Pump Up Your Fitness Game: Best Exercise Bikes Under £1000

Shopping for an exercise bike with a budget of up to £1000? Well, with a budget of up to £1000, you’re in luck because the exercise bikes in this price range are almost built for the apocalypse!

These mighty machines will make you feel like you’re riding a commercial gym bike. They have killer looks, too!

But if you’re a UFC fighter or a hardcore athlete, you might be better off finding a dragon to chase you up a mountain. But, for the rest of us, these bikes are perfect for our typical home gyms and will remain relevant for years to come.

What are these bikes we speak of? Let’s check them out and see what they have to offer!

ImageModelTypeMonitor ReadoutResistance LevelsMax User WeightCheck Prices
adidas C-21xadidas C-21xSpin68150 kgView Amazon UK Price
JTX Cyclo Studio V5JTX Cyclo Studio V5Spin5Manual135 kgView Amazon UK Price
DKN EMB-600DKN EMB-600Upright732180 kgView Amazon UK Price
Sole Fitness B94Sole Fitness B94Upright820135 kgView Amazon UK Price
Harison B8 Recumbent Exercise BikeHarison B8Recumbent714159 kgView Amazon UK Price
Spirit XBR25Spirit XBR25Recumbent720150 kgView Decathalon UK Price
EXERPEUTIC ExerworkEXERPEUTIC ExerworkFoldable724181 kgView Amazon UK Price
JTX Mission Air BikeJTX Mission Air BikeAir5n/a160 kgView Amazon UK Price
Schwinn Airdyne AD6Schwinn Airdyne AD6Air7n/a136 kgView Amazon UK Price
Original PelotonOriginal PelotonSpinPeloton AppManual135 kgView Amazon UK Price
NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent BikeNordicTrack R35Recumbent626160 kgView NordicTrack UK Price

What to Expect for £1000 When Buying an Exercise Bike

Last time, we made a rundown of the best bikes under £500, proving to our readers that you can get an incredible deal within that price point. You can even find old-school yet amazing exercise bikes for under £200. So, what can we expect if we shell out a bit more?

For starters, you can find many reputable brands like Schwinn, Spirit, and Sole Fitness. And if you don’t mind spending a little bit more, you can purchase a Peloton or NordicTrack.

With a budget of £1000, you can expect to find exercise bikes with a sleek, foolproof design and the ability to deliver a satisfyingly tough workout. These are the bikes that will happily take all the strain and smile back at you!

The bike models we recommend offer a solid warranty and weight capacity — two indicators that show the integrity of the bike. In terms of ease of use and overall user comfort, you can expect a lot more thoughtful features in this price range.

Take note that not all exercise bikes share the same degree of sophistication and versatility when it comes to their console. For instance, air bikes will never be as tech-infused as spin bikes. You won’t need Kinomap compatibility to ride across the cobbles in Northern France.

Regardless of the type of bike you choose, it is guaranteed that the resistance mechanism will make you love and loathe your bike at the same time. These bikes offer a wide range of difficulty settings, putting you to the test and progressively raising your fitness level.

Best Spin Bike Under £1000

Adidas C-21x Bluetooth Indoor Cycle

adidas C-21x indoor exercise bike

Starting off our list is the C-21x Indoor Cycle from the global sports giant Adidas. It comes equipped with a 16 kg (35 lb) flywheel, thus resulting in an impressively smooth cycling action that simulates the challenges of outdoor cycling.

While most spin bikes have buttons or knobs for adjusting the resistance, the C-21x has a shifting paddle at the front and centre that lets you choose between 8 levels impressively fast. This feature is perfect for HIITs and SITs, given the speed and ease of changing resistance.

Comfort is another strong point of the Adidas C-21x. The race-style saddle and handlebars come with quick-release adjustment mechanisms. The handles include armrests. Did I already mention it uses Jendel pedals?

Both parts are fully adjustable so that everyone in the household, regardless of stature, can achieve an ergonomically correct riding position using this bike. This solid bike can support up to 150 kg (330 lb).

The simple yet effective Bluetooth-enabled console delivers live performance metrics: time, speed, distance, calories, RPM, and pulse. Adidas has included a chest strap for this model to monitor your heart rate accurately.

There are a total of 4 workout modes (time, distance, calories, and target HR mode). Better yet, avail yourself of the curated programmes and coaching offered by Kinomap and Zwift to make your workouts even more engaging. Safely mount your tablet/smartphone onto the device holder integrated into the design of the console.

For your peace of mind, Adidas offers a 2-year warranty on the C-21x Indoor Cycle. This model has other fantastic touches, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself!

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JTX Cyclo Studio V5

JTX Fitness Cyclo Studio V5 exercise bike

Another worthy splurge is the JTX Fitness Cyclo Studio V5. In terms of size and scale, the bike tips the scales at 66.5 kg (147 lb), including its 16 kg flywheel. It uses frictionless magnetic resistance and a heavy-duty crank with a sealed bearing system.

These features, combined with its extra-large 2″ x 5″ steel frame, provide stability and a fluid, whisper-quiet riding experience. Whether you set up your bike on a carpeted floor or a hard surface, it shouldn’t sway even when a 135 kg (298 lb) user is performing sprints.

Comfort is considered through its extra-padded saddle and intuitive adjustment system, which JTX calls the “Quadri-Set™.” This system gives you a way to modify the vertical position and angle of the seat, as well as the position of the handlebars.

The handles have built-in pulse sensors, and you can read your heart rate via the LCD. Also, the bike has an SPD clip-in system if you’d rather wear SPD shoes as you work up a sweat.

Now, one downside for us is that you need to tweak the resistance level using a knob, and that’s due to the lack of a sophisticated console. While the console is Bluetooth-ready and tracks basic metrics, it lacks preloaded programmes. You’ll need to mount a tablet and connect your device to Kinomap or Zwift.

In any case, the upsides far outweigh the drawbacks on this one. The JTX Cyclo Studio V5 gives a commercial-quality feel, and you certainly wouldn’t feel short-changed with how good the bike looks and feels. In addition, it comes with a 3-year warranty, covering both parts and labour.

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Best Upright Bike Under £1000

DKN EMB-600 Exercise Bike

DKN EMB-600 Exercise Bike

If you are tired of exercise bikes that wobble like Jello-O, especially if you are on the heavy side, you might want to consider the DKN EMB-600. With its high-grade steel construction, ultra-stable weight of 68 kg (150 lbs), and user capacity of 180 kg (397 lb), it surely can handle even the burliest of riders.

The quick-release mechanisms make it a breeze to find the best possible riding position, while the wide and gel-padded saddle provides optimal comfort even for larger users. The cushioned foot pedals are also a welcome touch that helps to reduce foot fatigue during long rides.

But the EMB-600 isn’t just about brute strength; it also has brains! With a heavy 16 kg (35.2 lb) flywheel, electromagnetic resistance, and belt-driven transmission, it provides an ultra-smooth, fast operation that will push you to your limits and leave you drenched in sweat.

The real star of the show here is the 32 levels of computer-controlled magnetic resistance and 16 pre-set onboard programmes, so you’ll always have your choice of different workouts to keep you challenged as your fitness improves. Plus, you can share it with up to 3 users and allow them to make custom profiles for themselves.

But wait, there’s more!

The EMB-600 also features an in-built Bluetooth Smart wireless receiver, allowing you to use a Polar device so that you can continuously monitor your heart rate without missing a beat. You can mount your tablet or iPad on the ledge in the middle of the console and watch shows or listen to music while working out.

Better yet, avail of a Kinomap subscription and enjoy scenic rides from the comfort of your home.

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You might be interested in the older model from DKN. Read our review here.

Sole Fitness B94 Upright Exercise Bike [2020 model]

Sole Fitness B94 Upright Exercise Bike

Sole Fitness is notable for producing virtually indestructible gym equipment, and the Sole Fitness B94 is no exception.

Given that it’s the least expensive upright in the Sole Fitness showroom, the manufacturer understandably had to make some compromises. But don’t worry; you’ll still get a robust bike built with heavy steel tubing and aluminium shrouding. It weighs 45 kg (100 lb) and has a 136 kg (300 lb) user weight limit.

You can exercise at home without disturbing the peace, as it makes use of a 9 kg (20 lb) flywheel and belt-driven transmission. With its 9-inch LCD, 10 pre-loaded workout programmes, and 20 levels of resistance, the Sole B94 offers a challenge to beginners and mid-level trainees alike.

And with its complete wireless telemetry system and grip heart rate sensors, you can monitor your heart rate and track your progress with ease. Plus, the 2020 model comes with additional variables on the data screen, a back handlebar for storage, a lifetime warranty on the frame, and three years on electronics and parts.

The seat has vertical and horizontal adjustments, and the saddle even has gel padding for added comfort. Oh, and did we mention it also has workout fans, an audio jack and speaker system, and an integrated bottle holder?

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Best Recumbent Bike Under £1000

HARISON Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

HARISON B8 Recumbent Exercise Bike

For individuals with restricted mobility or joint problems, the HARISON Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike would get you much-needed exercise without exacerbating issues.

Built with stainless steel, the HARISON B8 can support users weighing up to 182 kg (400 lb). Being stainless, you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion, but the manufacturer went the extra mile and coated it with an eco-friendly finish, ensuring its longevity and good looks.

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This model uses magnetic resistance and a belt-drive transmission, thus offering a pleasantly smooth and quiet operation. However, it lacks an internal motor. While there are 14 tension levels available, you can only alter the resistance through the dial on the front mast.

Neither the console nor any external power source can control the resistance. This being said, the console does not have pre-defined programmes, and it only serves as a tracker. On the bright side, the console is Bluetooth-ready and comes with a device holder to keep your tablet or iPad in place.

The oversized, padded seat is a cloud for your bottom. The meshed backrest promotes breathability and accommodates the natural curvature of the lower back. Moreover, the sliding seat features a rail system that is adjustable from front to back. There are heart sensors on the handles, so you won’t have to buy a Polar device.

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Spirit XBR25 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Spirit XBR25 recumbent exercise bike

The same parent company that owns Sole Fitness also owns Spirit. Like Sole, these guys prioritise performance and provide generous warranties.

The XBR25 Recumbent Exercise Bike is Spirit’s entry-level recumbent exercise bike, but like pretty much all Spirit machines, it is built solidly, as evidenced by its assembled weight of 60 kg (132 lb). This bike also comes with an impressive weight limit of 159 kg (350 lb), which is another fact that indicates superior frame integrity.

Although the backrest on the XBR25 is not adjustable, the lever in front of the seat makes height adjustments straightforward. Most users agree that the well-padded seat is comfortable to sit and the vented backrest offers lumbar support. The bike has a cooling fan to keep you comfortably cool and two water bottle holders on either side of the seat.

The XBR25 features a 7.5-inch console, which is large enough to be seen clearly during your workout sessions and the blue backlighting feature enhances visibility. The angle of the console can be adjusted slightly, ensuring a comfortable viewing angle.

The biggest downside we see is that the console only comes with 6 workout programs and is lacking some of the higher-tech features found on other models, like Bluetooth. For heart rate monitoring, you can use the built-in grip monitors to get an estimate of your heart rate, or you can use a strap monitor for more accurate readings.

While the Spirit XBR25 isn’t crammed with hi-tech console features, it is built like a tank and packs impressive performance specs nonetheless.

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Best Folding Bike Under £1000

Exerpeutic Exerwork Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Exerwork 2000i folding exercise bike

Say hello to the Exerpeutic Exerwork Exercise Bike, the bike that won’t make you choose between fitness and furniture. This beauty has earned 4-star ratings out of 337 reviews on Amazon, and for good reason.

Despite its slim appearance, the Exerpeutic Gold 575 XLS can handle up to 181 kg (399 lb) of user weight on its sturdy steel frame. Its wide, cushioned seat is perfect for bigger users, and you can adjust the seat height to your liking. Customers of all heights, from 5’1″ to 6’5″, have confirmed that it’s comfortable enough for long rides. And let’s not forget the large pedals with safety straps to keep you secure.

The Exerpeutic Gold 575 XLS comes with a 4-kilogramme flywheel that offers a 16-point range and 21 preset workout programmes, all easily accessed via its backlit console. And if you’re looking for that extra motivation, the bike is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to pair it with a heart rate monitor.

The backlit console displays all the essential metrics, and you can even create 2 user profiles for detailed workout feedback. To top it all off, the bike features a device holder for your tablet or smartphone, so you can binge-watch your favourite shows while you pedal away. What more could you ask for?

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Best Air Bike Under £1000

JTX Mission Air Bike

JTX Mission Air Bike Bike for CrossFit® Training JTX Fitness

While the JTX Fitness Mission Air Bike may not be as fancy as expensive commercial gym equipment, it tries its best to provide its users with a fantastic air bike experience and make you sweat like a pig (no offence to pigs).

Boasting a robust steel frame, it gives you a smooth, stable ride, even when you are going all out in a HIIT. It comes equipped with a large, steel-bladed fan so that you can create your own personal tornado inside your home gym!

The bike’s design ensures a formidable full-body workout by engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously and matching up to your ability. This results in a powerful and effective workout each time. It also has a pair of large footpegs, so you can forgo pedalling to concentrate on your upper body using the handlebars alone.

The JTX Mission has a maximum user weight capacity of 160 kg (353 lb). It has an adjustable seat and handlebars, making it a more inclusive piece of equipment.

The bike’s onboard computer and LCD have preset interval sessions, including the classic 10/20 and 20/10 workouts. You can also create your own, though it’s a bit tedious. Further, you can set workout targets based on distance, time, heart rate, or calories burned.

While working out, you can see various metrics in real-time and likewise, the computer provides a summary of the workout once you’re done.

So, go ahead and give it your all, but don’t forget to connect a heart rate monitor to the Bluetooth-ready console if you want to measure your heart rate and see if you’re still alive after the workout.

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Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Though not as intimidating as some other air bikes, the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is nonetheless constructed like a tank. Even during the most gruelling HIITs and SITs, it remains calm, steady, and collected — like a zen master in the face of adversity. With its adjustable feet, it’s like a chameleon, adapting to any surface with ease.

The fan blades are made of high-strength ABS plastic, which may sound like a downgrade from steel, but trust us, they generate enough wind resistance to leave your quads aching the next day.

The handlebar arms are made of heavy gauge steel, and the grips have a silicone coating that just feels nice to hold. The wide, plastic pedals have removable and adjustable straps to keep your feet in place, so you don’t go flying off like a cartoon character when doing sprints.

There is a good amount of seat adjustment range; you could probably fit an NBA player on this thing! And if you just want to do isolation exercises, the foot pegs at the bottom of the arm levers have got you covered, so you can relax and let your arms do the work.

There are a few drawbacks: the console is not as bright as it could be, and it lacks the current tech that dominates the commercial exercise bike market. Regardless, the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 is a great value for home exercise, given its seamless operation and high build quality.

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Best High-End Exercise Bike

Peloton and NordicTrack are premium brands; their equipment costs a little bit more than £1000. If you can stretch your budget, you not only get a piece of long-lasting fitness equipment but also access to the best streamable workout content on iFit/Peloton and a supportive community to help keep you motivated.

Peloton ‎Original Exercise Bike

Original Peloton Bike Exercise Bike with Immersive HD Touchscreen

The Peloton ‎Original Exercise Bike is space-friendly, sleek, and sturdy. Its 21.5-inch HD touchscreen display is so crystal-clear that you can almost see your future abs on it! And boy, is it quick and more responsive than your ex.

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Rest assured, every ride feels more sturdy and smooth than those little spinning bikes at your neighbourhood gym. The bike is adjustable to accommodate riders of all sizes, from the shortest 4’11’ to the tallest 6’4.

You can adjust the seat and handlebars in both height and depth, with settings clearly labelled on the seat and riding post. This makes it easy for multiple people to share the bike.

A 30-day free trial of Peloton’s class subscription comes with the bike. After your trial, you’ll have to pay for the tippy-top membership, priced at $44 a month. You’ll get access to a vast collection of live or prerecorded classes. With more than 90 live classes each week, you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy.

The Peloton bike’s electromagnetic resistance can be easily adjusted using a knob. The resistance levels count in increments from 1 to 100, which may seem like a lot, but Peloton instructors typically cue you to or within a range of 10 levels.

Without the membership, your bike’s usability is severely constrained to free pedalling. You won’t have the ability to track metrics and gauge your improvement. The only information it will provide is speed and resistance — the tension knob will still work, at least.

And let’s not forget about the little things that matter: the bike has Bluetooth connectivity for your headphone, heart monitor, and smartwatch. There’s even a place for your water bottle and phone, because staying hydrated and connected is important, even during a workout.

It includes a 12-month warranty for the components and 5 years for the frame.

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NordicTrack Commercial R35

NordicTrack Commercial R35 Recumbent Bike

As with other recumbents, the NordicTrack Commercial R35 requires a dedicated space due to its large footprint, but isn’t it sleek and futuristic-looking for a bike of its kind?

The bike comes equipped with an 11 kg (25 lb) flywheel and employs SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance) with 26 levels of intensity. What’s so impressive about it is that it helps extend the life of the flywheel and greatly reduces noise pollution.

The most notable feature of the R35 is its 14-inch HD touchscreen. When used in conjunction with an iFit subscription, you’ll be plunged into an unparalleled immersive visual experience that offers interactive workouts guided by certified trainers along with a plethora of other benefits, such as cycling routes through some of the most iconic places in the world.

You can view all the important data on the screen. Instead of fumbling with buttons or turning knobs, the R35 will adjust the resistance on your bike to match the instructions from your trainer. The bike is also Bluetooth-enabled and fitted with speakers.

Now, it’s no secret that comfort is paramount in the design of recumbents, but the R35 has given this further thought. Apart from its wide base, its vented backrest is designed to accommodate the natural curvature of the lower back. This relieves the pressure on the spine and gives muscles an opportunity to rest in a neutral position.

To change the position, you simply pull up on the lever underneath the seat. The machine is close to 90 kg (200 lbs), and it can support up to 158 kg (350 lb), which is higher than average.

The NordicTrack Commercial R35 comes with a generous 10-year warranty, which we doubt you’ll ever need.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an excuse to avoid the gym but you still want to sweat like a sumo in a sauna, investing in an exercise bike for under £1000 is a great way to do it!

Not only will you get a high-quality machine that delivers a challenging workout, but you’ll also have the luxury of comfortable and thoughtful features. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a bit of luxury?

Each bike offers unique features that cater to different workout preferences and goals. So, you can finally say goodbye to the boring, run-of-the-mill gym bikes and hello to a bike that actually suits your needs and personality.

For more guidance on the best exercise bikes under £1000, explore the reviews we’ve recommended:

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