt with headgear?

While headgear can provide some protection against cuts and abrasions, it does not significantly reduce the impact of punches. Fighters can still feel the force of the punches, although the headgear may help distribute the force over a larger area.

Can you get cauliflower ears if you wear headgear?

While wearing MMA headgear can provide some protection, it is not guaranteed to prevent cauliflower ear. The condition is typically caused by repeated trauma to the ears, such as from grappling or striking. Headgear can help reduce the risk, but it is still possible to develop cauliflower ear even while wearing it.

Does headgear reduce brain trauma?

There is ongoing debate among experts about whether headgear actually reduces brain trauma in MMA. Some studies suggest that headgear may provide some protection against superficial injuries, such as cuts and bruises, but it may not significantly reduce the risk of concussions or other serious brain injuries. It is important for fighters to prioritize proper technique, training, and safety measures to minimize the risk of brain trauma.

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