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Best Cheap Spin Bikes: Are These Bikes Worth the Gamble?

When you say “best exercise bikes,” what immediately comes to mind are big brands like NordicTrack and Peloton, or spin bikes a little bit under £1000, such as the Adidas C-21x and JTX Cyclo Studio V5. Unfortunately, these bikes are an unrealistic purchase for the majority.

If you’re on a tight budget—as tight as £150 or less—you can still get a decent one so that you can also enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling. However, only a few bikes on the market deserve such honour to be included in our list of “the best cheap spin bikes.”

Read on to learn more about these budget-friendly options.

What to Expect When Buying the Cheapest Spin Bike

When it comes to buying a cheap spin bike, there are a few things you should be mindful of. First and foremost, remember that you always get what you pay for.

Even though the cheaper options might still provide you with a good cardio session, you have to give up on some of the convenient features and hi-tech touches offered by higher-priced models.

Take note that manufacturers will lower the cost by using cheaper materials. While the products on this list are mostly constructed with steel, you’ll have to sacrifice quality and durability in other aspects, starting with the saddle.

Moreover, less expensive spin bikes frequently feature lighter flywheels, which might contribute to a less steady and smooth ride. Most high-quality cycle bikes on the market come with 18-kilogramme pound flywheels (or greater), which helps keep the bike’s pedals moving seamlessly.

So, if you consider yourself a hardcore cyclist, you might want to check out our best exercise bikes under £1000 or best exercise bikes under £500.

The lack of a sophisticated console means you are unable to choose a preset programme. It can be more difficult to determine the proper resistance settings, particularly in cases where the tension knob lacks numbers.

But there are benefits to buying a cheap spin bike as well. If you are curious about indoor cycling, you can start with an entry-level bike and work your way up to more advanced models. They are simpler to use, and because they are lightweight, they are easier to move and store when not in use.

Furthermore, not everyone is suited to using heavy flywheels. Therefore, these options are suitable for people with modest levels of fitness and those looking to rehabilitate injuries.

Best Budget Spin Bikes 2024

If you aren’t a pro athlete or someone seeking a bike with the newest tech, a £150 cheap bike can be worth the gamble. It can nevertheless provide you with a decent workout in the comfort of your home.

ImageBrandMax User WeightFlywheelCheck Prices
JLL® IC100 Pro
JLL® IC100 Pro100 kg6 kgView Amazon UK Price
Jupgod Magnetic Stationary Exercise BikeJupgod136 kg8 kgView Amazon UK Price
EVOLVE Red Spin BikeEVOLVE120 kg10 kgView Amazon UK Price
HOMCOM 8kg Flywheel Stationary Exercise BikeHOMCOM120 kg8 kgView Amazon UK Price
EVOLAND Indoor Cycling BikeEVOLAND150 kg6 kgView Amazon UK Price
Dskeuzeew Exercise BikeDskeuzeew136 kg8/10 kgView Amazon UK Price
Home Fitness Code Exercise BikeHome Fitness Code123 kg8/10 kgVisit Home Fitness Code Store
BodyTrain ES-7021 Exercise BikeBodyTrain ES-7021110 kg16 kgView Amazon UK Price
Panana Exercise BikePanana136 kgn/aView Amazon UK Price
GYMAX Exercise BikeGYMAX1206 kgView Amazon UK Price

Best Spin Bike Under £150

JLL® Fitness IC100 Pro Indoor Bike (w/ 7 KG Flywheel)

JLL® IC100 Pro Indoor Bike With Magnetic Resistance

JLL Fitness is notable for producing high-quality gym equipment throughout the UK. So it’s no surprise that many people have high expectations of the IC100 Pro despite being an entry-level model.

Rated 4.2 stars on Amazon, the JLL® Fitness IC100 Pro Indoor Bike has wowed the crowd with its robust construction and seamless performance. JLL claims that the bike has an “advanced momentum” mechanism that simulates the challenges of an 18-kilogramme flywheel.

Additionally, the pedals have a 3-piece crank system, which increases reliability and replicates the sensation of riding a real mountain bike. To adjust the tension level, you’ll have to turn the dial right in front of you and push the knob down for a full stop.

The bike also has several ergonomic adjustments to accommodate the various needs of family members. You can change the height of the seat and handlebars and the distance between them. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 100 kilogrammes (220.4 lb) and can fit people up to 6.3″ in height.

The saddle is designed to replicate the look and feel of an outdoor mountain bike. It is supportive, sweat-resistant, and fits your bottom just right. Users say it isn’t the most durable and comfortable saddle, but you can improvise.

Since this model is designed to be beginner- and budget-friendly, some features had to be dropped to cut costs. The simple console, which lacks backlighting, reads only 4 metrics: time, speed, distance, and calories.

While many better bikes are on the market, we don’t think you’ll get a better bike than the JLL® Fitness IC100 Pro at this price point. The bike comes with a 12-month warranty for your protection.

View Latest Amazon Prices

To delve deeper into the upgraded JLL spin bike model, peruse the reviews we’ve recommended:

Jupgod Stationary Exercise Bike (w/ 8 KG Flywheel)

Jupgod Stationary Exercise Bike for Home Gym Workout

Although Jupgod may not be among the biggest names in fitness equipment, this Jupgod Stationary Bike has received 4.7 stars on Amazon, making it one of the most well-liked exercise bikes there is.

Users claim that the 8-kilogramme (17.6 lb) flywheel is heavy enough to give beginners a good challenge. Thanks to its belt-drive transmission, it operates as smoothly as butter and is just as quiet as a refrigerator (40 dB).

Can you expect outstanding quality at this price point? Surprisingly, yes! Steel makes up the metal parts and hardware. The robust steel frame can support up to 136 kilogrammes (300 lb).

Both the handlebars and seat post have 5-way adjustments. To improve traction, the pedals themselves are made of metal and feature grippers surrounding their edges. The only gripe is that they can be painful if you wear soft shoes. Also, watch out not to get hit on the shins!

As to be expected, you won’t be getting built-in dynamic programming, and you’ll have to turn a dial mid-exercise to increase resistance.

The LCD shows 5 metrics: heart rate, speed, calories burned, time, and distance. But for a bike at this price, you’ll get pulse sensors on the handlebars, a water bottle holder, a device holder, and a 12-month warranty.

View Latest Amazon Prices

EVOLVE Exercise Bike (w/ 10 KG Flywheel and Bluetooth)

EVOLVE Red Spin Bike Exercise Bike

The EVOLVE Exercise Bike is another product we recommend if you don’t want to take a huge jump in price. It has a 10-kilogramme (22 lb) flywheel and an adjustable tension level via a knob.

The bike has a powder-coated steel frame that can support up to 120 kilogrammes (264.5 lb) of user weight. With proper adjustments, the bike should be able to accommodate users up to 5’9″ tall.

The seat post moves up and down as well as fore and aft, and the feet screw in and out of the base to different levels to help stabilise the bike on uneven terrain. Many users, particularly men, find the seat to be quite uncomfortable. That said, you might want to consider a gel cover with this purchase.

The biggest selling point of this bike is its Bluetooth connectivity, which pairs with the Z-Sport. With the app, you can track more accurate real-time data and record your improvements so that you can achieve your target.

View Latest Amazon Prices

HOMCOM Stationary Exercise Bike (w/ 8 KG Flywheel)

HOMCOM 8kg Flywheel Stationary Exercise Bike A90-144

We also recommend the HOMCOM Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, which arrives at your doorstep partially assembled. Users appreciate how simple it is to assemble and how the manufacturer thoughtfully provided the tools needed for the job.

With a sturdy steel frame that provides excellent stability and longevity, it can handle riders weighing up to 120 kilogrammes (264.5 lb).

The bike comes equipped with an 8-kilogramme (17.6 lb) flywheel to get your heart rate pumping. As with others, the resistance level is adjustable via a knob, and you’ll need to push the knob down to stop the wheel before you get off the bike.

The bike’s stability and robustness are highly praised. Some users claim that you can easily stand up and pedal, using it much like an upright bike. There is no wobbling or feeling like it’s unsafe to do so.

The basic console shows 5 metrics on its LCD, and this includes your heart rate as the handlebars come with built-in pulse sensors.

While there are height adjustments for the seat and handlebars, some users suggest that you should skip this bike if you are 5’10” or taller. They advise looking for another option because the seat doesn’t go up far enough to provide the proper leg length for riding, and your knee could end up hitting the phone holder.

Another criticism is the noise the bike makes. According to the manufacturer, it has a “belt-drive style” transmission, which they fail to elaborate further on.

View Latest Amazon Prices

EVOLAND Indoor Cycling Bike (6 KG Flywheel)

EVOLAND Indoor Cycling Bike X1465

Another home exercise bike that we suggest is the EVOLAND Indoor Cycling Bike, which has received a total rating of 4.1 stars. This cheap and cheerful bike includes everything you need for a simple yet effective cardio workout.

The bike features a steel frame, which gets a nod from us. The manufacturer claims that the bike can support up to 150 kilogrammes (330 lb) — maybe except for the seat.

One user did note, though, that the saddle was flimsy and got pushed backwards when he sat down. Many can agree that the seat is thin and feels terrifyingly uncomfortable, as though they were sitting on a rock. On the bright side, that seems to be the only big hiccup that you can remedy with a replacement saddle or gel cover.

Furthermore, the seat post’s 4-level height adjustment allows riders between the heights of 5’2” and 6’0” to achieve a comfortable seating position. The seat also has a slider so that you can adjust it forwards/backwards.

The bike comes equipped with a 6-kilogramme flywheel (13 lb), which is a drawback for some. Positively, it is a surefire way to get seniors and physically challenged individuals to increase their mobility and boost their circulation while not being too hard on themselves.

Despite the light flywheel, the majority gave it top marks for providing them with a smooth, natural ride. The bike may generate some noise if you increase the resistance using the knob, but it is within an acceptable range.

The basic console monitors key performance indicators. You’ll also find a water bottle and smartphone holder included with the bike.

View Latest Amazon Prices

Dskeuzeew Exercise Bike (w/ 8 KG Flywheel)

Dskeuzeew Exercise Spinning Bike

The Dskeuzeew is another budget-priced and belt-driven spin bike, operating an 8-kilogramme (17.6 lb) flywheel that provides a smooth and quiet ride. For more resistance, you can also go with a 10-kilogramme (22 lb) flywheel. It has an emergency brake that, if needed, instantly stops the flywheel, and the resistance is knob-adjustable.

To accommodate riders of varying heights, the seat post comes with 7 levels of height adjustments and 5 for the handlebars. Likewise, the seat has a slider for you to adjust the fore and aft alignment. The pedals have grippers to ensure both safety and effective power transfer.

Integrated into the handlebars are built-in sensors to read your pulse. As you exercise, you may navigate through your time, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer, and heart rate through the LCD of the console. Just below the monitor is a ledge for your phone or tablet so that you can stream music as you work out.

The robust steel frame is designed to provide stability and durability while supporting a maximum load capacity of 136 kilogrammes (300 lb). But you can effortlessly move this heavy piece of kit just by tipping it onto its pair of wheels found at the front.

View Latest Amazon Prices

Home Fitness Code Indoor Cycling Bike (w/ 10 KG Flywheel)

Home Fitness Code Indoor Cycling Bike

Another solid choice that appeals to the masses is this Indoor Cycling Bike from Home Fitness Code. The 10-kilogramme (22 lb) flywheel has an adjustable resistance knob between the rider’s knees, just like many of the bikes that have been recommended.

In terms of features and functionality, this bike doesn’t deviate much from the others. The manufacturer did note that it’s whisper-quiet that you can’t wake up a sleeping child.

Sturdy and reliable, it adopts a heavy-duty integrated steel frame that can support up to 120 kilogrammes (264.5 lb) of user weight. The adjustability is rather limited, but the manufacturer claims that it can accommodate 6’2” users.

With its textured, adjustable pedals, it increases your overall comfort and optimises power transfer. During exercise, you can track real-time metrics, including time, calories burned, speed, distance, and total mileage.

Visit HomeFitnessCode Store

BODYTRAIN ES-7021 Racing Studio-Style Exercise Bike (w/ 16 KG Flywheel)

BodyTrain ES-7021 Exercise Bike Black

Rated at 4 stars on Amazon, the BODYTRAIN ES-7021 Racing Studio-Style Exercise Bike has been a fantastic addition to many home gyms. It’s stylish and of good quality. Most importantly, it offers beginners a great workout at a fraction of the cost.

Wait, why is it called Studio-Style?

The ES-7021 is fitted with a 16-kilogramme flywheel combined with a whisper-quiet, belt-driven transmission to give you that burn you’re looking for. Take note, this spinning bike has the heaviest flywheel on this list.

While it doesn’t come with handy preset programmes, you can use the tension knob to select the amount of resistance to meet your needs. To disengage, you simply have to punch the knob down, Pacquia-style!

The sturdy steel frame supports a maximum weight of 110kg (242 lb.). Likewise, the handlebars and the seat post are adjustable to ensure comfort for a wide variety of users. There’s also a seat slider to prevent long, spidery legs from hitting the seat post.

The pedals are textured, and they have adjustable straps to keep your feet firmly in place, no matter how strenuous your workout gets.

The console is simple, but it gives clear information about the time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate. Yes, it reads your heart rate, as there are pulse sensors integrated into the handles.

If you want to stream music or watch videos, you can! There is a phone/tablet holder. If only the bike had Bluetooth connectivity to access apps like Kinomap, I’m pretty sure a lot more fitness junkies would purchase this bike in a heartbeat!

Visit UK Sport Imports Store

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Best Spin Bike Under £100

Panana Spinning Bike

Panana Exercise Bike ESBK-BK

For a remarkably low cost, this exercise bike by Panana provides an easy and efficient workout. The manufacturer did not disclose the flywheel’s weight, but we infer that light to moderately intense exercise is the ideal use for it.

We appreciate Panana’s honesty in stating that this model uses a chain-drive system rather than deceiving customers. That said, there could be wear and tear on these parts, and the bike may creak as you increase the resistance.

The display is nothing fancy, but it shows pertinent workout information. The seat post and handlebars come with multiple height adjustments to fit a wide range of user heights.

All in all, it is a basic, no-frills model. While it may not be feature-packed, it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t require high-resistance levels or sky-high costs.

View Latest Amazon Prices

GYMAX Spinning Exercise Bike (w/ 6 KG Flywheel)

GYMAX Spinning Bike

Neither have we tried the Gymax Spinning Exercise Bike, nor have we found any reviews. We’ll state up front that the manufacturer’s claims are the only reason we selected this bike.

This model, according to GYMAX, can support a load of 120 kilogrammes (264.5 lb) and has a reasonable and stable structure with four adjustable support legs and thick steel pipes forming a double triangular body structure.

As per GMAX, the bike is fitted with a 6-kilogramme flywheel (13 lb) and a belt-driven transmission. So, it should operate quietly, too.

The seat post and handlebars have height adjustments. We could never tell how accurate the pulse sensors are, but we just know that they are integrated into the handles.

The three-button console displays 6 readouts, and between the console are two water bottle holders.

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Final Thoughts

The bikes on this list are not quite up to the specs compared to more expensive models, particularly those priced above £500. But for £150, you can get a piece of space-saving, reliable fitness equipment.

We give our highest recommendation to the JLL® Fitness IC100 Pro. JLL® Fitness has a reputation to keep. But if you’re dismayed by its flywheel, perhaps you’ll like the BODYTRAIN ES-7021.

The main problem with these models is that, even though they appear sturdy, they will eventually wobble a little. They are not as comfortable as expensive ones, so you’ll have to be creative.

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